World of Tanks || T95 – 8 vs 1

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

ButtYus is going to have the game his life in the T9 American tank destroyer the T95.

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  1. first

  2. I hope you enjoy this replay, was my favourite in a while 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  3. Why is there only one view… not even subscribed yet o.o

  4. hey QB on my world of tanks account I got my first tier 7 the comet and let
    me tell you that stock grind is horrible

  5. This tank is more like a Turtle

  6. They should remove auto-aim.

    Edit: The bulldog sucks, who complains about gold

  7. these guys are horrible players (stat wise), still a great game though,

  8. ilarionas avgoustou

    i have elephant experience 😀 elephants turns quickly!

  9. The only guy that had some brain and an idea of what to do was the bulldog
    guy(excluding the typing while in combat), the others were waiting their
    turn to get slaughtered :)

  10. Red player did this ? Oh mygod, this world is going to be mad :D

  11. Normally I would say he got lucky, But he actually played it smart against
    alot of those players

  12. Lol, People say Unicums spam gold, but this guy carries more shells in his
    high pen, slow firing TD then i do in my Sherman Easy eight with bad tier
    for tier pen and a quickfiring gun….

  13. great that you also show replays from “not so experienced” players, not
    only good players 🙂 great job by the T95, not tunnelvisioning, GG

  14. Can someone write fhe guy’s name in the comments? I cant read it on my

  15. Fat elephant has a traverse speed of 44 degrees/second, you didnt know

  16. That random waste of a shell at the start though.

  17. sooo cool!:-)

  18. Elephants are very fast

  19. That bulldog…. omg 

  20. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Why i dont have games like this ? 

  21. Can I have enemies like these please?

  22. Turning like a turtle would be more accurate.

  23. Right place right time and a bit of luck and a very Passion player

  24. lmao, autoaim

  25. the slow death !

  26. Slow clap of admiration and disbilief. What a cold blooded monster. :-D

  27. 1:30 a Elephant turnus faster

  28. i laugh every time someone says “gold noob”, let alone getting themselves
    killed because they were too busy calling someone a gold noob

  29. right place right time and didn’t mess anything up that could have ended
    him in all a well played game

  30. What a game for the Doomturtle :D

  31. “He blows the head clean off the Black Prince”… oh the things you say

  32. Honey bees?

    Pls look this replay.
    Thanks quickybaby 

  34. Not every day you see a tomatoe play that well, impressive

  35. It’s funny because everytime i use my T95, even Tier 8 tanks pen me
    everywhere from the front :’) 

  36. T95 will always hold a special place in my heart

  37. right place, right time. But still a God! What a game! 

  38. Funny… I didn’t have such a lucky game within over 22000 or 23000
    battles… Nice… Well, my mistake, it’s not just ‘lucky’. It’s
    ‘overlucked’ :P

  39. I had a 1 vs. 8 with my T18 ^^ video @ my channel;)


  40. very well played !!!

  41. great choice staying on highground

  42. i am guessing this is a 60 fps vid, but i am only getting 45 fps :/

  43. that was quite epic !

  44. What was that Bulldog doing? Best thing to do: When he shooted the Patton
    (i think it was that tank at the time), he should have go around him when
    the T95 was reloading and not running away…

  45. I would say he did well, but his enemies were also bad. since even the
    Black prince can circle a T95 if he waits for a chance.

  46. makes me want to go down that line thanks Quicky !

  47. can you not render WoT for 60fps because the video is only 45fps?

  48. Need more T95 games!!

  49. Sorry to little for new WG mission , for 10 tier tank XD

  50. Oh yes, the T95 super scout :D

  51. An idiot driving a beast of a tank facing a stupid enemy team! So pro! LMAO

  52. t95 gameplays are the best gameplays.

  53. the end was like elephant vs ants…

  54. lol too good funny

  55. Lol at all the elitist comments. Get off your high horse and just enjoy the
    game. Even if you tried you wouldn’t be able to get this result. What done
    is done but obviously most of you won’t be able to see past your ass

  56. “Please don’t troll and drive” xD

  57. Is STB-1 worth grinding, cuz first 6-7 tiers suck :/

  58. Good or bad stats doesn’t matter he still had a good game 

  59. Hah! I love it when high-stat jerks get pwned. How’s that arrogance working
    for you, Bulldog driver? Guess having green stats doesn’t make you a better
    person after all.

