World of Tanks || T92 Light – 1 vs 6

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T92. Today Sawyer_ from the RU server has his work cut out for him trying to carry this tense game in the new American !


World of Tanks is a Free 2 game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Tom Sawyer for the win

  2. Is this allready in game or test server

  3. I tend to do a min of 1k damage and often 1 to 2 k spotting damage

  4. Unless you make it as an oh without the derpgun i wouldn’t mind feasting on his hp. No i wouldnt mind that either.

  5. I’ve found this dynamic of losing 90%+ hp’s at the beginning of the match “motivating” you to up your game and get sneaky as hell, does lead to some very entertaining games. Awesome usage of 84 hp’s. I think he is a good player that almost bought it being overly aggressive on a lame team (the other tier 8’s didn’t do much but QB also never showed end stats for the enemy team). He was 2.5k in combined damage 2 minutes into the battle and got a little greedy/over confident. Very nice replay.

  6. I love light tank game play, especially something like this because it is NOT easy!

  7. Good to see some more Quickybaby uploads in my notifications feed!

  8. the damage modelling in war thunder is far more logical.

  9. Here before 50.000 views 🙂

  10. David Perfect - Gaming and Vlogs

    WG will make a tier 11 german heavy with jpz e 100 gun 🙂

  11. Skills + Luck + Bad enemy = Kolobanov

  12. I know you are probably busy with videos for the new tanks upcoming in the advent calender, but I was just wondering if you could do a T10 review sometime?

  13. Call The Matrix movie, we just found Neo

  14. Russian player = Cheater player, no fail

  15. I personally wouldn’t call my self a good player, but I know I’m not a bad player lol anyways I’ve been trying to increase the dam. I do, because I want to get a ace tanker when I get the batchat 25 t (i have the batchat 25 t AP right now) but I’m having no luck with it. The most dam. I’ve ever done was 2,800 with the Lorraine. My hit ratio is 60% and my win rate is 47% lol I’ll work on my win rate later. I’ve only played I think 2500 games. Any way I’m just asking for some advice because I’ve looked up tons of videos to get better, but they only made my hit ratio better.

    • For someone like Foch or Circon, they could probably use a stock gun and only shoot HE, as a joke, and get an ace by accident. For us mortals, even with plenty of skill, we’ll still need quite a lot of luck to get an ace. But if I were you I’d start by going for aces on lower tiers first. It’s easier, it builds your confidence, and you gain experience while playing there. For example start with Luchs. If you master it, you’ll get an ace every second game you’re top tier.

    • Rickard Shen ok I’ll try that, thanks

    • Rickard Shen lol that seems a little broken, I had the luchs before, I’ll buy it back, I do plan on continuing down that line

    • With autoloaders you need to plan ahead what you do with the clip and keep an eye on the map, they really shine near the ends of battles, try to do flanking

    • Ray Lay First time I played the Luchs I thought it was mediocre, and in the hands of most new players, it is. But any low tier light tank with camo crew, optics, and sixth sense becomes OP as fuck. The thing making Luchs special is that the burst damage is high enough that you can often kill a same or lower tier tank in one clip, often before they can return a shot. The pen is alsonuts high enough that you can deal with Matildas, B2s and Hetzers. While Matilda and Hetzer are the best tier 4s in the hands of new players, I think Luchs is way better in the hands of someone experienced.

  16. Meanwhile I even struggle to get 2 kills with my tier 3 tanks

  17. 1:31 If that KV-2 had fired 1 inch lower… boom. No replay.

  18. Good Driver!

  19. Waiting for the wtf e100 to come back as a tier 8 premium

  20. The t92 is finally a premium tank that wargaming nailed it would have been Overpowered if it had like 240 damage and more pen but those 2 factors balance the tank

  21. Seems to be nice to be as lucky as you QB.

  22. outstanding play,balanced tank with an average gun & pretty nice camo values.WG didnt disappointed me this time

  23. 8:47 you can see him juke the arty nuke, if he stayed on course, it would’ve caught him

  24. Cant hate this video XD

  25. Very nice play from T92. BUT, the red team was full of bots

  26. 0:29 “Sawyer is going to have an incredible round here. No spoilers though”
    *Puts 1 vs 6 in the title*

  27. Hey Quick…i would actually like to see the e25 in the calendar,so don’t say it like that 😀 It really is an amazing tank 🙂

    • Todor Dimov the problem is it’s too good

    • I got that man 😀 but I still want it!!!Its one of the best tanks, has a good matchmaking, has a perfect camo…its rare in the shop tho’ aaaand when you find a good bush thats about it for the enemy team 😀

  28. Looks like he’s got some automation on that medkit, he’s so fast using it, it just looks unnaturally fast. Either he’s got it automated or he’s got a quick button for it on his mouse or something.

