World of Tanks || T67 – 12 KILLS – 1 vs 8…

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Ó . Today Cheburaschka_Genowna going to show you why the T5 turreted destroyer is a violet stet pedders wet dream.

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  1. My Brain is Jammed & Destroyed By Math


  2. T67s are happy until there’s a pz1c…

  3. Hetzer is even worse, 1 k damage is like 3000 WN8

  4. it was the hellcat but got nerf so i use the t29 its in that sweet spot no
    10s great gun good turrect armor just need to protect that hull

  5. My favorite stat padding tank is the Cromwell B. Nimble with a gun to easy
    hit flanking shots.

  6. Love this tank, feels like a light tank.

  7. M4a3e2 Jumbo such 105mm derp clubbing

  8. Nadav.carmely Ncarmely740

    Finally a t-67 video!
    My favorite tank in the game

  9. No, it’s not only when you are reloaded, i use that skill on my arty and
    while loading, you have a chance to swich shalls and continue reload when
    you stoped from shall that you swiched, but you need to be lucky for that.
    (sry bad eng)

  10. The t67 is not only good for ‘statpadding’… For the new players this tank
    is also very good financially. Before I had any premium vehicles i used
    this little machine to gain moneyz. Do not load premium, hope you get in t6
    and t7 battles and you get a lots ammount of moneyz for it. Before I had
    installed any mods at all I played around 1k in it :P. So does that make me
    a statpadder as well?

    Elc amx is waaaaaay easier to gain wn8. Shoot 5 times and voila… 3000
    wnt8 XD. Oh and its waaaay more fun (especially since the new fsx)

  11. Nicola Signorelli

    Got my Radley Walter’s medal yesterday in this tank I love it so much =D
    shame there isn’t any scale model to buy

  12. So, in order to see your videos in order by upload date, we have to click
    on ‘Videos’ and not click straight from your channel now? Why? Why make us
    needlessly navigate, when all we want is the latest stuff, not necessarily
    the most popular?

  13. Is Cheburaschka_Genowna a better name than Dankest Meme? nah :D

  14. T71 is the only statpadding tank I have, I do love it though, so much fun
    to drive

  15. Personally, I absolutely hate playing vehicles lower than tier 8… My most
    played games are in tier 10 tanks. Still, manage to keep my overall win
    ratio over 57,5%. And my “stat padding” tank is 113 with roughly 61% win
    ratio. That tank is a monster for me. **edit** Just checked my stats and
    apparently I also have high win ratio in FCM 50t for some reason with 61%
    in 340 games lol

  16. valentine II 🙂
    however i have been hunting to find a pz B2 i realy want one of those ;(

  17. Sergeant Schlumpf

    the T82, T18, T57 were changed from either TD or arty and each put higher
    one tier, also their were some tanks to replace them. this all happened
    back in 9.9-9.12. the new tier 3 TD T56 GMC, new tier 3 artillery T18, new
    tier 4 T82 HMC arty, new tier 2 T1 HMC arty, new tier 2 T3 HMC TD. I like
    the tanks but they strapped my equipment and crew of the tanks they
    replaced. my two favourite stat….tanks are the German. Pz5/M10 // VII and
    UK Sherman III // V in which case I equip the 105 but some days I feel like
    a 76 cal

  18. *I guess I’m gonna have to start recording my UE-57 matches meow.*

  19. Deividas Stroganovas

    I play covenanter alot. I almost every battle get an ace on it

  20. why does it calls t49 at the result screen

  21. I used to love this tank back when it was the T49, has it changed much?

  22. Favorite stet pedding tanks have got to be the Cromwell B, E25 & T67.

  23. All about the Su-100. Guns OP, camo OP, movement OP. 5K damage in a tier 8
    game with a tier six.

  24. I’m in love with my Crusader. Camo of a light, the profile of a reasonably
    expensive rug, a delicious gun depression and the DPM of a tier 8 medium.
    No matter what match up, it can either be a scout or a flanker.

    Its ability to use ground elevations and its respectable speed tendss to
    let you get close, and the high rate of fire together with the dead eye
    perk pretty much guarantees at least one engine fire on an enemy per game.

    I really don’t see why it hasn’t got the sterling reputation of the

  25. Smoke Wheat Everyday

    I like to pad my stats in the lorraine 40 t :P

  26. Mine is the Jgdpz IV
    I drive it at over 2k WN8 and 900 avg dmg. :)

  27. My favorite stettpedd is the Pz. S35. Absolute monster (premium!!) at tier
    3 with very decent armour.

  28. how can i get QB XVM last time i used was before the last update then it
    didn’t work.
    i downloaded normal XVM from the website but i want QB XVM . How to get it

  29. How to farm statistics ? play T67 :)

  30. Is ELC consideret a stat padding tank? I play it just for fun. Not like a
    TD, but as an agtessive scout/harraser. My stats are 2.2k+, but I would
    rather have about 1.5 just so I wouldn’t get focused down so much.

  31. Did anyone notice that this guy (from the replay) is using some mod that
    alows to zoom more than normal in sniper view?

  32. Wasn’t he driving a t49?i kept hearing t67 and also at one point a t37.

  33. i really enjoy my type t-34 because it’s a true machin gun :3

  34. Sebastian Burrichter (Sefribu)

    calls out other players as “stat pedders”…. plays t54 platoon on stream.
    during 3x event, a.k.a. time of the year when u should be happy when ur
    team doesn´t hurt itself. just saying…

  35. Amazing play, well done!!

  36. With 3 gun barrel marks, he most likely have 5 skill/perk trained crew.
    Those tier 3 tanks had no chance.
    First time seen the Intuition perk working for someone in my 3year
    experience with WoT.