    Damn hilarious replay.

  60. Game of his life against a really bad team. Congrats to Buttyus.

  61. jesus how the fuck do people lose 1vs8 against a t95

    you have too be insanely braindead too be sooo insanely bad i cant even
    believe some people are actually this bad

  62. retard did this? i dont think so, must be his unicum brother.

  63. Come on Quicky Buttyus spoofed the Bulldog driver into ramming himself to
    death with the little tweaky turn he did as the Bulldog was trying to slot
    in right against the T95’s side. Credit where credit is due.

  64. This replay is a fucking joke, sorry but it is. A Tomato kicks a Tomato
    No QB quality here. This isnt fun to watch because the enemy team is just
    feeding him the kills, it pains me to see their total lack of teamplay.

  65. So much gold ammo =
    Zero skill, extremly stupd enemy team.

  66. Please MM give me some enemys as stupid as these XD

  67. this replay is a perfect example on how stats are just a tool for false
    accusation when stats are really determined on you’re luck. you could be
    46%-48% and still know what your doing but still have bad luck.

  68. not bad, not bad at all

  69. he was on right place in right time VS. 8 enemy players who dont know
    anything about team play, so I think ButtYus got reallllllly lucky in that
    position. all in all he use the stupidity of enemy players and i hope those
    doctors learn the lesson….. GG Butty…

  70. Only ‘potential’ mistake I see ButtYuss making was diving after the
    JPanther II. Super slow T95 could have gotten stuck for too long a time.
    That said, brilliant play.

  71. I don’t think that the M41 was insulting ButtYus for using gold, I think he
    was just laughing because it seemed silly to him that a gold round was
    fired at him.

  72. hmm why was a t95 even using gold ammo? i dont understand whats the
    fascination with gold ammo since with a stock t37 light i was perfectly
    fine in tier 9 games with 96 pen lol so why t95 gold ammo ill never know or
    understand (yes i will get hate for pointing out the obvious :/) 

  73. “QuickyBabyTVil y a 1 heure

    I hope you enjoy this replay, was my favourite in a while :)”

    Yep, You said it, it was hilarious ! xD

  74. I usually run my Centurion 7/1 up to a T95’s side and gun my engine against
    the T95’s side to lock it in place and just pound it with my 105mm. That
    being said I still enjoy my own T95

  75. The fuck?? Everytime I drive my doom turtle I get penned like crazy lml,
    but he is an excellent player, dont look at stats, that’s for people who r
    assholes, so they can call u a noob( if they are good players)

  76. His name is “butt-Y-us”….not “butt-yus”

  77. f u google no real name

    this game wouldve qualified him the final TD mission for the individual
    missions. but god is fair and will not grant such a gem to a red player. 

  78. f u google no real name

    bulldog’s 175mm pen will not even go thru the side of the T95.

  79. I love T95 <3

  80. say buttYus one more tiem

  81. He did do really well but to have any kind of a game in the T95 you have to
    be in the right place at the right time

  82. why 45 and not 60 fps?

  83. That is one of the best replays you haver ever uploaded. There is no unicum
    sitting in the tank and doing normal stuff form them.

    BOO WITH THE TANKS..(sorry caps lock is weird) And if the T95 Changed to
    the Tpanther, the Tanks could of Rushed in..

  85. Im famous Im the A44 scrub

  86. Lol…. great video for a great game QB.

  87. In this replay we see a turbo shitter camp 2 grid squares the entire game
    and win.
    This wasn’t this player playing well it was his enemies playing stupid,
    this replay is nothing special and i would prefer if you feature people who
    play with actual skill rather than lucking out because the enemy team is
    more stupid than his camping arse is.

  88. I like players that cry about gold ammo when they are killed by a tank that
    can pen easy without gold

  89. This was the best T95 and best static game i have ever seen. Guess his
    teammate warned him here and there but it was spot on!!

  90. quiq 1v8 me in T95

  91. I am in the clan with Nerd65, and I must say, I did not believe him when he
    told us. Amazing replay, just one thing that QB didn’t mention and was
    critical to ButtYus’s victory: The Panzer IV S. that took out the arty. Had
    that Panzer IV S. and Jagdtiger not advanced on the base, I suspect ButtYus
    would’ve probably died to arty. Great game overall though!

