World of Tanks – Tactical Brawling!

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Great video once again! Keep it up 🙂

  2. did you meet quickybaby?

  3. Great video keep up the good work !!!!!

  4. About time…welcome home. Did you bring home a wife?

  5. Nice to see you feature heavies. I enjoyed this one.

  6. Looking for a video of this type ?

  7. great video

  8. Heavy tank ! Yeaaaah !!!!

  9. Liked the vid thanks for the feature!

  10. Situational awareness is the key factor of WoT

  11. Nice video.. not much of a heavy tank player myself.. but i like making plays like that in my T95 just to buy someone (who does have a clue) some time by keeping 3-4 tanks entertained o.o

  12. How do we send replays to you, if you do accept them ?

  13. Existancial Goberts

    How was you trip Lemming?

  14. Story of my life in WoT

  15. Nice to see, I won a kolo metal for holding off 8 Tanks in my T29 as time ran out defending hull down against tier 9 and 8 , I thought I was going to get smashed all I could do was shoot tracking shots and hope they use their repair kit earlier and shoot the next one. It was 2 and a half minutes of terror but I did it. After we had won I got up hands shaking and freaking out the way it went down, they could have rushed me and didn’t for some reason but it’s a game I will always remember.

  16. Nice vid LR. Welcome back!

  17. Are you going to make a video based on what you learned at Belarus, or is it not worth our time? I for one would appreciate a video like that

    • LemmingRush I would argue that it’s worth putting that out anyways, since it will yet again show how much of a bunch of dicks they are. I’ve always had a rather poor opinion of them and since Foch’s controversy it has only gotten worse. You could even put some commentary in the video to explain your points if the footage is lacking.

    • I would like to hear what happened. Maybe make a poll to see what viewers think?

    • LemmingRush u can make 1 hour video about ur trip to Belarus and i will listen every second.. man i wana know absolutely everything

    • Австралия Без Купюр

      LemmingRush Plenty of people with low self-esteem in post Soviet countries, mate. They will use any opportunity to increase it at the expense of others. Don’t take it personally.

    • Австралия Без Купюр

      Lfc Maniac Yeah, I would happily listen to Lemming’s background story as well.

  18. Lemming, great commentary. That is the one thing I like to hear from commentators on replays, rather than talking about the tank’s stats at the start you talk about the first play already, keep doing commentary on replays like this and I think you’re good. One thing is to maybe mention the player’s name a bit more since that is usually a reward that people sending replays want, mentioning that they achieved it.

  19. I appreciate your content. Yoir advice is conformation of ideas I was desperately considering where it regards shit teams. You have a subscriber in me

  20. Arnold SchwarzeTanker

    They need to stop putting people in Pilsen. I need more map guides from lemming. that steppes one got me a few great games

  21. Great commentary. Too often, vids are on epic carries where luck and timing are often as present as skill. Reviews which emphasize strategic and tactical soundness, that educate the player-base on how to be not only a better player but better teammate, are a real contribution. This vid does that, as do most of your own replays and map/tactic guides. Great job Lemming – keep it up!

  22. NIce commentary and good example of how to play the game correctly..thank you.

  23. I like that you explained how you can carry even if you die. So many replays are, as you said, “epic” carries that aren’t what you can consistently expect. I think this is much more realistic and achievable. Thanks, and welcome home.

  24. Excellent video, i owe my recent improvement partially to you. Some of the tactics you talk about has helped me especially in high tier play

  25. best commentator and youve actually helped me get better at the game

  26. Say 1 15-20 times, just as fast as you said it when you said the Mexican tank’s (WZ-111 1-4) name. If u can, then you get a sub on Twitch 😀

  27. It's not what you think

    A WZ 5A carrying a team? No fucking way.

  28. QB wrecked you on his twitch after the tip you gave him. What a douche bag he is.

  29. You are the best, FUCK WORT

  30. Loved this. Great analysis. Please keep doing this.

  31. Can u teach me how to get a team full of guys like this guy in pub battles? Lol

  32. Did you go to Belerus for a holiday? Nice vid btw

  33. Superb commentary Lemming!! Much more useful than just talk about stats of different tanks! Keep it up!!

  34. Good vision..whole field, as usual. Like your work…you taught me to shoot whle running away, lol.

  35. great vid.

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