  37. always showcasing some purple tanker owning avg or below avg teams with
    little or no arty. broken record. show a player in a situation where they
    are actually contested. stop farming subs

  38. elc is better stet pettder

  39. I find it funny how he ALWAYS addresses the Kolobanov’s medal as “the one
    that everyone wants”. Like its a nessesary formal title that must be said
    before the name. :P

  40. The AMX ELC bis is my favorite statped tonk, i love it

  41. Eternal Wanderer Fateful Frenzy

    I do my stet pedding mainly in my VK 3001 D ( 3 marks of excellence on it
    ), Jpanther 2, Indien Panzer, Luchs and ELC (and PZ 1 C ). Sometimes VK4502
    B, I used to Jpanther, VK4502 A quite good, G.W Panther and I think that’s
    it. Oh and my new found love is the T-34-1. Great mobility, camo, turret
    and gun.

  42. I’d say the O-I and O-I exp are good for statpadding, not to the degree
    that the T67 does it but they are still tanks that even a complete moron
    can do well in if they try.
    On the other face of the coin for the more skilled players I’d say the T-54
    lightweight, because it’s an excellent tank and in the hands of a good
    player it can absolutely destroy.

  43. I stet ped in an M103. Lol. tier IX heavy.

  44. 9:05, QB the t18 was the their 2 tank destroyer, now its the their 3
    artillery. But that tank was my favourite cause there is nothing better on
    a day where you are having bad luck then to 1 shot every tank on the enemy,
    and seeing them rage in chat XD

  45. how much reports he was awarded from enemy team?

  46. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  47. Nice sealclubbing bro 4Head

  48. fuckin sealclubber….

  49. Personally, I like stet padding in the LTTB, purely as it is so much fun
    and I do play very well in it. 

  50. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    That’s some poor aiming right there.

  51. Fucking statpadder….

  52. Seal clubbing at its best

  53. this game was so close…… 0 shell left ?

  54. How do you know we’ve been epic?

  55. Stet Peddling at it’s finest

  56. The 9.14 changes have really benefitted this tank, the handbrake means it’s
    track traverse is now pretty good. It won’t spin like a light, but it’s
    improved it’s capabiliities. On the downside, it’s very prone to toppling

  57. My favourite tank is the T34/85 in world of tanks blitz though its not
    really a stepadder tank

  58. shut up us with čebaraška!!!

  59. On Blitz, it’s the T49. And T49 is a better name for that tank.

  60. Cromwell Berlin is my favorite statpadder. Also regarding winrate as I can
    pull it in the right direction with this tank :-D

  61. Well I prefer the Luchs for statpadding

    As an example of this i took down a full health cromwell yesterday

  62. My stats padding tank of choice is OHO. Not so much for stats padding, more
    like the tank to take a break after some intense battles. And it doesnt
    matter if I am top tier or low tier, I just derp away and have fun with it.
    I know the tanks is op at the moment and will probably be nerfed in near
    future, but…
    And I must admit that its almost orgasmic when you derp an E5 for over 1k
    damage, or when you oneshot someone that has 3k or 4k battles in RHM
    (killing a statpadders dream).
    Can you imagine the fear of WTE100 when he is reloading and an OHO comes
    around the corner :)

  63. Would the Intuition perk work for autoloaders?

  64. Fave’d stat pad tank..? H35 and M2 light, perhaps.. For a quirkier option,
    i guess i like to loiter around in mid tier battle in my Fury.. Not exactly
    the best stat pad tank, but i liked it..

  65. T57 hevy. 


  67. I was gonna ask for you to take a look at a good ISU-152 match I had, but
    this…. has changed my mind… xD, great match he had.

  68. And I thought, I am a stat padder with my Luchs :D

  69. Please don’t encourage stat padding…

  70. what your proplem with R

  71. lets get serious guys….

    i thought QB-channel (and replays especially) should help new tankers
    improve as quick as possible….

    thus, this game was uploaded (to QB-replay-site) as an example for:

    1. use of the whole space of an open map and not to stuck to the chosen
    2. avoid the ‘tunnel-view’
    3. choose and keep the right distance to the enemy for a given tank
    4. attack from unexpected directions

    i hope QB has chosen it exactly for this reason….


    yes ‘optcs’ is a better choice….u have to move constantly the whole tank
    to compensate for the sluggish turret…..every skill and consumable should
    be chosen for this purpose…

    now …..everybody can hop on this machine and harvest ‘Kolobanovs’
    …..upload replays and let see how op this tank is….

    i promise to pay 100 gold for every ‘Pool’ and ‘Kolobanov’…:)


    lets bombard wargaming with suggestions for a skill-based mm….;)

  72. batteries incuded

    I like the cromwell on PC blitz. Very underestimated tank and suprises most
    tanks about its high RoF.

  73. hey quickybaby I have a replay I want to send to you but how do I do that

  74. hey quickybaby I have a replay I want to send to you but how do I do that

  75. I hate that tank. Too sneaky.

  76. Pzb2

  77. AMX 105 AM mle. 47
    Tier 4 french arty makes good WN8, APCR Rounds! Coffee! 15sec reload,
    223pen 330Alpha <3
    expensive but fun

  78. Can you post some replays with “fair matches”? Killing bunch of player with
    a little knowledge about the game is just pathetic.

  79. Hey Quicky can you add the WN8 mod to your next modpack?

  80. given that this old fart has wn8 3459 driving tier 5 scout ‘chaffee’
    (440hp, 96mm pen) meeting tier 7 & 8 heavies (like T29, IS, IS-2, IS3,
    O-NI), TDs (like SU-122-44, JPz, E-25, SU152, ISU-152, Borsig) and tier7
    LT-‘friends’ like Bulldog, T71, SP IC and LTTB in 2/3 of battles and rather
    frequently on city-maps…..he really should consider his psychology….;)

  81. That cartoon image made me cringe

  82. Close game. Keep them coming.

  83. this player is very good indeed, but such a player who has already master
    the game mechanic, is a bit unfair for those new players who has just
    reached tier V.