  92. You should share this with jingles for his “the good, the bad, and the

  93. Ahh, QuickyBaby … the enjoyment I experience when you digress to consider
    the true speed at which a pachyderm can pirouette is among the delights
    that bring me back to your excellent videos again and again! Don’t ever
    change! BTW, if you’d said “a drunken elephant,” I think that would
    probably cover it… 

  94. So many “pro gamers” here…..

  95. He may have been a red player (also fault of XVMs rickety rating system),
    but he sure as hell didn’t play as a red player. Very nice situational

  96. I was in my KV-3 and enemy team had 1 t9 which was a T95! Yes lone T95! MM
    u drunk go home… Also it was mostly t7’s so it can like a boss.

  97. While it is certainly some game spare a thought for the players who pushed
    to Red Base and killed the arty; they’re the ones who enabled this

  98. Oh hey look! I’m in the video!

  99. Nicely played, but he didn’t win that game, the enemy lost it :/ 8!!!! VS 1
    and they go 1 by 1 against a Doom Turtle ??! Noobz .”

  100. T95’s should have the Lead Magnet inscription by default.

    A key moment in this replay is at 5:40 when the allied PZ IV. finds the
    enemy artillery and summarily executes him… compliments of lacking map
    awareness along the coast.

  101. Rastko Dimitrijevic

    just epic

  102. Nothing is more enjoyable than listening to little Napoleons whinimg and
    getting all nasty because someone who they consider a loser plays a knock
    out game. Oh just luck they say even though the best players get luck too
    and just to dismiss a well played game that would rightly get their respect
    if done done by a fellow ‘Napoleon’.
    Well he had some foolish opponents and some luck as is so often is the
    case for all players but played a great game anyway. Well done and thanks
    QB for showing this to us. A great spur to improved play for the vast
    majority of us who still have things to learn. Stop the arrogance!

  103. Maybe it’s just the replay, but it seems as if ButtYus should perhaps
    invest in a gaming mouse, so he could increase the DPI? It seemed as if his
    aim was jittering all over the place. That could actually be contributing
    to his low stats.

    By the way – this is a prime example of why you should always coordinate an
    attack against a heavily armored target, and not approach it one at a time.

    . . . and why you shouldn’t be chatting while attacking, lol. I don’t
    wonder if that other player may have accidentally hit Enter twice and had
    his last keystrokes absorbed by the chat window.

  104. my eyes are burning from this amateur luecker kid

  105. Ridonkeyless play indeed!

  106. wow epic vid 


  108. T95 replays are ridiculous !! i love this replay

  109. I run a tool box in my t95 purples because everyone try’s to blow your
    tracks of

  110. Good JOB!

  111. Tomatoe protection…

  112. He was definitely in the right place at the right time, but I also can’t
    fault his target focus, made all the right calls there.

    The enemy team derped it big time, they all massively underestimated his
    ability and fed him their team piecemeal. That Bulldog driver really lost
    it for them; should’ve known better than to rush while staring down that
    barrel, Bulldog should have gone for the rock outcrop on the cap, then
    duked it out. Just daft to try rush a T95 when it’s facing him, reloaded
    AND backed up against the hill.

  113. I think that the M41 WB just jump over a little cliff before ramming to
    death, that’s why it slammed into the T95.

  114. TheMusicFanForEver77

    This replay really showed that you should never judge your enemies only by
    stats. I was killed so many times by “red” players just becouse I
    underestimated them.
    But that bulldog… no comments on him, he is the golden statue of egoism.

  115. Insults elephants and apologizes oh Quickybaby 

  116. 60 fps I didn’t build a mega rig for nothing.

  117. And remember guys, “Please do not Troll and Drive!” :)

  118. Can you put a review with lowe?I would be thankfull 

  119. Elephants and traverse at an amazing 273 degrees per second. Trust me. I
    have elephant experience.
    -Dr. Elephant

  120. T95 OP Confirmed Pls Nerf.

  121. Can I get an enemy team like this whenever I play my T-95? Great vid, I
    love T-95’s carrying the team;)

  122. Imagine what a ramming beast the t95 would be if it went 25+ lol

  123. Божидар Димитров

    I imagine the rage that this player with the Bulldog experienced! He
    probably threw his keyboard away :D

  124. A big big like for this guy

  125. Welcome to NA server where best players camp in the base with a heavy tank
    scouts YOLOing by ramming enemies and uses BOT programs to grind to top
    tier tanks and letting the enemy think that the user is a bad player but
    instead is not.

