World of Tanks || T78 – Tank Review

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World of Tanks. T78 has arrived, a T6 American premium turreted tank destroyer – here’s all you need to know!


World of is a online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Tanks no good. 9 out of ten times I get stuck playing against a bunch of ten yr olds that rush and ram you. Most games don’t play out the way quicky baby shows.

  2. Graham Montgomery

    Had a match I was carrying in my easy eight down to a one v one against one of these except he had one arty support. And of course the arty pens me for 532 damage and he finished me off. I was pretty tilted.

  3. I knew it’s only a matter of time till WG make something in between armor and speed. In between these two. But i wasn’t expecting it to be a premium

  4. Hey QB can I have the link to your battle hits and xvm modpack plz

  5. EddyMcChuckleNuggets

    @QuickyBaby the turret armor is a bit of a lie. It’s mantlet has effectively 188mm if you look at the model

  6. So its Hell Jackson?:)

  7. The terrain resistances are crap and they did not get mentioned?

  8. Sorry, Wargaming withdrew this tank after Colin Kaepernick objected, lol.

  9. TheDragonStation

    Love this Tank , it’s my new Happy tank 🙂 . TDS .

  10. Nice review QB! I’m mostly disappointed this tank doesn’t have a spot for a radioman, making it less of an ideal trainer for the T28 Prototype. Still, it looks like an interesting premium and I’m thinking of getting it. I already have the M56 Scorpion though…

  11. Just what we needed. MERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *sigh*

  12. i keep forgetting when comparing stats like at the 1min mark are those with a 100% crew or not? if its a 100%crew how good would it be with the 75% crew you are buying this to train up with?

  13. I just want the camo

  14. Hi quicky baby, its viewer

  15. Yo quicky, look at the na bundles, if I want the camo I gotta fork out 50$ cnd…

  16. Dafuq, they just made the m10 rbfm

  17. So wargaming is inventing vehicles now? Lol

  18. 0.38 dispersion means you can’t reliably hit anything. HE doesn’t pen anymore. You can say overmatch all you want, but that mechanic seems to have been deleted since the wheeled vehicles came out.

  19. Ivan in 2015 lets nerf hellcat
    also Ivan in 2019 lets sell old hellcat as prem tank

  20. Joseph Oberlander

    (spams 12 shots of gold at 50,400 silver cost, and has resupply consumables OFF so he doesn’t show -5K credits) – “It’s a good tank”.

    You lost credits with a premium account as one of the best players in the game. Why would you possibly buy this over a Jackson? Just so you can spam gold at new players and make the server population go down lower? For $40? I can buy a whole PS4 *game* for $40.

    This is terrible for the huge amount of money that you spend.

  21. Yank wank tank. ?

  22. Gold noob

  23. 4th of july was America’s brexit (Amexit)

  24. not russian tho

  25. Partyy Zavadiell

    Nobody playing tanks to train crews anymore… 2M credits per 250k XP is way to go.

  26. This is just wg pandering to Americans so that they can get more money. You know full well they hate anyone and anything non Russian

  27. The T78 looks like a stock T25/2.

  28. Better off picking up a Cromwell Berlin…… English medium tank is not going to help my poorly trained American TD crew I´m afraid =)

  29. NO radio op. bad gold rounds, and i THOUGHT it got 390 base view range. I think they nerfed it at the last minute. NOPE.

  30. Bartholomew Macaluso

    I like this tank, gg QB

  31. Richard Stefanits

    I bought it naked, and oh boy, this tank is so much fun. Only recommended for somewhat experienced players tough.

  32. QB, u r not many gold rounds from an unsubscription :-I

  33. *Funny thing how ‘Prime’ Warframes and ‘Primed’ modules in WF can be earned rather than being all about just buying one’s way through it all, rip… ehs?*

  34. What is wrong with WG? 221 premium shell penetration? Just a joke.

    Also, why not a marathon? Did they had enough money this year?
    Sounds very strange.

  35. aboufares tounsi

    8:23 i am very worried about this is2 and t34
    these turreted tank destroyers just feels so lovely being ….

  36. Hellcat needs its reverse speed buffed again…

  37. Florian Schäffeler

    QB The AMX 13 F3 has a 155 mm gun which is the biggest caliber gun for SPG’s at Tier VI with the M44 so as far as this match goes you couldn’t have gone bigger…

  38. Michael Janicki

    Maybe it’s time for before it was nerfed M18 Hellcat?

  39. The AMX 50 100 might be able to keep up

  40. Nice carry on the e25

  41. 14 reverse speed… which is what the Hellcat should have honestly.

  42. Do you know any asian server codes?

  43. The common server test when is open??

  44. Radovan Dragović

    600 health, 25mm of frontal armor… KV-2 is going to love those…

  45. World of Tanks:Jaegerkorpset

    Yup, get the cromwell, thats a fun tank.

  46. “221 is not 246” Quicky Baby 2019.

  47. this tank is kind of disappointing. it doesnt look bad, but its just a slower hellcat with worse gold ammo.

  48. TheBudgie Smuggla

    Looks like a slugga with what almost looks like a chaffee hull

  49. Jacksoncat… Jack of both trades, useful at neither. Waste of money, flat out.
    Considering you pretty much *never* see Jacksons and very rarely see Hellcats in skirmishes means you’ll be relegated to pubbing with with this piece of trash – usually against tier 8s.

  50. KillingGhost 115

    Kv 122 has good mobility about 42 kph it can keep up a bit but won’t keep up forever

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