  84. No stetpedders without qb showering Kappa

  85. Diego Armando Alarcon Lopez

    Once I had a 1v8 game… I died

  86. I personally like using the panzer 4 H with the derp gun to seal club. The
    Match making is nice to me most of the time. I just love the sensation of
    taking out tier 3-4 light tanks with 1 shot. And also doing 350 damage to
    an O-I EXP.

  87. the t-127 is my seal club. did 1558 damage in it. 10 kills.

  88. love my wz 131, 4k + wn8 and a powerfull gun…

  89. I love both my T 67 and ELC. They are both insanely fun tanks for me, and I
    am totally aware they are Stat Padding Tanks, but I don’t care since I have
    2.4 WN8 in my CDC.

    But this guy is most likely not playing it for fun, since well…Most of
    his battles are in the T67

  90. I’d rather see an ARL v39 gameplay.

    DESTROYER!!! WOW!! you learn new things everyday

  92. Nice name! Cheburashka

  93. This is my most played – and favorite – tank. This dude did what I try to
    do every single game in this thing.

    Thank you QB for dropping down into lower tier games, and not showcasing
    Tier 8-10 tanks. This is where most WoT players live, and this gives us
    hope that we can one day achieve these lofty goals.

  94. I got kolobanovs when I had like 240 battles, got it in a t-28 which was my
    highest tier tank. 3 of the enemies tk’d and I was a noob so I thought the
    medal meant nothing. all I had to do was kill an arty and some other tanks
    lmao no lie

  95. QB is just mad cause he can’t make the T67 work. It may have good camo and
    mobility, but it’s a one-shot for about 25% of the tier 5 tanks out there,
    let alone the tier 6 and 7’s.
    It is a very high skill-ceiling TD. I find it funny that he calls it a
    stat-padder’s dream, while he drives a lot of stat padding tanks.
    T67 say quickybaby is a stat padder.

  96. You should show a replay of the Jackson, because that would

  97. What a dirty seal clubber. 😀
    Of 18k games here are his top 5 played tanks:
    – 3,7k games in T67 (tier 5),
    – 1,4k games in hellcat (tier 6)
    – 1,2 k games in T40 (tier 4)
    – 800 games in SU-85B (tier 4)
    – 700 games in KV-85 (tier 6)

  98. 12 kills in a low-tier seal clubber isn’t all that interesting. Instead,
    find some more hipster’y vehicles doing well to showcase.

  99. The KV1 did spot him btw

  100. low tier tard player

  101. Lol k think you mean a “violent” stet pedder

  102. Lol I’m an average player by XVM’s standard and I have the Kolobanov’s
    medals in 4.5k battles

  103. TheMightyCongueror

    Churchill is my favorite tier 5.

  104. That is funny you saying that tank is a stat padder’s tank. It is a fun
    tank to play for sure and the first one I ever got a MOE in but the problem
    is, as pointed out in this video, you run out of ammo too often. Any of
    those Tier V TDs could be consider stat padders. Hellcat is great. Now the
    scorpion. They are all very good. The great thing about the T67 is the
    speed. Can move around and outrun almost every other tank in the game. Of
    course there are a lot of players combining it with Warpack to get the
    aiming down. Obviously he did not. Slow turret transit is a pain for
    strafing enemy. You fly past them and then have to wait for the turret to
    catch up to hit them again.

  105. TheMightyCongueror

    I prefer the look of the Wolverine to the T67 and the Hellcat.

  106. I love my t-54

  107. When Intuition was first on the XBOX 360 version, it could be used
    immediately after every shot, so you could gain the 15% dpm advantage, a
    very funny example was the FV215b 183, I saw one kill a tank, a few seconds
    later he got another kill, I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???

  108. the website or what ever there still says the t67 is a T49… derp (for the
    ones who may not know, the T67 used to be called the T49)

  109. If you want to pad and carry big time then it’s the German tier four
    premium B2 heavy. Always guaranteed to be top tier vehicle (only the
    Valentine gets the same MM), while having armor and mobility.

    My B2 is a better troll machine than my pz2J by miles, and you don’t lose
    credits doing it.

  110. I use this tank( actually all tier5s) to farm credit bf I have premium
    tanks. :)

  111. RIP to all the ‘it’s the T37’ comments that weren’t submitted before QB
    corrected himself

  112. Despite that being a stat padder tank, it’s a fun lil tank

  113. Who else agrees if you get the 14 kills medal Wargaming should send it to
    you irl

  114. BlackHowling Alpha

    Su-122-44 is pretty decent stat machine… Fast Decent alpha damage, decent
    cammo and gun coverage. The Dicker Max with binocs and you can see to the
    hard limit max range easily. but it’s more positional but can still get a
    good win% in it if you can hide the damn barn Su-100y’s 130mm is just flat

  115. he also drove for like near 10km

  116. bt7 arty is a good statpadder 😀 also fub to play imo cos u dont need to
    Camp but u have some action gameplay with a durpgun which is always nice

  117. I use my t-62
    I have 1200 overall wn8 but in my t-62 I get 1900

  118. I was just wondering if anyone of you could help me? My wot isn’t working:/
    I hit the “play” button on the launcher, but the window will open but it
    will stay closed at the button of the bar, I click on it but it still won’t
    open PLS HELP!

  119. a smashing game and QuickyBabies gentlemen like and fast paced narration
    makes it all the more exciting :)

  120. The most disgusting and overpowered tank in the game.

  121. Statpadders dream, dream map and still. He knows how to play. ?

    Why not play low tier sometimes?

