World of Tanks || T69 – 1 vs 9

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. Today FAMILYTank going to show you the power of the autoloading the T69, going 1 vs 9.

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. hey qb you should try armored warfare….again

  2. Dayum still rocking the same intro.

  3. QB is trying to hypnotize us to leave the Jingles Salt Mines to work in
    QB’s clothing sweatshop. lol

  4. skyland00 bob001


  5. skyland00 bob001


  6. An excellent game played by a very good player. Those complaining (below)
    about re-roll accounts and the quality of the enemy need to get a life.
    This guys account was started in 2012 and he’s played 18,000+ games. As for
    the enemy…. you can only beat what is in front of you and he did a great
    job of isolating the enemy as much as he could, so that he wasn’t faced off
    vs Multiple tanks. (Max 2 at a time I think)

  7. Nono Spelfanaat

    would you guys think that if they changed the colour of the shells in the
    autoloader depending on the shell type?

  8. quicky how do I contact you from email?

  9. I don’t want Kolobanov’s medal, i would like to get Michael Wittman’s medal

  10. Damn, I wish the enemy team would ignore an entire center portion of the
    map when I play.
    “Oh, there’s something shooting us from the left, let’s keep pushing down”

  11. George Mitchell

    Hey Quicky, great commentary as usual! I hate the T-69 when i had it, which
    was long before the recent buff you mentioned. I only used standard rounds,
    so it couldn’t pen butter. Did the T-54E1 get any buffs at the same time?

  12. That T-shirt effect is in a way quite appropriate. You do after all appear
    as a multidimensional being, teleporting around the battlefield and
    surprising people every now and then. 😉

    I hardly noticed it during the actual battle though, Family Tank and your
    voice had my attention to themselves. :)

  13. Marko Jovanovic

    Omg QB talks to much

  14. Pershing still cooler, it’s more American for no logical reason ?

  15. Family Tank…..that just makes me smile:). Damn what a good game!!!

  16. Damn, that shirt’s effect do?
    We’re can I get one????

  17. seal clubbing in top teir OP tank, cmon quicky show “Real examples of great
    play” not a purple smacking bots and reds please… Ive really lost respect
    for your feed as you mostly show seal clubbing games… Oh and he shoot
    heat even better

  18. Oh great a scum bag auto loader player

  19. Wow… I would not have expected that shirt to Moire. Did it have a tight
    pattern of ribbing or something? I once worked with a weather presenter who
    had this tight-patterned salt-and-pepper suitcoat. Drove us crazy with
    Moire Effect, but those were the days of standard definition (NTSC/PAL)
    when that was far more common.

  20. Mikey Middleton

    Lol QB your top isn’t Youtube friendly :P

  21. How to get high. Just look at QuickyBaby’s T-shirt..

  22. ‘… can meet tier 6 tanks..’ *kills tier 5 tank*

  23. Flandre Scarlet

    that T-shirt looks cool lol

  24. why im unable to connect 9.15.1 common test?

  25. Thank you Quickybaby for making a video of this game 🙂 You were right when
    you said that pressure got me making some mistakes. Also luck was on my
    side. (of course you need luck 1vs9) But I have been in similar situations
    before where my play has been top notch but have lost the game due to
    really bad luck! I think we all deserve some luck after many unlucky
    disappointments 😀

    I also want to add that I dont use mods so I dont know how good my
    opponents are. That makes it harder to play end game 1v1s with a lot on the
    line. Also some “bad” players are so unpredictable that it isn’t always
    easy to win against them since they don’t make the obvious moves that most
    players make.

  26. Dat guy is so lucky… i just cant believe

  27. aristidis dimou

    My eyes

  28. Hey quickybaby I’m a massive follow and watch all your out uber videos
    weekly and I play world on tanks on the 360 and xbox one but recently moved
    over to pc version loving all the graphics and the difference between the
    different console is amazing so much on the pc to think about. Like I said
    I’ve watch all your videos and you mention you use a different reinder
    range on the mini map how I do get this on to mine is there a link to
    download or soft ware ? Thanks massive fan

  29. wow man you are an awesome youtuber keep it up let`s get to 1 mil. subs we
    can do it

  30. i heard about your 11k loss this is irresponsible this is some peoples job
    and they just literally took thier money and said go do something else with
    ur life

  31. world of tanks best replays already got this replay out

  32. world of tanks best replays already got this replay out

  33. What is this? GW ??

  34. In this scenario it never plays that way for me! I always get gang banged
    by at least 4 from different directions, without 4 turrets it’s a no win!

  35. carry is all is footwear

  36. Man this was the best world of tanks game I’ve seen in a while.
    I just don’t get it why people are not hiped.
    Great carry!
    I was nervous when watching , what was in his mind when playing it?…
    special players..

  37. what an video

  38. A relook at the T-71 as it is now from you’re perspective would be nice too

  39. stabilisedchaos

    He did nearly 6k damage and no ace tanker?

  40. luckiest son of a gun

  41. nice shirt :)

  42. Lal, RNG…wonder how much such RNG costs per month.

  43. that t- shirt is awesome :)

  44. lol 😀 6:14 😀 HEHEHEHE

  45. I love your videos, where you, Quickfingers, play. Pls more of than maybe
    with Ik. I learn so much by your Teamwork skills….well done!

  46. Pretty damn amazing plays there. The only thing, where I held my eyes
    closed, was at the point, where he was unloading a clip while still being
    on the move at the Tiger 2. Everyone who plays the T69 knows, that that
    thing just can’t hit anything on the move. And this guy unloads a full HEAT
    clip into him while on the move. That was undeniably pure luck. No
    complaints otherwise.

  47. nice zebra camo :D

  48. Level up with Doruta DIY

    Nothing is great about this game! I lose all battler, even if i play very
    good… ah

  49. Unicum T-shirt meta for this video. I love it

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