  126. When tomato meet tomatoes :)

  127. Lol, he did almost 3k dqmage more than his team combined

  128. Elefants are indeed pretty fast to turn. 

  129. boot on good tank

  130. “Gold noob” is such a stupid insult … especially when any bullet can
    penetrate you, you have no way to find out whether it was gold or normal

  131. Definitely a case of right place/right time here. That said he did a great
    job of holding his nerve, aiming well and generally doing a good job of
    exploiting to the maximum the favourable situation he was in. 

  132. That was pretty awesome

  133. don’t bad mouth elephants. they can outrun humans.

  134. Qb just one thing never think u are faster than elephant or rhino they will
    kick your ass. I was on a field trip in Sahel desert in Mali ok we were in
    this safari vehicle, which is very quiet but some ass hole from the other
    car decided to take a picture with flash on in middle of the fucking day. I
    guess elephant did not like(probably caught him or her in the eye) that
    i guess, next thing I know in matter of second that elephant turned charged
    at us and we had too book it from there fullspeed. that was one close call.

  135. The donkeys went by 1 by 1 hoorah hoorah

  136. That bulldog probably jumped out of the window after that.

  137. best enemy team ever

  138. nice PSA at the end lol

  139. All i can see is a red fuck, who has a lucky battle and facing even more
    stupid players. They all rushed in 1 by 1, it was not a close battle, it
    was not a battle that was won with skill and blocking shots of idiots in
    low tier tanks when u sit in T95 isnt that hard. Its just a shame that he
    now thinks he got skill, even so he just had 1 lucky battle. Below average

  140. I must say he played a lot better than someone might think from those
    stats, and he managed not to tunnel vision, what i think a lot of players
    probably would have failed at. But man those enemies were pretty bad,
    especially the löwe lol… he just stood there, waiting to be shot, instead
    of trying to get around him…

  141. Congrats to the T95 player who used his tank quite well in this situation
    (much better than his stats would suggest, especially under pressure) – and
    congrats to him for the enemy team being that stupid. I laughed so hard
    when the Bulldog crashed into him….

  142. Amazing replay :D

  143. Did you really commented that poor replay ? Very bad players fighting very
    bad players….come on give us at least videos that shows good players.

  144. 16:38 Lol. He did everything right. The enemy did everything wrong. A
    monster of a game, no doubt. Just one thing, when did the artillery piece
    get taken out? Other than that, the M41 should have wrecked him, but
    players get cocky, and it bites them in the ButtYus… Pure lack of
    professionalism. In the middle of combat is no time to be flinging insults,
    particularly when he has legit reason to do so. Or more like doesn’t have a
    choice. That was the second most pivotal moment that more than likely
    decided the game. Whoever took out the enemy artillery was the first key to
    success. But an epic game none the less. Any chat should be before games,
    mid games if absolutely necessary, or at the end to say good game. GG

  145. This is the funniest replay I have ever seen!! 

  146. Yep. Mass NooB atak :)

  147. Amount of low rolls = 0. Red aura again proves right…

  148. rheinmatayal? jeeez

  149. sooo why does he even have gold? My T95 has never had a problem penning
    anything with AP. Maybe a Maus or another T95 but they have armor for a

  150. How does he manage to get auto-aim on, when the gun is not pointing at the

  151. This is a really dull replay of a slow tanks killing bots. There was one
    moment of excitement when the walker bulldog made a move, and the T95 was
    saved by nothing but luck. From there it was obvious that if 8 bots cant
    kill him, they wont in even smaller numbers.
    I feel there was no skill in this game, no tactics, no planning. Just some
    pubbie camping the base having a ”one-in-a-thousand” situation where the
    stars align and it pays off.

  152. ButtYus my congrats to you!!

  153. To be fair he had everything going for him. Enemy arty was dead, he was top
    tier against enemy Tier 9’s that honestly wouldn’t be much of a threat to
    him, he had his back against a wall and could funnel the enemies in through
    a bottleneck, he was sitting on the highest point in the map so noone could
    take advantage of his weak top and the enemies decided to go at him one by
    one and sit and get shot by him instead of waiting for him to be distracted.