  122. Luis Manuel Molina Torres

    This replay, so insane.

  123. I stet ped in my Hellcat, got 3 crew skills in it.

  124. This tank is responsible for making half of the new players quit the game
    with rage.Other %50 is shared between Kv-1 and O-I exp

  125. Yes, the T67 is a great tank. I’ve had several top guns with mine. It’s
    just so much fun to play.

  126. I came here for WoT… not feels…

  127. +quickybaby why do u support such stats padder noobs with seal slaping
    replays? this guy has 1800 dmg on obj 140…. but nice 2,6k wn8
    padding…nuff said

  128. People saying this game isn’t impressive cos he is in an op tank… ok,
    next time you get a result even half as good as this, you can talk. What a
    bunch of envious kids…
    My favourite stet pedding tank is E25, lot of credits, wn8 and crew skills
    for my Rhm.-B.WT

  129. I don’t know about stet pedding, but my older brother loves playing his
    t-67 because it makes him more credits, and it seems to help him learn the
    ropes of WOT much more easily than other tanks. He knows he is not good
    enough for higher tiers, so he practices his light/td in the T-67, his
    heavy game in the matilda, and his medium game in a cromwell. Bottom line
    is, he hopes to get good, and then progress up the ladder.

  130. Best stet peddling tank? The A-20. Why? Cause it is actually hard to do
    well and use well. It’s also my favorite tier 4 oddly.

  131. I sometimes use my m2 medium with the howitzer to “pad my stats”, not the
    best but the results speak for themselves

  132. The only T5 I keep in my garage… played that for 550 games when I just
    came into this game… however it is still my most played tank even I hvnt
    driven it outside my garage for a long time… wn8 for that tank was 1400,
    which is a lot lower than my other tanks today but it is way higher than my
    average when I played (about 800)…XD

  133. Yeah.

    Unicum in notably strong/op vehicle against tomatoes. The only thing this
    illustrates is that cunts are going to cunt.

  134. Did anyone notice that the replay results screen still showed the vehicle
    name as T49 and not T67?

  135. Fair and balanced

  136. My favorite club sealing tank? Still is the regular Panzer 2. Ah, the one
    tier two tank to have never been drastically nerfed. Which reminds me…
    RIP TD T18. We all know your real calling in life.

  137. Do you binoculars activate if you aim down sight for a few seconds? I tbh I
    don’t understand how they work.

  138. ELC was common stat padder .. but it’s getting worse with so many good
    players playing it. I think PZ 3/4 is pretty underused these days .. try it
    out !

  139. I’m not a skilled player but I just had 1 v 5 game and I killed 7… Lol

  140. 835 damage would only be an ok game for me in my tier 5 tanks-maybe I set
    too high of a bar for myself (I’m not happy with less than 1K damage dealt
    via spotting, shooting or both)

  141. favorite stet pedding tank?

    Gotta be the Luchs

  142. you have to change your name

  143. T18,a T2 TD, was the op car on T2

  144. Play whatever tanks you like I’m a noob and my t67 has best win rate 60%
    but elc only 35% . Some people think you shouldn’t play certain tanks
    because they are OP I disagree play whatever you want the same with apcr
    rounds people complain when a tank 2 tiers lower use it to have any chance
    of penning armour heat and apcr are part of the game not illegal mods

  145. Oh my God Cheburashka is so cute! Thanks for you show it Quicky :D

  146. T71 and A43

  147. if you got 2 loaders you can get your intuition chance up to 38%

  148. That Chiberaska thing looks like a furby and a monkey mixed together

  149. Shhh QB don’t get WG attention with this tank. It’s fun to play.

  150. I’m originally from Armenia, and I used to watch a lot of Russian cartoons
    back home, so I remember Cheburashka. The cartoon has quite a catchy/cheery
    song, too.

  151. wow no Ace Tanker?

  152. Maybe if the enemys werent such idiots that T67 would have been dead a long
    time ago.

  153. I’ve actually found that an effective tank for countering the T67 is the
    T-34. The 57mm it gets just has such a high DPM – along with good accuracy
    and aim time – that the T67 can’t compete. Plus, up close, the T67’s slow
    turret traverse speed means that mediums and lights that are decently
    maneuverable can just run rings around it. True, the T67 can still
    out-shoot many mediums and light tanks and even out-run a lot of them but
    if it gets tracked and has no repair kit then tanks like the M4 Sherman,
    T-34, Crusader, and even the Pz III will absolutely feast on it if the T67
    has no back-up.

  154. Quickybaby! The description isn’t very PG! I’m so proud.

  155. This is an old replay, isn’t it QB?
    The replay is called T49 instead of T67 (dated from Patch before the
    American high tier light tanks?)

  156. wow what a game

  157. Dirty stet padder kemp bush

  158. i have 2 favorite V tanks – Stug III G (best 94,70% MoE) and O-I
    Experimental (3 MoE)

  159. for me the tank that improves my wm 8 is the kv-13 with a gun rummer,
    binoculars, and camo net i have had 5-6 mastery badges in it

  160. 9:20 facepalm lol

  161. Higashimura スキル

    He played with a T67 but why is there a T49 at the stats?

  162. QB, if you’re annoyed by the double message bug in replays while watching
    you can press C to fix it. Not sure if you knew this already, seeing how
    you always hide the chat.

  163. This is not impressive at all and it’s actually very common. Not sure why
    this is being uploaded by QB. MAYBE it will be impressive if it was full
    tier 7 but seriously tier 5 with OP tank ? Man even players with 1200~ WN8
    gets 62%+ on that….

