World of Tanks – Tank Changes in 9.20

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Source: Anfield

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  1. A tier10 TD with low pen and an autoloader, why not just give it a decal on the side that says “Please buy more gold ammo so we can feed our families.”

  2. hope WG ear you for the STB

  3. I think the STB will be balanced if it gets a HD model and siege mode, as it has the same kind of suspension as the Strv. It would be cool if the tank was as average as it is now, but had amazing gun stats when in siege mode. Would be a truly unique tank. Of course, this is just speculation, but WG has hinted at the siege mode and STB-1 before.

  4. “you need high roll to penn weak-point” – perfect “WG spirit” description 🙂 ROTFL 🙂

  5. Whats your opinion on the ISU changes? personally, I think ISU Nerf- No, bad idea. Even with the BL 10 you have problems with VK-100s and O-ho and the such, and all nerfing it to 260 will do is give you more trouble with the super heavys. It wont have a effect on anything else, because 260 is still damn good, but its a indirect buff to the super heavys, cause they have to worry about even less now, and the BL-10 ISU, along with the UDES, S1, baulsig and scorpian are the only tanks that accually pose a threat to there frontal armor at there own damn tier, now the ISU will play exactly the same, but will just have even more reason to push your 2 key when you run into a super heavy.

  6. ya know what really needs some TLC is the T54E1 that thing has low pen for its AP rounds and really why does it gotta go from light tanks to med to a t57 heavy? But that thing could use some touch ups…..

  7. The fact that in the 9.20 the t44 has more turret armor than the tiger 2 is retarded.

  8. Foch B is an absolute joke. I don’t think it will be that hard to deliver that damage. The example on Steppes was a good one. IS7 was dead before it even reached the Foch. (5 out of 6 shots did damage, with IS7 wiggling) I don’t say that this is an usual situation, but it shows how much power it has on open terrain. Dezgamez showed a video on Cliff where the Foch went for E3 or something (where meds usually go) and got free damage on the first clip, simply because the enemy had no chance to avoid him. Things like that won’t happen all the time of course, but I think this tank has way to much power even against it’s own tiers.

  9. We all are gonna use more gold now. Thats the pure fact. And Why they cancelled buffs to british mediums?

  10. “My weak point is stronger than your strong point!”

  11. Foch B —>”Press the 2 key to negate your weakness so we can sell more premium tanks” – WG probably

  12. I think that the stb 1 wil get the siege mode

  13. What about the T-54 changes?

  14. Zerobladetion Wot

    Are they still going to change the T-34-3 ?

  15. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    WG buffed the IS-7 Health to 2400 so that the Foch B can disrespect him from Full HP 😀 Kappa

  16. Frederick Schulze

    My favorite tank is the 50B. I like that I don’t have to press my 2 key in it because it has apcr premium and I can just set apcr as standard 🙂

  17. I feel like nerfing the dispersion of the Amx 30b would be better. Let it keep its dpm, let it keep its armour but nerfing the accuracy and dispersion would turn it a support/brawler tan which wouldn’t infringe as much on the STB-1

  18. I always dreamed of the M48 getting turret armour, I might even return to the game

  19. They already said they wanted to change the stb-1 and give it the same as the strv td’s

  20. What r u talking about anfield this thing is op

  21. Good video. I didn’t know about the change to allow grinding Bonds, and appreciate your insight on the effects on the STB.

  22. I think it’s reasonable for people to be worried about the Foch B. It has the capacity to be completely broken, the same way the waffle did. Not to the same extent obviously, but anything that can one-clip half the tier 10 heavies is really sketchy to me. And it seems to me wargaming decided to “balance it” with bad pen, which as anyone who has played the T-54 or E-100 knows, just means hitting the 2 key at the start of the match.

    I’d prefer that they gave it higher base pen, and remove a round.

  23. Is there another part to this video? Seems to me that a bit of 9.20 changes are missing.

  24. Hi, Anfield ! Have you heard the consolidation of NA Sever? From the news I saw, they are going to move the current East Sever to a central sever. If that really happened, I believe your ping would be higher to the next level since you live in England.

  25. I wish the is7 gets a better cannon

  26. I wish that the is7 gets reduced repair costs

  27. rip o-i exp

  28. Wow that really hurt my feelings. I’m not bad, am I? :'(

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