World of Tanks || T92 – Tank Review

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World of Tanks – T92. Today I’m reviewing the biggest gun in the game the T10 American SPG, the T92!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. The Gaming Johnson

    You have my Respekt QB even if your wife left you for a TOG player

  2. I was waiting for this, love the disclaimer and old intro

  3. Marking the ground works in two ways, and when you mark the ground, your team usually ignores it and shoots or goes heads-in-first. So why would you want to mark your shots?

  4. I did 3k damage and few kills with M44 on Live Oaks

  5. i find arty fun to play

  6. what kind of a t8 premium tank is thi? i tried to buy it in premium shop but its not there. i heard some people say things like tech tree and researching but i dont get it

  7. Love the intro qb lol.???

  8. “But what about the armor of the T92? Well, it clearly doesn’t have any.”

    Woke my roommates laughing at this.

  9. chfotografi CH Fotografi

    hahahhaa 😀

  10. THAT Acting thou!! LOL

  11. Tanya left you for Jingles?! Daaaammmnnn

  12. Salt and vinegar chips are the best

  13. this was actually one of the best april fools day video ive seen 😀

  14. Can you whine more about arty please? Thanks, bud.

  15. Those Tyrell crisps are hard as nails though… real teeth ruiners.

  16. This is the most hilarious thing i’ve seen in a long time!! And it’s somehow totally accurate.

  17. Why tf u relocate when there are only snipers left

  18. QB you have Chimera already and we still don’t see review/preview of Excalibur. Shame on you 🙂
    (I am sorry for my bad english)

  19. the intro was funny af

  20. Was that Bear Grylls reading at the start?

    _Sooooo_ glad console doesn’t have friendly fire (or stuns)!!!
    Just got my *T-92* two days ago!
    My baby is still my m-44!
    Arty is soooooo harder to get marks though..

  22. Perfect intro… XD

  23. thanks quickybaby, very cool

  24. My G.W.E. 100 wee coookie i love more then any other tank!

  25. That intro warning was beautiful

  26. there are still ap shells in console.

    you can still buy wt auf e100 OR grille 15 in console as well
    like anyone would take grille over wt auf e100….

  27. It has a cruiser gun. What a monster.

  28. Thumb up here if you liked the warning message

  29. Now try this in Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Ruinberg, Paris, Fjords, Empires Border or Minsk.

  30. QB let me remind you something. arty is going to be nerf on the next update. So useless to invest in arty.

  31. Alright you quickydick (sorry for you Pep) I love arty play and thought you where serious. All joking aside, love your videos, pat on the ass to you.

  32. intresting, close to an heartattack when being hit by the arty of the own team, but hitting the own teammembers left and right when playing arty himself …
    beside that great vid 😉

  33. MD.Sakib rahman tisad

    Leaving you for a tog driver???

  34. Everyone hate arty…and now QB is arty pro player and soon everyone will love arty ??

  35. The phone call to Dad was comedy gold. Well done QB!

  36. I often times ate pizza while playing arty. You only really need 1 hand.

  37. My favorite arty is the o-I

  38. Bloodstained Cross

    My favorite artillery unit is the one in my undercarriage.

  39. 11/10 commentary

  40. Well done ClickyBaby!! Best video ever!!

  41. QB, I’ve got to hand it to YOU, I can say youre turning into a “CLAUSIAN” your dry wit on this is getting very “CLAUS KELLERMAN ESK” “Shout out to YOU QB”

  42. Yeah, i look at this puny 2,1k damage counter after 4 shells sent to target, and god i miss the 0.7.0 T92. This stun-bullshit is boring to play and even more boring to watch, even if you SIT WITH ONE HAND AND CLICK IT HURR DURR, you still do some work to predict enemy movement, account splash, and all you get is…..500 damage? Stun 15 seconds? So instead of playing like a normal person in a game where damage dealt = exp gain, you play a weird-ass mini-game which only you need for the task. There is no such thing as CLUTCH STUN in WoT, old allied arty’s presence was better because it could kill the tank you needed to be dead, instead all we get now is…stun? Why? Who”ve thought it was a good idea to cripple the class?

    240mm is just a fucking meme, same damage as 152mm howitzer on heavy tanks. Why? No AP rounds. Why?

    Literally cried when QB said “look, i did 400-200-400 damage to 3 tanks, thats a lot of damage!”. This shit is so painful to watch.

  43. QB to improve follow my guide on how to play artillery:
    CLICK then laugh like Doctor Evil – Broougghahahaha,
    CLICK – Broougghahaha,
    CLICK – Broougghahaha,

  44. Lol. Also funny – Dez games arty stereotype from a couple of years ago

  45. KW2 is the best artillery

  46. yo gaming legend

    Yo dad wants more money

  47. Good joke QB…..but one thing I must say, I get hit by spg in my team and I get mad but what is worse for me is when I mark the ground when I aiming in my spg and my team players still don’t wanna get out….so don’t call out spg players only 😉
    p.s.- I hope you get rekt by some spg for what have you done in this video xD

  48. Ppl are always crying about SPG but shit….That 4005 can still one shot you, SPG now these days are lucky to kill you in one shot….. I dont hear ppl moaning about that 4005

  49. lol i hit Maus several times with direct hit and no damage since the stun bullshit, now i play warships there are still AP

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