  29. Question the crew skill concealment is it better to have all crew members to have it, then just one having it?

  30. The Modelling News

    A great game no doubt – well done to him
    But QB, personally I couldn’t care less about some brand new premium driving, premium account with Cola and camo wallet warrior ruining the non-pay to win gamer’s lives

    • This isn’t pay to win, the fact that it’s a light tank makes it very difficult to be OP and this person didn’t use an excessive amount of premium rounds

    • If this tank was something overpowered like a Defender or an E25 I would probably agree with you. However this tank is barely any improvement over the Bulldog which is the standard T8 light tank. Premium tanks allow this game to be free to play. Yes I don’t like tanks like Defenders which just absorb all rounds or the E25 that shoots you without you ever seeing the damn thing but this one is an Ok premium .

    • You see, TINSTAAFL. There is not such thing as a free lunch.
      If somebody is getting something for free, somebody else has payed for it.
      This guy buying the premium tank and premium account is the very reason why others can play the game without spending any cash, isn’t it?.

  31. Glad that I bought this tank. ?

    • I took it too and already made an LT-15 mission by 7.7 spot + 1.3 damage on Malinovka. This thing is hard to play on town and corridor maps, but open field it is brilliant.

    • First, they very unlikely would sell Blackdog after it got massive buff by getting 8 level matchmaking.
      Second, T92 is clearly better as a scout. Blackdog is great as a damage dealer, he has better carry power, but both active and passive scouting? After AMX ELC ot killed, T92 is the best on that.

    • Aron Vanhaeverbeke

      azgarogly You being able to have a good game in it doesn’t make it a good tank. 7.7k spot on malinovka can be done with a lot of meds aswell

    • Aron Vanhaeverbeke

      azgarogly Yet type64 is still in shop/… they probably will sell it again, same with E25 + it isn’t, T100 LT is best for pure scouting, blackdog is allround better in current WoT

    • I’ve seen 13k spot being made on Malinovka with a tier 10 medium. But it was all sweat and tears.
      My game with T92 was rather care free. With maxed out camouflage this tank is indeed natural born spotter. Out of 25 games I drove so far I’ve had multiple 4k+ spot games. Effectively every game on an open map was good (except couple of times when I got spotted early and all the enemy team took a shot on me :))
      Type64 is a good tank indeed. Though is is not as OP as Blackdog or Defender are. And it is VI tier, so it is not that appealing as a farming rig.
      Rumor has it, e25 will be on sell very soon. I like it alot, but personally I don’t thing it is very much OP. Maybe it is my playstyle, e25 has never bothered me much as an enemy.
      WG has unofficially confirmed that there would be no sell of Defender nor Blackdog any more, though that is more about RU cluster. EU marketing has a bit of independence here. Defender I’d like to have myself, but I do not have much hope.

  32. man looks like so much fun I want one xc I love my scorpion but looks like I found a new favorite

  33. Didn’t the arty drown? Derpenburg strikes again.

  34. Missing only just out on that faden medal, it must still feel like a heart break

  35. Man, now I want to get my hands on a T92

    • I’m pretty sure WG would give you a chance.
      Though I’d rather take a brake from the game at that time when T92 is on sale again. Two or three of them per team would be too much 🙂

  36. May be good at being a top tier and while shooting at tier 6.

  37. WOW…obvious aim not much!! Check out the turret flicking from the nearest enemy tank to enemy tank, even when they are not even rendered!

  38. Will it come to blitz

  39. Pay to win online game, that cheats, has a bias towards Russia and shits on good players, isn’t really a game. It’s a money making machine. Only good for people like you, who get all there stuff for free. Sorry, but had enough of WoT. If you make more vlogs on proper games, do tell us on other social media. Wish you the best.

    • Russian player with good ping in all games, they have servers near, no really good players, only players with good ping or using cheats.

      Dridd, profesional player of R6 always said ” Russian player…… cheater player…. sure” and….. Its a great TRUE.

    • i still play i but not often.

    • I’d tell you a secret, WG is commercial organization, not charity.
      And there is no such thing as a free game. Except, maybe, some indie games people make for their own fun at their leisure time.
      If several million players are playing for free, there must be someone who pays for them. And probably someone who’d make a good profit out of it.
      When you say “pay to win, not fair!” next time, think of people who are paying for the music.

    • The tinfoil hat syndrome at it again.

  40. A Tog-II at tier 8 with 3k hp, or at tier 10 with 6k hp?

  41. Luck level…over 9000…

  42. How about a high tier American TD?

  43. Андрей Николаев

    Turtles Rock then self-propelled have turrets as well

  44. “Good player”…..continues to lose all his HP in the first 2,5 minutes of the match for no good reason what so ever…..

    • Those were retardedly lucky on the move snapshots from that wz-111. That wasn’t a matter of lack of skill.

    • He poked out consistently when there was a heavy tank looking at him, that is stupid especially since in the rest of the replay he *DOES* show skill. Not only the WZ but also the Tiger 131.

  45. 2:40 With no offense, QB, you’re probably the most predictable person on the internet I know
    Ok, second to Trump

  46. Why do ppl use cola and gold ammo on a premium tank? So stupid, the tanks are made to earn money not win matches at all cost. Or they just fear for their little stats XD

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