  164. Picking on players who barely started the game is pretty trash. Him using
    an over powered tank like the T67 just makes it worse, it also doesn’t help
    that he’s played over 3.6k battles in the T67, meaning any stats he has,
    are pointless. He’s played from the looks of it, barely 1k battles in any
    tank above t8.

  165. MentallyIllDuckTard

    Pz IV H. with the 105 <3

  166. russian Mickey Mouse

  167. He did this well and didn’t get any sort of mastery badge? o.O

  168. I felt dirty the amount of money that was pumped your way on your twitch
    stream the other night.Unsubbed.

  169. amx elc for sure – ‘’

  170. Some days ago i rebuyed this tank and made my 3 marks in under 100
    battles… I play with camonet optic and binos… I think the t67 is
    perfect to start with using game mechanics etc.. Good tank to practise this

  171. i like cruiser mk 2 but one of reasons what makes me love it is all those
    apcr salty unicums playing t67 and driving front of it, 47 pen and 370
    damage whit he—> reports, hacker, my mom is apparently ***** ect ^^
    btw if u dont have it, get it. it beats even kv 2 in king of derp title, in
    around 50m+ range u hit enemy like arty from top, 47 pen to tier 3-5 tanks
    paper thin top/roof armor, theres one word for it “derp”.
    greetings from sealclubber :)

  172. Check Serve (Checkserve)

    BFD./.. t67 is the most broken tank at tier in the game.. TD camo.. fast as
    lighting. great gun… plus a tanker usually is playing vs super noobs..
    NOW this seal clubber has a super crew on it vs a bunch of super noobs..
    with all this in mind. this replay is not remarkable at all. do this vs
    equal skilled tankers in semi equal tanks with semi equal crew skills. this
    guy is a complete scrub .. i am sure he took a screen shot and put it on
    the refrigerator next to his A+ coloring book homework. pfft.

  173. low tier masturbator : 3653 games in T67, autistic shit…..what for
    pathetic looser he must be….

  174. Yes, QB is right! You don’t effin play T67 for fun, you play it for WN8!

  175. Of course, sealclubbers…

  176. ofc amx elc – ‘’

  177. Let’s just be grateful that this thing is a TD. I can only imagine how much
    more of a nightmare it would be if it could drift…

  178. Stat Padding like this is why you can’t rely on XVM at tier ten to give you
    a moderately accurate account of the competency and probable ability of
    your team mates. This replay like all the others that show ‘seal clubbing’
    opens the debate on the psychology of the player doing the ‘seal clubbing’.
    If one simply wants to shoot tanks that are at a significant disadvantage
    to you it is easy to argue that you could simply go kill bots in Armored
    Warfare. So why do people not play against bots and play online against
    human adversaries? For the challenge? To prove themselves the better
    player? All things being equal i.e in a tier 10 match with roughly equal
    tanks and crew skills you usually can see the best players triumphant but
    as we know even RNG can sometimes leave the deserved victor the loser but
    then history shows us many examples of this. So why do ‘stat padders’
    continue to use their OP tanks with superior crew skills on low skilled
    opponents with inferior crew skills and inferior tanks and inexperienced
    players? You could ask yourself why do children bully one another? Why do
    some males drive expensive flashy cars? The need to feel superior perhaps
    or just the primeval instinct of survival of the fittest; it is genetically
    hard coded in our DNA to weed out the weak from our species to promote the
    ensured survival of our race so perhaps on a subconscious level we are all
    designed to bully the weak and that explains why ‘stat padders’ enjoy the
    feeling of eliminating those that are so clearly weaker than them at this
    tier of game play. The common defensive argument for this behavior is of
    course “I’m just playing for fun at this tier” If that were the case then
    you would be playing a substandard ‘gold’ tank earning extra credits and
    crew xp while still having ‘fun’ You could also analyze the need to send
    the reply in to be viewed by the masses. Does that imply a lack of self
    esteem on their part or the need to be socially accepted coming from the
    gratification of their actions by a wider audience?

    The bottom line is that this is only a game and should not be taken so
    seriously or indeed require such study into the behavior of online gamers
    but the internet phenomenon has brought about the melting pot of many
    different cultures; races and ages from all walks of society that would not
    normally meet in the ‘real’ world and purely from a psychological point of
    study Online gaming is quite fascinating, for a while at least.

    From a military perspective it is all together possible that
    games/simulations like these are actually being used as a bed for possible
    recruitment by both Russian and American military for the next generation
    of tanks. The Russian Deputy Minister recently stated the T90 was to
    adapted for Drone piloting and even went as far to suggest they would be
    recruiting from the next generation of gamers to pilot it. Strike Craft
    Drones are already piloted from simulators at bases many miles behind the
    line of conflict after all.

  179. “Marder 38T is an experience player he’s played 1000 games” -_- Oh come on
    QB you know better than that, doubt he even knows bush mechanics.

  180. KV-1 is best stat padding tank

  181. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    monster game

  182. replay is saying its a T49???? BTW congrats on the massive subs on live

  183. was about to say a well played game and to tell people to lay off; everyone
    has seal clubbed in their time. then i saw that he has 3600 games in his
    t67 and his highest tier tank in the top 10 on games played is an is3…

  184. Papasquat123 (Logan Willard)

    ive had a game in my t67 like this but I was only against 6 enemy’s alone.
    (im an xbox 360 player)

  185. i use the BT-7. artillery as a stet ped

  186. Ya pulled a Jingles, that T18 was an SPG not a TD

  187. Uhm wait…. Auto aim shot is not like a boss. And a message to the stug:
    try to click your left mous button if you can shoot a tank. (Dont say that
    he was aiming because the stug aimes fking fast)

  188. Teastroyer Thegamer

    nice one.. no twelve

  189. This was actually sad to watch. I don`t want to take anything from this
    player, he is obviously good. BUT. I think this shows how the crew system
    is set in WoT. WoTs crew management is much better.

