World of Tanks – Tastes Like Lobster

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which Lobstep Gaming takes crap from anyone in this tier 9 Encounter Battle on Himmelsdorf.

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  1. Hi Mr Jingle, can you give us a source for “French building tanks for the Germans during occupation”? Because i can’t find anything about it, only maintenance and repair, willfully from Renault(*) for instance, or on requisition for others.
    (*)which led to nationalisation in 1945 to sanction undisputable active collaboration.
    EDIT : “On 13 July 2010, the Court of Appeal of Limoges, seized by two grandchildren of Louis Renault (out of eight), Hélène Renault-Dingli and Louis Renault, ordered the “Centre de la mémoire” of Oradour-sur-Glane (Haute-Vienne) to pay 2,000 euros to the plaintiffs. It also demanded that a photo of the industrialist, surrounded by Hitler and Göring, showing them a Juvaquatre at the Berlin auto show in [February] 1939, with the caption: “Louis Renault presents a prototype to Hitler and Göring in Berlin in 1938 (sic) […] Louis Renault made tanks for the Wehrmacht. Renault was nationalised at the Liberation. To define Louis Renault “as the embodiment of industrial collaboration” by means of “an anachronistic photo” whose caption imputes to him an “inaccurate activity of manufacturing tanks” would constitute a “real distortion of the facts [… In a context of preparing visitors for the brutal discovery of the atrocities committed on 10 June 1944 by the Nazis of the Waffen SS das Reich division, [this] cannot fail to create a historically unfounded link between the role of Louis Renault during the Occupation and the cruelties suffered by the inhabitants of Oradour-sur-Glane”.

    Le Monde Magazine of 8 January 2011 echoed this thesis in a 5-page dossier entitled: “Renault. Justice revises the dark years”.

  2. the french industry was force to produce for the germans because their english allied flee like cowards in Dunkirk……

  3. Yaaaaaaaay I’m back bitches xD love being featured love you all!!! Enjoy peeps

  4. No offense to you any British or French people but I hate your government and I was going to say oh you’re American so you hate us no I hate your government because you’re the freaking reason why world war II was started you know friends finally learned that when they got taken over by Germany if only British got their asses shoved up their heads by the Germans as well to learn some humility and say like that because you’re the one that’s made Germany signed to Riverside which well put Jeremy in such a major economic distraught that they were basically were willing to elect anyone they just so happen to elect Hitler so yeah and also a British soldier doing world war I could have shot Hitler in the head or something anywhere and kill them and all of you guys say what I’m about to say oh you like Taylor no I’m just saying he’s not as bad as he is said I mean he could have I mean think about it they made gas what up pesticide that starts with an s and all this other various siblings created by Germany he could have easily unleashed that across the entire world or at least they Russia and Britain and their bombing campaign but he didn’t so not as bad as he could have been all damn she could have actually done and he forced his people into much more rigorous testings as a scientist he could have easily created the atomic bomb and while we all know what happened to Japan jokingly laughing while looking to the side so yeah I love the German engineering how it was made because it that was beautiful the uniforms but not just all the killing I didn’t like that I don’t think that’s a good thing to do and actually Nazism or well the word Nazi had a completely different meaning until Hitler took over along with the swastika if you put it in the opposite direction facing like in turning in the opposite direction it’s actually an Asian symbol for I think good luck well Indian one of those countries Middle Eastern country I don’t know which one and I don’t know which direction cuz I forgot but I know it’s like that I’m one of those people that love world war II history especially planes and tanks

  5. Well played by Lobstep! And indeed, great situational awareness. Did you notice by the way that the poor T28 that did help him did zero damage? Running into the Rinoceronte probably wasn’t his idea of fun, but at least he enabled Lobstep to finish off the two charging down.

  6. ban Lobstep 😉

  7. U wouldnt believe how lucky people get and hit those “small weakspots”, even on the move. I mean, this tank is not bad, but it will mostly work by relying on the ignorance of enemies because it is full of weakspots.

  8. Morning Mighty Jingles

  9. The fact that it’s tall (and has good gun depression) just means you can shoot over friendly or dead tanks or other obstacles that your objects are too smol to exploit. And you can still use low cover because you only have to hide the lower plate… This is a weakness apparently

    • Well, the Problem with having a huge side profile thats basically not armored at all just means that every flanking fire will pen you for sure. Compare with an Obj-257 for example, which due to its angled hull and turret can be tricky to pen even from the sides… or just an IS-3 with its decent turret side and funky side hull, which is only possible due to low profile. Also huge side profile means it is very easily hit from a distance even with the most inaccurate guns, whereas an IS-3 can be tricky….

      But yea, calling this a “weaknes” is still a stretch….

      Kinda reminds me of the TVP-VTU, which was so bad that the advantage listed in the wiki is “decent hull traverse”, because the author run out of good things to say about it….

    • Unless your hull is angled upwards, you don’t really need to hide the lower plate, in fact, in some circumstances, it may be better to get the enemy to shoot the lower plate rather than the upper plate – the lower plate is 120mm thick and is angled backwards so it is rather hard to penetrate.

  10. at first I thought it was a tiger.

  11. I’m surprised he broke even, that was only a Unicum 1000 match, usually you have to play at least a Unicum 9 million to break profit at tier 9 or 10…..

  12. Everything about this tank is reminding me of the Petro from WoWs, the ship so ‘perfectly balanced’ that it’s biggest weakness is it’s AA is ‘not that good.’ And if the player has situational awareness, and knows what the minimap is, can wreck most other players.