    Granted, he made the right calls, but he also had all the odds on his side.

  154. omg! this dude has a really good eye, and a good reaction time, i really
    don’t understand his win-rating.
    an enemy tank was spotted for 1 second and he reacts immediately, very well

  155. Awesome! Glad to see the Bulldog got what he deserved for complaining about
    gold ammo. SO sick of people whining about it.

  156. The T95 has 300 more health than the TOG, but the T95 is a tier 9 and the
    TOG is a tier 6. Yes, I know that the TOG has tons of health for its tier +
    it’s a heavy tanks. YES I KNOW

  157. So this is sufficient to complete the final mission of the final chain for
    the final tank (obj 260) in the upcoming individual missions…..easy right?
    If he had missed just 2 shots or if his team killed just 1 more tank
    leaving him with 7 vs 1 at the end he would not have completed the mission.
    Ridiculous. Not getting the extra kill or extra dmg would still have been
    an excellent result no matter how he achieved it (skill, luck, both teams
    doing the wrong things at the right time, <<-all of that) and yet not enough for obj 260...

  158. much skill required in that tank.

  159. I liked your vids a lot better before you became a stat whore

  160. he did complete one of the mission for TDS, thats coming 9.5.^^ even
    unicums cant get them so easy, so this video shows : you need much tomato
    enemys +brain afk green guy

  161. This is the best replay I remember to have ever seen. Awesome stuff. :)

  162. he was lucky that the enemy team was dumb if all of the enemy team rushed
    him they could have won since if the walker bulldog track him contibously
    the 50 100 could have gone behind or the rhm could have gone behind and
    kill him 

  163. Could you remove the web cam view for your vids(or atleast move) I do like
    reading chat as the enemy team slowly loses hope and starts ti rage. (im
    pretty sure that the bulldog was only laughing at the t95 cos the bulldog
    is an auto pen all over for the t95, no need for gold)

  164. Great replay one of the best ive seen. The T95 played very well but also it
    was one of those games where everything fell in to place. One bounce or
    wrong decision and game over. Well done T95.

  165. Are there skinny elephants?

  166. Heh.. just watched QB’s game in the T95 the other day. Many similarities to

  167. I saw your old “what the t95 is good for” video and it resembles this one
    so much it’s insane.

  168. Quicky, you’re a handsome guy, but Im honestly more curious about the chat
    than seeing you staring into your monitor while commenting. 

  169. That was total crap! Crap scrub, and crap team…. Not funny, just

  170. All hail the mighty T95!

  171. An elephant is pretty agile and fast, even if it doesn’t look like ^^

  172. Man I’m not even playing and my butt puckered when he dropped off the hill
    to engage that JagPanther. Lots of thumbs up.

  173. I remember your old T95 reply on this map was one of the first videos I
    watched! Feels like forever ago now. 

  174. T95 – slowest machine in this game, sometimes most idiotic tank, most
    frustrating, sometimes most funny, often impossible to penetrate but this
    battle beating all battles on this machine EVER!
    I’am so sorry for my english skill, this is not my national language ;/
    Greetings for You QB and for Your viewers :-)

  175. you imagine what the Nazi’s would of said if America actually built these I
    could guess it would be WTF is that…… run! In German.

  176. Well played but like many others before me mentioned why do you carry 10
    apcr shells in a t95? I don’t understand it, with 276 pen you dont need any
    gold rounds at all. Same with QB i like him but i cant see it anymore how
    he instantly switches to gold rounds because one of his shots bounced. Its
    just so annoying, because everyone is copying what he does and the Tier 10
    meds suddenly all fire heat although they have 260+ pen which is enough for
    almost every tank.

  177. As Quickybaby pointed out he was not statistically a very good player but
    he did make some pretty confident and important plays that show he knew
    what he was doing.
    i) ignoring the BP to go after the Jagpanther II when it came up with the
    understanding the BP gun could not pen his side
    ii) ignoring the BP again knowing the lowe was a greater threat
    iii) staying on the hill with back to the wall never exposing his flank

  178. He was also fortunate that the artillery died, as he would have given
    Butyus serious issues here. But a famous saying goes “i am convinced that
    life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how i react to it”. So he still
    could have thrown this, but he simply bossed the game, well played.

