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World of Tanks – T9 Tank. Today I’m reviewing the initial statistics of the upcoming T9 tanks!

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  1. That’s one of the reasons you should never pay for this game.. You like a
    tank.. spend some money to get it faster and BOOM!.. ok we’re changing it..
    That happened to my wtauf E100.. I bought 2 fort knox’ to get that tank..
    and when I complained, they answered me with some kind copy paste messages
    saying they don’t give a sh.t

  2. I don’t know why you guys are crying about this “moving them up a tier and
    not buffing them” thingy… these tanks were already in the matchmaking as
    tier 9 tanks… now they will be officially tier 9s.. that’s the only
    difference. I don’t even understand the HP buffs of them


  4. but what happens to the T7 lights?

  5. fuck my scouts! fuck wargaming!
    bye scouts, bye wargaming

  6. RU251,
    420 view range, “Joint” best.
    How fitting!

  7. this is ridiculous they are nerfing it not a buffing its bullshit. oh lets
    nerf the speed of the ru and nerf all the other light tanks acc which will
    force them to brawl how are u gonna use ur view range if u cant hit shit…

  8. What about tier 8 tanks??? wich tanks will be tier 8 lights and tier 6
    WG just keeps making one mistake after another…
    Are they really so mind-crippled so they cannot make tier 9 light tanks
    from SCRAP???

  9. i dont know if you know quickybaby, but your invite code has expired.

  10. QB- best channel eva!

  11. Tolakos Green Love

    Why the FUCK make tier 9 – 10 light tanks?!?!? Why the FUCK ruin the game
    and the tech tree further more?!?!? Wg should fix their bullshit
    matchmaking and map rotation instead of ruining the game even more!!
    Anyway thnx for the review and personal advice QB :)


    just dun do anything to my elc plz

  13. I have been working towards the Leopard in the RU. So wtf happens if I
    don’t research the Leopard in time? Do I just get fucked over? Do I get
    both tanks?

  14. fuck wargaming im moving to armored warfare

  15. i have 2 scout tanks….amx 13 90 and t49….thx WG mafia -.-

  16. the 4 round clip is total bull shit… in real life the clip has 12 round

  17. I think they should give Ru251 same gun as kanjpz
    because its the same gun

    and plz buff kanjpz’s DPM and HEAT pen

  18. they facked the 13 90, facking morherfucking morons

  19. Hi QuickyBaby can you record ˝How to activate invite code on created
    account˝ Can you please help me with this

  20. This raging shitstorm in comments section xD YOUR TEARS ARE DELICIOUS.

  21. I just hope they leave my poor ugly VK 28.01 untouched at tier 6.
    I love it in tier 6 stronghold games where you can often penetrate your
    HEAT shells if you aim right.

  22. “We’re bringing in t9 lights’

    ‘Syke, we just nerfed all the current tier 8 lights and put them up a tier
    higher because we’re lazy’

  23. 2:53 I see, not only I’ve got this problem, no. Pro youtuber also have it
    once in a while :-)

  24. I own a Ru 251 a T54 ltwt and an Amx 13 90 too…does this mean, all of
    them will be upgraded to tier 9, when this change will take effect?

  25. Mr. Bread (animonster23)

    Wow just got my 13 90 this week and after grinding free exp for it since i
    last played the 13 75 was 2.5 years ago and didn’t have enough exp to
    continue on 1390… just to be surprised they “might” be nerfing the damn
    thing… as if the low penetration compared to everybody else’s bad enough,
    they’re giving it 4 shells that doesn’t guarantee penetration on higher
    tier tanks. Honestly FML….

  26. So is the entire light tree moving up one tier from tier 4 and up? Or are
    we getting all new tier 8’s? (dream on)
    -13-90 once was a tier 7…..I really thought they’d move the 2 Bat-Chats
    into LT territory. And what will be tier X, AMX-105?
    -T-49 without 152 mm and only broadly similar stats on that horrible 90mm
    at tier 9? Atleast then boost it’s movement stats!
    it’s a brick now….
    -Kinda like what they’re planning for the WZ-132 and the RU-251 so it’s not
    all complaints 😉
    -Don’t have a T-54 LW yet but we’ll see soon enough
    -All in all i would have much rather seem them go for a big arty
    change….But then who wouldn’t ;)