  13. tanks with cons like the tank in this video are exactly why i stopped playing this game, just no point when the grind never ends and the powercreep advances faster than you can possibly adapt unless you can literally afford to play the game 80 hours a week

  14. Those ‘weaknesses’ from the official WOT description remind me of the ‘strengths’ of one of the low-tier premiums some time ago, something like Pz III K? “Strengths: Good Radio”

    • That’s an actual strength for a light scout.
      … which the PZ IIIK isn’t.

      On the subject of strengths, the WoT wiki describes it as ‘a good Christmas gift for the clan member you hate the most’.

    • @BaseDeltaZero Kinda like Circonflexes’ birthday Sextons back in the day

  15. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    Morning Jingles!

  16. Jeroen van den Hark

    Hands up if you saw that title and this was the first thing on your mind. 🙋‍♂

  17. Rip T-34-3 that got wrecked trying to shoot the gap. Cracked me right up for some reason, gg! 3:49

  18. Lobstep’s team was soo close to capping 7:06. They were on 99 points when their TD got hit and died

  19. Robert von Schumann

    And stock gun is much better than the upraded one, same in tier X

  20. Geoffrey Richardson

    Oh yes, very entertaining

  21. The biggest con about the tank is it leads to the tier X

  22. Actually, the cupolas on the amx are a huge liability. Unless you go fully hull down or facehug a shorter opponent, they are always a hittable and accessible weakspot

  23. Lobstep…
    Hm. I wonder if I can find any music in this genre.

  24. Play tier 8 TD’s, never use gold, met a couple of these when they first came out, was wasting them with flank shots, thought they sucked, then came across a player like this… he wasted half the team, I never had a side shot on him, he rammed me to death. Thought, fuc if these guys learn how to play, what I now call the “Beast”, like this guy…. Looks like they did.

  25. Outstanding performance from Mr Lobster for being able to perform so well in such a low tier and underpowered machine.

  26. The sudden rush of Lobstep gave the poor Sgt only seconds to enjoy his sudden but inevitable promotion to Captain Brownpants.

  27. Jingles, could You enlarge the minimap for the future replays?

  28. French factories didn’t build tanks for the germans.

    The french authorities took control of german factories in the post war occupation zone and acquired the designs. There is also the fact that France recovered plenty of german tanks during and after the liberation.

  29. Oh, I would have died on the hill so bad! That’s why I’m not on Jingles’ videos.

  30. We actually got the tier X version of this tank in WoT Blitz for about a year now (for about one year)… Sadly in game it’s modeled with the 120 mm gun although it has the 130 mm gun available at tier X.

    QB actually said some time ago that this tank is actually better than the tier X because of its different lower plate.

  31. I really love having Arnold as a commander in my tanks

  32. 330 pen is almost guaranteed to pen the upper front plate unless the AMX is using maximum gun depression and hiding his lower plate…

  33. God almighty I absolutely loved the M4 51 – even when stock….mostly because that’s the configuration you’re probably gonna play it regardless. Amazing piece of surrenderese engineering.

  34. Recently re-installed this game a few months ago. Savagely uninstalled it yesterday. I’d rather stick needles in my eyes. But I will tolerate Jingles videos.

  35. Gold ammo spam is the reason I prefer to play at the lower tiers. That and the maps are effectively bigger, so more room to roam. Oh the good old days when the maps were a decent size….

  36. These ten minute; or should I say minute,WOT videos are not doing it for me. More content Jingles!!

  37. one of the downside of the M4 51 that isn’t listed on the wiki, is that it has garbage gold rounds. 270mm of penetration for gold at tier 9 is abismal, it’s the standard penetration of the Leo and Centurion !

    • Gotta do something that’s roughly considered “balancing” for the tank, WG thought the gold ammo was a good spot to do so I guess lol.

  38. Very well played game with the AMX 4/51.

  39. The requirement to buy gold ammo to be competitive at tier 5+ that Jingles mentioned is exactly why I stopped playing Tanks even though I kept playing Ships until I moved to a rural area where cable internet does not exist. A game advertised as free to play should be at all tiers without having to spend money to be competitive and enjoy the game.

  40. Actually one of the Tech Tree Lines where you definetly want to stop at Tier 9, `cuz the Tier 10 version is absolutly trash, compared to the Tier 9 version. And the Tier 9 can easily perfom well even in a Tier 10 Match. Safe yourself the xp and credits and stop grinding this line after this Tank.

  41. Our lass loves all the sexual references makes her laugh all the time I’m watching your videos keep the content coming all the best

  42. May I remind you for instance that during the whole time France was occupied by Germany, Panhard plants did not manage to deliver a SINGLE track link. You’ll never imagine how “unreliable” the toolings were, and how “incompetent” the workers proved to be… Just as an example. France did catch up quickly after WW2 not thanks to the collaboration, but thanks to engineers going on with covert develoment studies, and also thanks to retro-engineering German tanks after 1945.

  43. This vid proves my theory. Jingles suffers from Timelag. claiming that the t28 was going the opposite direction after saying he’d help Lobst… ehm nOoo he WAS going the wrong way that as soon as he offered assistance incomming to Lobst he stopped and turn around within 5sec. Now the Timelag that Jingles suffer from varies greatly… sometimes he clearly sees things from an other battle entirely… hence missidentifing things all the time, Must be a scary world for Jingles to live in… “Am i seeing things live… or is this things that happened 10sec ago… is there now a car on the road I’m about to cross?” Not knowing these things and coping with life is an astonishing feat mr Jingles-san. 🙂 Note: for those who don’t get sarcasm find an other channel, Jingles is full of it 🙂

  44. UNICORN - S.F. 3 - Pro gameplay🍀


  45. Like the channel. But its painful to watch WoT video gameplay.

  46. Greetings from North Carolina Jingles!

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