  190. maybe its Russian for a Chupacabra? cartoon kinda looks like a

  191. my favorite tier 5 is by far the KV-1S just for the fact that it is fast
    and has a good gun

  192. how do you even know when your spotted?

  193. Statpadders: HEAT-54, almost every single (above tier 4 at least) light
    tank… etc

  194. The tank at tier 5 that I really enjoy to play is the Type T-34. At tier 5
    it can be quite the stet ped tank as well with its rapid firing 57mm gun.
    I have had many games with 2k damage or better. It has been very reliable
    tank in most games I have played.

  195. my fav stat padding tank is Rudy 😀 and on high tiers the Mutz :D

  196. Is there a sword next to his sofa?

  197. Love ya Quicky … But it was hardly an impressive display of skill …
    Just another overrated stat padder … I want to see videos of someone who
    can teach me something … Not look at me running w premium consumables and
    at least 3 skill crews beating lower level newbs

  198. Cruiser iv is my favorite so far quickly baby

  199. 56% Stat Peddler FTW.
    T18 was my Favorite.

  200. Gab's gaming | One Command Creations

    Nice game but i think this tank is OP because it deals so much damage in a
    so short time…

  201. Andy “Da7thSon” Lord


  202. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    VK Leopard :D

  203. Intuition works even while reloading: the bullet switches, but the
    remaining reload time doesn’t reset.

  204. The T18 was actually the Tier 2 American TD, now it is a Tier 3 arty and
    not a Tier 2 arty even if it fired as slow as an arty ! – 9:10

  205. jebla ze čeparaška

  206. I admit I miss my T67 a bit back from my tomato days. Zippy, fast firing
    gun, turreted, and it’ a TD. I just can’t bring myself to buy it because at
    tier V I feel like I’m seal clubbing/stat padding. :/

  207. Blue Rules Minecraft

    Matilda stet ped lol I had my first game In a stock Matilda and got a top
    gun I love it from the start

  208. Best tier 5 is ELC amx for sure, my favorite and most played vehicle, does
    require lots of skill, but also loads of RNG since some of those on the
    move shots can be quiet amazing

  209. chaffee – ‘’

  210. Do a full tank revieuw on the Hellcat (if not, do this tank)

  211. +QuickyBaby What do you think about this idea to maybe stop stuff like
    this. Instead of you WN8, win ratio, etc being averaged out between all
    vehicles, what if XVM only showed your stats in whatever vehicle your in to
    other players so players could tell how efficient you are in (insert tank)
    when they see you in battle. It would be a more accurate representation of
    how good your team will preform and stop stat boosting. Just my opinion

  212. Do an IS-4 tank review please

  213. It just occurred to me… what if this whole marriage to Peppy is a ploy to
    improve his position with Wargaming, its Russian server, and its primary
    audience… a ploy to improve his career standing for hers to come…. HA.
    Just kidding.

  214. 3600 games in T67, 1400 in hellcat and then T40, Su-85B and the old KV-1S.
    absolutely disgusting.

  215. Why is he always hiding the damn ingame chat?

  216. What’s with the new use of the word “RIGHT” quicky lol

  217. how do you upload replays

  218. chaffee

  219. Sealklubber shit…

  220. if that pz t 25 wasnt such a retard t67 would so dead

  221. OI exp, T67, Iefh18b2 are seriously op

  222. M7, try it. Similar performance to the T67 with a monster 6 pounder that
    has 1.8sec reload time maxed out.

  223. qb has gone crazy,tier 2 arty to tier 3 td?

  224. Cromwell B is a good tank for statpadding :D

  225. QB, the T18 used to be a tier 2 TD, it is now an SPG

  226. It’s Russian Mickey Mouse.

  227. Oi exp for stet pedding ?

  228. Best replay in ages.

  229. this guy is a bujige

  230. I’ve noticed in all these videos where you see people getting 10+ kills the
    enemy team is ALWAYS spread apart, so the person is always engaging a
    single tank. This legit never happens in a real matchup because it’s just
    plain bad tactics. I really feel like alot of these videos are just average
    players vs complete noobs.

  231. *say that he

  232. 5:20 it also has 10 degrees of gun depression…..

  233. why does it sat thatche was driving a t49 at the end of the video in the
    after game stats? probably a bug

  234. I hate t 67 they are for noobs that cant play world of tanks and really
    need to be nerfed

  235. DAAAAAAAYUMMMM….what a game!!!!! I liked the T67 when I was playing it!
    thx for the share QB!!!

  236. Woopteefuckindoo. Hey how about some games that arent pro statpadders
    driving OP tanks there Quicky? Hey, here’s one, how bout some play in a
    T25/2 or a VK45.02A?

  237. Just killed a t67 stat padder with a blind shot (at a obvious spotting
    bush) from my FV304. He called me a hacker LOL

  238. Russian guys rip all even in virtual tanks. It Shapoklyak they have not

  239. 3K damage is normal in o-i exp. :-P

  240. Matilda IV; I have no idea why I always get 4k+ wn8 when I play it. All I
    do is drive forward and shoot.

  241. What is intuition?

  242. elc is a nice statpader

  243. The game involves more RNG than Yogg-Saron. Only Skill brah.

  244. Oi experimental or the M7 are the best for stat padding imo. M7 is actually
    a v good tank

  245. Why was the post game stats supposedly in a T49? Just a thought…

  246. quikybaby its not a td but a spg

  247. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    every time i think about how WG raped my t18 i cry :”'(

  248. damnn this makes me want to play my t67 i even have the same camo

  249. Bassem Ghoussaini

    QB you need to make a video about the KV-13, its underrated!! And
    definitely a stat padding tank!

