World of Tanks Tanks | Spot, Derp, Laugh, Move On A KV-2 Adventure

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Source: Sir Havoc

New Series — Crazy Timez Live!
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●Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
●Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
●Really Funny things in game LOL
●And Thug Life

title the email with from above and put in the time stamp of what there is to see

send replays you would like featured to:
●Looking for a Clan~?
Must be over 16 Years Old
Must be in Teamspeak when in game
Must not be a pain in the arse
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  1. Stalin was so happy with you that he rewarded you with a bunch of
    dissidence to the gulag :)

  2. I was laughing more every time that Sir Havoc killed a tank and he started
    laughing like a little boy who just did something naughty … too funny!!
    LOL Awesome video!!

  3. The Pilot Penguin

    when you shot the centurion, your laugh is what im like in class when
    someone makes a really dirty joke and when the match was over your laugh
    was just so evil. nice job

  4. When i was playing with my KV-2 i whacked an enemy AMX CDC for 1023 damage

  5. Just curious, how did you auto aim the Hummel at the end?

  6. Dylan SilverStone

    The thumbnail is from World of Tanks Blitz, is this a hint the PC master
    race finally accepts the mobile mop ups as their worthy little cousins?

  7. World of tanks tanks ?

  8. KV-2 is the best tank in the game, after all

  9. Nice Video!

  10. #Disgusting !!!!!!!

  11. Radostin Georgiev

    epicness !!!

  12. I will never understand how you sold that the first time round! !! lol

  13. Dirty Derping Damage Dealers demand Drink during Daily Drubbing Directed
    Dutifully, Diligently, Dynamically, Dealing Derping Deeds…….

  14. Robert “Creeperbrine” Brine

    Had a game just like that in my KV-2 lol

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