World of Tanks || T95 – 1 vs 9

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. Today AkiEvelin going to go 1 vs 9 in a with many names, the Doomturtle, Zoomturtle or officially the destroyer the T95!


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  1. Watching this player use the T95 makes me mad

  2. People in the comments are so salty

  3. Nice replay, wel done

  4. boring

  5. Noob camping player who faced even worse opponents. Poor strategic thinking, a T95 could easily push through the heavy line in such matchup. This guys uselessly camped on hill and let his teammates die. Poor skill, wiggled when nothing can pen him at that distance instead of sitting still and using the binoculars. Didn’t reverse to protect rear(use side armor) when he pushed out to clear cap circle. Poor maskmanship, missed a lot easy shots. Also a rude person trashing the maucshen. The only reason he won this is there was no piggy on the other side and opponents were fresh tomatoes who can’t even track him. It’s outrageous to watch this featured replay as this player obviously did not deserve this victory.

  6. QB’s shirt goes invisible #EasterEggConfirmed #NextWoTUpdate

  7. I wish that the tiger got him. He just sat in the back, doing NOTHING, except wasting shells and bouncing 2 shots, and once the rest of his team dies, then he chooses to focus on the important targets

    • Exactly. He sat in cover and watched his Mauschen being flanked and did nothing to help his teammate. The only reason he was outnumbered in the first place is because he didn’t do anything until the battle was half over.

    • You know da wae.

  8. I also want opponents like this.

  9. QB you have a hole in your chest

  10. Someone who calls others named like this clown shouldn’t be shown, let alone lauded, William, sort it out. The only mentally deficient person in that game was “AkiEvelin (_BWR_)” and I’d encourage everyone to let him and QB know.

  11. Liked the video only because it’s from QB. But, I prefer watching those videos that he shows where a player doesn’t shoot any gold rounds, and it’s literally all skill, no “noob” 2 key shots

  12. What a bad player. Top tier – check. OP armor – check. Camps base from the onset and is useless to his team – check. Afraid to have his armor scratched, so tries to snapshot lower tiers – check. Pathetic.

  13. Forced to shoot apcr ? on what ? tier 7 ??

  14. I wonder how good this player actually is when he/her doesn’t get lucky just by how he/she camped base in a top tier, extremely well armoured tank and let the whole team die. (Just checked, pretty poor in my honest opinion. 50.5% win rate and 1.4k wn8, and his recent is even worse than that. This explains the way he plays) This player is so retarded that he/she doesn’t have the self-awareness to call another player who knows how to use his W key, leave base and hold a useful flank a retard.

  15. Stop ignoring mid and low tier vehicles. This is not impressive. Camping TD shooting at its best. Disappointing that you signal boost such garbage play.

  16. Such bad shots at that Tiger 1 smh

  17. “When I see play like this I do get a little bit frustrated” Try to be more honest with yourself and us QuickyBaby. Or maybe don’t present such games and players.

  18. No arty and mistakes by enemy team gave him the game.

  19. Allright he camped and that was a choice You can argue about, but what annoyed me the most was the fact that when he decided to reset the cap, the t-25t and the Tiger didn’t drove behind his tank. They could have taken him out easily if they had that knowledge. So i Think the t-95 driver was just reeeeeaaally lucky with this enemy team.

  20. maybe he did it, because his tank would have been too slow….

  21. The Modelling News

    He did sit back till his team died, nice commentary tho QB

    • The most funny thing in the video was QB trying to justify his obvious misplays, good thing he is a fine commentator.

  22. What was with the quitting zoom just as he fired? Was weird and seemed to cause misses on the first few shots.

    • I’ve noticed it in my own replays but I think in my case it’s to do with the 300 ping. Sadly I think it does contribute to misses in my case too.

  23. Nice tank shaped hole in your chest!

  24. this shit only posible on EU

  25. How fucking stupid the enemy team has to be to simply throw away an already won game?! But nooo “no cap kil all nobs”. Fucking disgusting idiots.

  26. That mauschen was a top grade shitter.

  27. While the T95 driver did make some very good choices, there is a huge element of luck involved. The amount of times i have a team like what he was up agaisnt. And the enemy team just wipe the floor with us. I come top for exp and dam amd feel that there was nothing else i could have done.
    To many games like that is what makes it hard to enjoy.

  28. amazing, 9 people who don’t understand tracking..

  29. This game was only possible because there was no great equalizer (arty).

  30. Awful team player. He probably did it deliberately to have a high score. Which sucks for anyone who ends up on his team

    • You’re right. What a terrible player for a team : insulting, camping against t7’s and spamming premium ammos on paper tanks played by muppets. This replay is pathetic…

    • More people are going to do this from now on! I’ve seen some on ASIA

  31. Haha QB has a hole in his chest ?

  32. On the incinerator part – it was a Centurion 7/1 with some HESH involved?

  33. Hey qb loom at the chat, cover it up pls. I don’t want to see curse word

  34. Shit player sitting in defensive position in a tank that has huge defensive advantage and opponents being idiots. Nothing special here.

    t54 retreating after taking a shot from t95 instead of getting behind him, Tier 7 tanks shooting t95 in the face instead of capturing the base. Idiots !

  35. enemy did not know what to do their mentaly is kill all they should cap in the begining LOL t95 is fun to use can destroy a full health tank after tank in a brawl match but if the game is shit i have a t95 sometimes im the first tank to die but good replay have fun wathing it cheers

  36. The last time I saw a good replay was the one with the FV215b 183 with one shot one kill and the unicorn E 50M

  37. You can shoot the bottom armour of the t95 my panther can pen it there

  38. The replay is a shit, this player is a real idiot, scumbag noob just clicking gold ammo, everyone could do this against idiots like these…

  39. His aiming at the start was god awful, his overall play at the start was terrible for his team.

    When I read the 1 vs 9 it was obvious the enemies would play end game like sh!t and they did going at a tank 1 at a time like plebs no cap kill all mentality. Rather than x3 cap and force him out whilst they all had HP.

    In addition WG overbuffed the 95 with armour, mobility and the gun.

    I thought this video was trash tbh.

    • Jigz over buff? Bullshit! The tank is strong in numbers. The over all skill of the enemy team not tracking him is what fed him the medals.

  40. Asymmetric battle. One top tier 9 TD in most broken position in game(besides boosts), not really huge skill showcase(respect, but really…).

  41. Horrible playing t95 when battle starts and so stupid enemy 😀

  42. hey quickybaby.. would it be possible to show the Pzkpfw.vii or the E100 some love please? with some tips and tricks you’ve noticed along the years perhaps?..

  43. Wow what a shitty player

  44. so lucky tomato player

  45. Top tier, no arty, stayed in base sniping, typical WOT player I would say.

  46. this tank is a nightmare. Its no OP tank but I definitely back in face to face with him. The frontal weak point is hard to get. I respect this tank even with my centurion AX, IS7, T10 and arty. Its one of the rare tank to bounce arty shots. Well good tank but not OP.

  47. Bad attitude, bad aiming, bad teamplay, bad replay…

    • It’s not often I say this about one of QB’s video’s but I have to agree with you. The user of the T95 doesnt deserve any airtime. His attitude (as shown in the chat) , his game play and his aim are all absolutely appalling. I didnt even watch it to the end. Sorry QB but this one is bad.

  48. -It’s a…

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