World of Tanks || T92 Light – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T92. This upcoming T8 premium light tank, the T92, is a capable scout with a sting in it’s tail – let’s it out!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. With current tier 8 MM be prepared to lose credits as you will be spamming premium rounds just to survive.

  2. ‘it fills a niche’

    …..I don’t know what niche you’re thinking of. another T8 premium tank…..just…..-sighs- maps. Maps are what’s needed. MORE VARIETY IN THE MAP POOL NOT TANKS THAT WON’T STAND A CHANCE IN THE LANES!

  3. @quickybaby I’m sorry but I’ve been suffering this for years and it needs to be addressed. Friends don’t let friends make mistakes: it’s “undoubtedly”, not “undoubtably”. IT HURTS

  4. The Chinese server already has this, plus all premiums and reward tanks are available to buy for really cheap on the official store (a lot cheaper than eu) 6,000 gold, 2 billion silver (yes 2 billion), and a month of premium, is only £51

  5. HEP is the same as HESH

  6. So another fake tank

  7. I don’t know if I need to be told how to take out a light tank…

  8. lol the t92 light tank does exist actualy, looks just as cool in real life as on game

  9. This tank is standard in armored warfare. So basically they just did copy paste.

  10. it exist, that vehicle is like a sheridan able to parashuted from a plane

  11. The T92 light tank has been on for a long time btw

  12. This is why I quit playing 2 years ago…..

  13. no, it’s not like marmite. You can only hate marmite.

  14. what about the ELC EVEN or the Aufklarung panther ?

  15. T92 apparently was real. Also I like the look

  16. Holy shit another premium tank!

  17. QB black bulldog or t92 what do you think is better?

  18. Here’s a shocking idea, TIER VIII BRITISH PREMIUM HEAVY!!! C’mon WG!

  19. I remember that thing from playing AW, were it was a tier 2or3 premium. I think it was first mentioned for WoT that time, that was now nearly 2 years ago. Nice little tank but abysmal gundepression, so WG gives it 10°

  20. Because we need more premium tanks. /sarcasm off

  21. Wargaming is just trying to milk as much money as they can from the community before this game goes to shit. I like playing lights just like the other man but this tank is a shit of premium – it’s not gonna make credits with that penetration and the cost of premium ammo (150 alpha, really?). The old T71 worked with that penetration because there weren’t any overpowered premium heavies at tier 8. But now you have to face Defenders, AMX Libertes and Chryslers. And you don’t make much credits out of spotting because the maps nowadays are shit for spotting. The Blackdog is miles ahead just because it can adapt to multiple situations on multiple maps, not to mention the superior penetration and alpha.

  22. the american ELC bis

  23. #WarThunder

  24. When I saw the thumbnail I thought, ‘It has a flat front???’

  25. Another prem tank….. yay…

  26. When Americans try to build an ELC AMX

  27. Pls add japanese premium heavy tank lol

  28. West Coast Warriors Archive

    we dont have a premium japanese heavy? What is heavy tank number 6?

  29. Radu World of Tanks

    Real tank

  30. Hey Quickbaby, do you play XCOM2? I have just found the game thanks to Jingles playthrough videos. It looks absolutely awesome and Jingles makes it look even better with his characters. Just wondering if you played too?

  31. So… Does it have the 240mm?

  32. No tenks i rather play my black dog

  33. I could see on of those in a battle yesterday when I was playing. I thought I just missed this in the Tech Tree.

  34. Qb, like 10% of people ever buy a premium to boost crew training, they just need to get an OP tier 8

  35. play wot blitz

  36. QuickyBaby
    Publicerades den 27 nov. 2017
    World of Tanks – T92. This upcoming T8 American premium light tank, the T92, is a capable scout like tanks

  37. Chieftain as a high their premium British Heavy! Make it so!

  38. i like how this tank looks

  39. 7:39 “only half of your hitpoints”? 😀 Oh QB …

  40. If you want to do 2 replays of gamepla per video, I think it would be more helpful to see an ace and one where you struggled to do anything highlighting the weakpoints of the tank. Other than that nice video and keep up the good work.

  41. i wanted this tank before they nerfed the hell out of it and all of the other lights… now it’s just meh.

  42. Good vid as usual, for me the low gold pen as well as more expensive shell then the GF is the killer for me.

  43. hmm,
    When beginning, i feel wow wow, but when i saw this tank dont have autoloader like T71 AD, i feel haizzzz very disappointed

  44. super mm …

  45. I have a feeling that this tank will have the Grand Finals paint scheme camo when it is release.

  46. Earns mastery in a brand new tank = worthless.

  47. You mean Vegemite.

  48. 15:53 “FIVE” 😀

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