  179. Great replay 

  180. wait XVM not worth the download, as it doesn’t give the whole picture on
    someones abilities, i would never have guessed

  181. Thank you for this video. I have a T95 and cant wait to have a game like
    this. I have done the hero scout before but i got taken out half way across
    the map due to people knowing what to do lol. It is a very unique tank as
    you have to keep everything infront of you abut I have had plenty of light
    tanks bounce shots when they get behind me.

  182. No offence,but when he fired that shot at the start for no reason my
    instinct made me snap my vision on the player board to look at his stats
    before QB said anything and I just sighed 

  183. Pro gets cocky, pro suicides. Never count out your enemies.

  184. Elephants turn on a gently to fucking fast if pissed off… 

  185. If someone has 7 kills, and hits you with gold.. just assume its all he has
    left. Gold is not uncommon anymore. And if your half the player you think
    you are, then your foes SHOULD be firing gold at you. Stop trying to troll
    folks who “waste gold,” and remember they are firing “skill” at you.

  186. passive defensive T95 i almost fel asleep

  187. I pray to get in matches like this. I’ve considered sacrificing a goat to
    get one. Never happens.. grats to this guy! Well done.

  188. The T95 did everything right, and the enemy team did everything wrong. It
    is easy to see why a team could get overconfident when the enemy team has
    one tank left and they still have eight, but this underlines why movie
    henchmen always lose. Rush the lone hero one at a time, and in one case,
    even stop to taunt him.

  189. Hey quicky would the jagdtiger better play as a defender or attacker?

  190. He could have gone for Fadins’ Medal :>

  191. It turns like a turtle of DOOM obviously 

  192. The guy get lucky, i just drive my T95 at the same map, the different is i
    drive to line 2 and defend that side, kill the T30 and the E75, reduce the
    M103 to 5% hp but in the end i got flank by the 112.

  193. Not saying he is butyuss is bad but a lot of that was rng.

  194. Great game played by ButtYus. Does this make me want to reinstall WoT???
    Absolutely fucking not lol. But anyway, great video.

  195. Great to see someone getting a break and having an amazing Game. Well done
    and thanks Q.B, for bringing this replay to our attention.
    p.s. We have Elephants about a K down the road from us and yes they can
    turn a hell of a lot quicker than a T95.

  196. 1:14 That’s not quickybaby XD

  197. seeing a terrible player win because the enemy team fucks up that bad
    almost makes me angry to watch. granted, the player didn’t make that many
    terrible decisions, but in a t95, youre too slow to make terrible decisions
    so its nearly entirely irrelevant

  198. Ok his stats said noob but at the end he was purple and said wn8 @
    S.Unicum? I take it thats for just that battles rating?

  199. It was 10 VS 1

  200. Damn yankees lead magnet.

  201. The “Death Whale”

  202. I’ve seen the only
    T95 in
    The world. It is so cool. Ft Benning GA. We also have a great condition M48
    Patton near our house. 

  203. The only thing that this replay shows is how stupid the other players were.
    And the Walker Bulldog driver was really the king of all these noobs.

  204. Loved the video, and I think he did great !! All the haters would love to
    have done this as would I… 

  205. Phenomenal! Bravo. 

  206. Nothing good in here… the enemy is just plain stupid… and this T95 is
    just lucky in this game that the enemy team is so stupid… but no real
    skill attached. If there are more green/blue in enemy team. He will just be
    dead in 3 minutes. The arty is not even try to hit him in that camping
    position, just 1 shot may be. Quickbaby should stop post the vid of 1
    lucky game in a thousand games of noobs.

  207. Im in love with this tank. Also T110E3 was so amazing.

  208. I never use Auto Aim, but here he really uses it very effectively

  209. BlookinBoy | World of Tanks

    45 FPS :O

  210. What a name and shame replay for the enemy team.

    I could probably make bots that would give him more challenge. GG for
    Buttjuice tho

  211. Well i think he had a lots of luck but hes got too good skills in the T95 😉

  212. If you look closely the m41 caught air at the worst possible time and lost
    control of his tank

  213. sorry to say this but in this video you quickybaby talk way tooooo much
    while explain unneccessary stuff ignoring gameplay…. it really get on my
    nerve when you always move the camera to amother angles talking blablabla
    instead of focusing what t95 was doing.