  27. maybe they add rockets on the tier 10 t49

  28. Man I’ve been playing all the light tanks past 4 years and kept them all,
    they are my favorite type of vehicule because they are the most skill
    rewarding imo. I was very happy to see that wargaming finally decided to
    add t10 light in to the game but I don’t like the changes they made to
    future T9, increasing view range isn’t much of a buff considering its
    capped, and removing sniping abilities from some scouts would really
    cripple them.
    I think wargaming will change all tier 7lt to tier 8 and all tier 8 to tier
    9, and probably add some fill-up tanks between the tier 4-5-6-7 because
    most scouts at these tier are somewhat underwhelming

  29. what the hell did they do to AMX13-90

  30. sigh wg spoiling the game yet again….maybe time to move on

  31. so they nerf the tanks,move them to higher tier and make them completely
    useless.I can basically sell my AMX 13 90,got T 49 and Ru 252
    researched,not even going to buy them,pointless now

  32. wargaming.. STOP!

  33. As it stands right now this change will completely fuck over the light
    Aside from them being less effective in making credits, by being tier 9
    because they more or less keep the same guns or worse, they will need to do
    more to keep the credit balance in the positive.
    Secondly there’s absolutely no reason to bother playing these tanks,
    because all of them will perform worse than a tier 9 medium tank.
    Having almost the same speed, the same view range, with a much worse gun
    and no armor.
    Also as they are tier 9 with regular match making, they will probably be
    able to be top tier, which will further fuck up team balance. As top tier
    heavies are really useful, imagine a team with 4 light tanks as top tier
    having to go up against a team with tier 9 tds and heavies as top tiers.
    They will lose that game almost every time.
    If this change goes through, nobody will play these tanks, because of how
    shit they are.

  34. Arthedain TheDarkbringer

    WZ-132A will indeed use HEAT as premium, because that new 100mm is the same
    gun you get on the 110.

  35. 13-90 is one of my favourite tanks to play….Looking at this video I’d say
    that the 13-90 is getting nerfed rather than a buff.

  36. Removing the T49 152mm derp instead of actually improving the gun handling:
    Worse decision in a long time.

  37. so basically wargayming is making free tanks even worse and premium tanks
    even more op .
    this is how they force u to pay for premium account and buy premium tanks
    in a game that they say its free to play

  38. don’t sugar coat it, they screwed the 13-90. the “faster” reload is a
    difference of 7.5 seconds per she’ll from 7.6 . this is not an improvement.
    as it stands the French line is all but worthless. I could respect you more
    if you were.honest and didn’t try to cover for WG.

  39. People.. seriously…? Don’t you understand that the new tier X lights will
    be MUCH BETTER than the current IX (VIII) lights? Of course they have to
    make minor nerfs so tier X lights can be much better in comparison. You are
    crying about tier IX tank being weaker than X.

    It does not matter if the T49 loses the derp gun when the X tank that comes
    after it will have it and it will be much better than the current T49.

    Why is the comment section so blind? Saying lights will be useless now?
    Lights will be much more effective than ever before for fucks sake.



  40. Why me, i hrinded for the T49 and the AMX 13 90… now wargaming is nerfing
    and moving them up a tier… WTF, everyone, send tickets to WH support and
    get a copy paste answer back!

  41. Amx 13 90, 6 shots ever! also hope they will keep unlocked T8 light tanks
    to T9..!

  42. I will totally stop playing LT lines if WG does this. They are going to
    ruin LT’s

  43. Moving them up one tier and nerfing them???? That makes no sense

  44. Does on his shirt stand “Ich bin ein Berliner”? It’s hard to read.

  45. FINALLY T10 LIGHTS!!!!! i’ve been waiting forever for this!!! i can be on
    top as a scout for once!!!! camo on the move + best view range at t10! give
    me 3 arty on my team and i will destroy all your heavies!

  46. I absolutely loved my T49!!!! Now WG is going to ruin it, noooooooo!!!!!!

  47. And the WZ-132A has a totally OP gun compared to the other LT’s. 215
    pen!!!!!!!!! vs the 185 on the T49, and more alpha

  48. West Coast Warriors Archive

    im hoping they dont screw with the tech tree too much with these changes Im
    running the ru 251 to get to the leopard proto and I dont want to have to
    suddenly grind up and entire new line to get a tank im almost at right now

  49. wargaming: “hey this tank is underperforming. what should we do? let’s move
    it one tier up and nerf it!”

  50. Screw WG, i want to send a complaint to them, i ground all the way up the
    American LT line and now the T49 will lose all its glory. Like they could
    at least buff it somehow, but no, it is only getting WORSE!

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