  250. my favorite stet pedding tank is the Cromwell B

  251. Sorry +QuickyBaby, thumbs down for showing a stat-padder seal-clubbing. I’m
    sure he’s a fine player and all, but featuring these replays just
    encourages more people to follow suit. And having recently introduced a
    friend into the game and gone through the lower tiers with him several
    time, I strongly suggest that this game needs fewer stat padders beating up
    on the new players

  252. my Pz 4 H with the 105 feeds on these t 67’s… especialy with this type of
    statpaders that think they can take me out… one he and they are gone

  253. T18 is OP in tier 2 games

  254. E25 is my goto tank

  255. s35Ca with the 105

  256. why is the winrate so much important for “skill”…?

  257. It looks like he have a zoom mod

  258. Look up his profile on WOT EU. He has over twice as many games in the T67
    as he does in his next highest tank, the hellcat. When you stat pad, I
    guess it’s all or nothing.

  259. Jeannette Hillebrand

    No the Hellcat is popular

  260. Roosevelt Littleton

    Got a question. Do you think this is better than Armored Warfare and

  261. Pls make a Löwe review

  262. respect for the tanker chebura… sry i dont know how to write his name

  263. That guy has 3652 Matches on his T67… He probably has all the skills.

  264. My favorite stat padding tank is Churchill 3

  265. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Hello
    QB !

  266. T67 Stet pedder – dislike – leave

  267. I am really waiting for the day when WG finally nerfs T-67. Every day you
    see stat padders driving around this tank and with tier 5 viewranges and
    that sort of camo value it is simply OP

  268. Vector Signorelli

    4:40 he can t even see him…john cena confirmed

  269. rip arty now not td

  270. Type 59 is best stat pad tank

  271. 7 players of his team did 0 dmg

  272. Senya Borovikov (Tablelampp)

    вперёд, чебурашка!!

  273. vioplet steypedder!1!!1

  274. My favorite stadpading tank is M24 Chaffee :3
    my best battle(AnickaZabijak 3,5 dmg 2020xp 0.9.14) is on your website ;)

  275. Hey QB what’s your next tank review? Are you planning on reviewing the Ram
    II at any time? It’s my favourite tank because it and I are both Canadian.

  276. FatalFekalSoldier

    I have for you 3,7 K battle with “Stug III Ausf.G” (it has only 36 shells)
    Want to send it?

  277. somerandomcodplayer

    lol PC version has gliding tanks that move faster sideways… lol fail

  278. You sayed so much times word ciburaska

  279. can someone tell me how does he see how much wn8 that game was worth?

  280. You only have to hit like 6 shots in that tank to get more than 1.2k WN8,
    that thing is a good WN8 farmer.

  281. Hes is wrong, is not a statspadding tank at all, is hard to play like the
    AMX CDC, if a good player you can do good but, if you are not good a player
    then you wont do good it in

  282. This tank should be nerfed.

  283. That guy pretty much only plays tier 4-7, what an absolute pro.

  284. How do I activate the new sniper mode when using your new xvm mod? tried
    playing arty and failed to find the feature

  285. One word: kv-220-2! Rocks everything!

  286. Can intuition skill work on auto loader tanks? example AMX 50B which has 3
    loaders does it stack?

  287. my favourite evil tank, got my first top gun in it

  288. this is a sick tan destroyer, i also have 3 stars on the barrel. first and
    only kolobanov medal on this tank made on tier 6 game and i think fadin
    also in that game.

  289. YES QB! Dude dope video, but try going back to your original more harsh
    self you seem overly nice now :p be honest when someone messes up or sucks

  290. you get that gun on the t 21 i think

  291. In the stats at the end it says he was in the T49, what is this? that is
    the wrong post game report or there’s some type of bug.

  292. Hey, sorry if this question was already answered, but what happened to the
    Intro Competition you announced in your 300k Subscriber special ? Or is
    this your new Intro ?

  293. QB, intuition does work when not fully reloaded. That statement was not
    factual, I have the skill. Just fyi.

  294. There is only one thing missing on this tank and that’s better ammo
    count,sadly being that is not soviet i doubt they would buff it.

  295. My fav stet pedding tank is the one and only – the M4 Derpman

  296. Jan-Willem Jansen

    this guy has just won a type 59.

  297. Its a good replay. But i don’t think showing a gameplay of tanker that
    farming WN8 by play OP tier 5 tank like this is a good idea. i saw many
    unicorns tanker that play completely moron in tier 8-10 match, thought its
    just a bad game of them but no after see their statistic, most of their WN8
    come from very low tier op tanks. Nothing wrong when u love a tank and play
    it very much, but farming WN8 is so ridiculous ! And i saw many high tier
    good replays on your website. Love your community QB but i hope no very low
    tier replays like this anymore pls. Good luck and have fun Tankers ! ^^

  298. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    how does this thing preform in a city map?

  299. LOL, no skills, just luck, he even wasting “gold” shells on paper arti :D

  300. I like to stetped in my pz4 with 105 and heat ;)

  301. 9:11 it is other way around ;)

  302. i like pz2 and pc1c

  303. Really bad giveaway system on twich. Feel bad for you and for the people
    that could not get there messages through to you. Make sure to use a other
    giveaway system next time. Much love!

  304. Sealclubbing indeed

  305. got 3 marks on my kv-1 my first heavy tank and still to this day my
    favorite tank in the game i fully recommend it to any new player.

  306. After watching this video I was gonna seal club for a bit but realized the
    T18 is now a tier 3 SPG lol….. well Pz II Plan B Time

  307. Sturmgeschutz III G is my favorite vehicle in the game

  308. Amazing game

  309. Stet pending tanks:pz 2 j, kv2, t67, Luchs, bt-sv

  310. …and what is the archer compared to this thing? Worthless.