  214. Super-happy DrugBaby ^^
    But holy shit, what a game!:o

  215. never underestimate the tomato factor

  216. Even elephants turn and run faster :D

  217. still not better than the doom turtle scout video.

  218. This replay was hillarious.
    ButtYus played every situation in the replay right, but that said the
    enemies did make it easy for him attacking one at a time. This goes to show
    how essential even the smallest amount of teamwork can be, even i random
    battles with random players. Had even two of is enemies decided to work
    together and attack from two directions or had one got in the cap circle
    behind the rock thereby forcing ButtYus to go for the decap and thereby
    allowing teammates to get side or even read shots at ButtYus, imho the game
    would have had a very different outcome. :)

  219. Don’t type and drive :D

  220. Quickybaby’s face at 9:25 LOOOOL .
    Its like he regretted saying that Bulldog was a good player. 

  221. great replay! It shows that the stats are not important in some cases,
    everybody have a gun here and can kill, no matter how low the stats are.. I
    like when I see that “good” players are underestimating low efficiency
    players and then get owned by them!
    Guys play smart and have fun, GG to this T95!

  222. All those who are underestimating people just looking to theyr stats are
    the real noobs. I personally have 1000 eff but now I am playing at 2,5k +
    on last few hundred games. So, I am now better than every f**king noob
    green who has only 1500. And they are calling me a noob. I will reroll my
    account and I will f””ck up those cucumbers in chat.

  223. It was quite a good game.

  224. Can I have enemies like that all the time pls.

  225. Brilliant!

  226. omg… those enemies were so dumb.

    well played to him to take advantage of that

  227. That bulldog must be salty as fuck after that game


    Let me explain.

    In an average game I kill 2 and gain on average around 1,800 hit points.
    In a poor game I kill one or non and score around 700 hit points.
    In a good to great game I kill 3+ and score well over 2000 damage.

    BUT, in average and good games, my team can still lose and I find myself
    doing great work and losing the battle. That is NOT A REFLEXION ON MY
    PLAYING ABILITIES. Sorry for CAPS but I am so frustrated at this. i am a
    48% player currently. I dropped from 68% during my Y3 and T4 games to 46%
    when I got to the T6 Jadpanther TD which helped raise my stats by 2% but It
    doesn’t matter how good I play, sometimes the outcome will still be the
    same. This to me is unfair.

    I think WOT players should no longer judge other players on the current
    statistics modelling. I’ve player with socalled poor players and beaten
    socalled great players EASILY. And no, It’s not due to them laying back and
    not giving a toss.

  229. 9:26 is epic!!

  230. Hilarious replay, one of these days I want to have a similar game in the

  231. Wow..look at all the nay sayers “oh too much prem” “Oh…all luck” Yeah you
    need a bit of luck to have a truly great game, that’s why they are rare.
    Show some damn appreciation of a player who played his best and had a great
    game. Begrudging a player his justly earned moment of glory speaks volumes
    about you. If this is not good play, start posting the replays where you do

  232. 2:30: ”Now Butyuss is playing in a platoon with Nerd65” The serious
    intonation of QB makes it sound so hilarious.

  233. Elephants are fucking fast

  234. “YOU SHALL NOT CAP!!”

    Love how he just ignored the black prince until last..just keep on reducing

  235. these videos with noobs are boring. nothing special.and now i invite the
    noobs to rage a bit

  236. What a lucky t95 there.

  237. it was enjoyable to watch but he was just in the right place at the right
    time in the perfect tank for the job

  238. 2:46 :D

  239. Very good game, i like this video!
    The Frenchy

  240. Seriously those rolls?? He did not get a single below average hit in the
    entire game (not counting finishing shots on targets with low HP). This
    really pisses me off, i have a shot on target with 360 HP with 390 avg gun
    and 90% of the time he lives. Recently i had a game with t54e1, 8 shots
    penetrated, none finished a target and out of those 8 my avg dmg was 360,
    with 0 shots above average. WTF RNG???

  241. Statistics are not all :)

  242. Bot killed bots – very stronk…

  243. Lol, QB, being in the right place and time might be tru, but he also did
    well, I would probably have gone as well after the BP at that point, just
    like you and sucked out, he didn`t, so it`s combination of both, I would
    say :)

  244. why tomatoes have epic games? i’ve seen recently a leo 1 with 12k damage, 8
    kills and 0 skill…

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