  311. I love the RU351 for stats padding. its more difficult to have there great
    games but it makes much more fun if you have a challenge. also the T67 and
    the ru are quite simmilar if you think about it, scrificing armor to get
    everything else like dpm, gun handeling and mobility ;)

  312. Does anyone know what the first tank i need to research to get this tier 5?

  313. Its not about statspadding quicky, i could play T6-T7 lights for that, its
    about clubbing the seals in the enemy team and trying to get results like
    this :P

  314. Since i know, that no mod is illegal, i can use aimbots! Because every mod
    is an advantage! even XVM! So i can use aimbot! Have fun with it 😀
    Oh, but wait. Every mod, who is giving an advantage is a cheat! So it
    doesnt matter if i have an aimbot or xvm or another corsshair! Every mod is
    a cheat!

  315. Its probabli a kv-1

  316. I just play my T67 for fun.

  317. Martin Van Den Hoek

    hes playing in a t67 but the post-game stats show a t49. seems legit.

  318. u said chafee !! :D

  319. Are those endplates right? He played the T67 but the plates say T49…

  320. playing a fun tank, shouldn’t be called stat-padding. it should be called
    enjoying the game. you have to remember a lot of people that have high
    stats don’t particularly care if they have fun….

  321. back then when arty wasnt that much balanced, i got a Fadin medal with my
    AMX 13 F3 (lol).
    Also once i ALMOST got kolobanov in it in a tier 8 match 😀
    It was me vs. 7 people left, even a KV-5 and T34 were to kill, which I
    actually did 😀 ….but then a T-50-2 forked me.

  322. the only problem I have with this beast is the ammo count

  323. The Pilot Penguin

    that description cracked me up. what other tanks are good stit pidder

  324. that’s why I love this tank so much

  325. Why does it say T49 on the replays thingy?

  326. Mr quickybaby your post was later than expected. I always watch your new
    video in my last class of the day and I had to go watch some of your very
    first videos because I’ve seen pretty much all your others. Haha. Nice
    video like aleays

  327. Inconspicuous Quasar

    I sometimes like tip play the t67 like a med tank :D

  328. SmoRay [World Of Tanks]

    yeee russinal player

  329. I think im gonna sent one of my replay when I did 4000 dmg in my tier V

  330. Why is there t49 instead t67 shown in post game stats? And also after where
    you look at Team score? :D

  331. Does he live in America?

  332. QB, the T18s the other way around, it went from tier 2TD to tier 3 arty

  333. Should i buy the type 64?

  334. Maarten severijns

    I think you need to update the replay website.
    it isnt the T49 anymore. :P

  335. The name seems more Polish than Russian to me.

  336. Quickybaby can you do replays on world of tanks blitz? If so here is my
    email address:

  337. The T18 was the tier 2 American seal clubbing boss tank destroyer

  338. i had a 24k wn8 game in the amx 40, that thing is overpowered when you hide
    your frontal armor and know your enemies weakspots. also nobody knows how
    to play it, rhey think frontalnarmor is beat but the side is spaced and
    same affective armor except it doesnt have as many weak spots

  339. Such a niice Tank :)

  340. Stanimir Atanasov

    The name of the Crocodile is Gena

  341. 18K wn8 *cough* *cough*

  342. what is qb name

  343. +QuickyBaby it used to be a op tier II td when wg bastards screwd it up and
    made it an spg

  344. Cruiser II with 3.7 inch howitzer.Great stet pedding tank.

  345. I had a game exactly like this one in my A-43, I uploaded it to your
    replays website ^-^

  346. QB i might be wrong but is it *violent* in the description, not the colour
    violet :)

  347. T18 is a SPG now, it used to be a TD you meant to say.

  348. Wolverine or T67 ?

  349. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    I love this tank.

  350. Finnally i got 10 kills. It was in the Hellcat. I got also my 2 MoE an Ace
    Tanker and from losing 8 – 11 we won 15 – 12. Also a Pascucci’s medal’s.
    Very happy with that game

  351. The T18 is the tier 3 American SPG, not TD. It used to be a tier 2 TD.

  352. The T67’s nerfs weren’t that effective.
    Also, imagine an FV215b 183 shooting and penetrating an AP round, then
    switching immediately to HESH and penetrating that was well :P

  353. Quickybaby what is your modpack please
    I need it

  354. If you’re gonna stet ped, at least have some dignity and use a vehicle that
    takes skill a.k.a. ELC AMX bis.

    This is impressive but not “authentic” considering the T67 is:
    OverPowered(yes, I used the word) for its tier
    Top tier
    Playing against new players
    Has a multi skill crew

  355. hi
    10 minets late

  356. +QuickyBaby pls respond

  357. Lololololo QuickTime qui kbaby amakskskzjjznzb sieg heik

  358. best world of tanks youtuber

  359. I find it amazing how he switches characters as a youtuber and as a
    streamer…On youtube he is all formal and nice, but when he is streaming
    late at night, he is the biggest of a b*tch in the world…with the
    exception when he is playing with someone…thats just how it is.

  360. Nice one.

  361. Willemcross DeEchte

    whats wn8 😐 i dont know what that means…

  362. very cool tank right?

  363. hey

  364. Emanuel Johansson

    do more ? ? ✌ ?

  365. Anyone watching the stream? :D

  366. Magnus Fosstveit (MFSoccer)

    Hey YouTube:) and nice video QB;)

  367. third~ QB finally release

  368. Stream

  369. watching the stream when you were like “shoot i haven’t uploaded yet” i was
    laughing so hard ^.^

  370. When you see it was uploaded 17 seconds ago.

  371. 18th

  372. i farted and it smells good

  373. first

  374. first 1 to like it yeah

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