World of Tanks – Tea For Ten

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The A39 Tortoise, British tier 9 Tank Destroyer, in common with most British armoured vehicles comes equipped with tea- facilities (yes, really). Luckily it’s a slow machine, so XxFiveOneSevenxX will have plenty of time to make a brew for everyone he’s going to have to kill today.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Why was he shooting at the rock face in the beginning? There were no tanks there. Only the one tank was hiding on his left

  2. One would like to point out that both A39’s have something in common in that they are both slow moving!

    • True dat, very true. When I had to make it to Glastonbury in time, but the A37 was already not letting me get out of Bristol, only for the A39 to greet me with shedloads of traffic going into the Mendips… The joy.

  3. What do you mean British Armoured vehicles come equipped with tea-making facilities… I thought that British tea-making facilities came equipped with armored vehicles to protect the tea!

    • yeap several ” Armoured Tea Carriers ” or ATC as we like to call them in the British Force, we even have some that float and ones that fly. Of course the ones that fly have a little hazard that you can’t pull any high G turns once there being used but its a small price to pay.

    • Like that mute that new t26 city class class frigate we are building with the Colonial Australians the t means tea

  4. The A39 from Falmouth to Bath is approximately 290km. This A-39 makes about 14km/hr over varied terrain. The average Englishman drinks about .75 cups of tea an hour, per my own careful observation of the species. So that built-in kettle is going to be hard at work, making 109 cups for the crew of 7 on your 21 hour journey down the A39 in your A-39.

  5. I stopped at 1:52. Any guesses why?

    The L1 120mm rifled gun is a licence built bersion of the U. S. 120mm used on their M103 heavy tank.
    We used the L1 for the Conqueror.

    The Chieftain uses the domestically produced, HESH hurling, Sabot spitting L11 120mm rifled gun.

    • Mate the L11 and M1 120mm canons were unrelated. The L11 was developed independently by the Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment in 1957. The M103 was armed with the 120mm M1 gun which was re-purposed U.S. second world war anti-air gun. The weapon that was related in both U.S. and British service is L7/M68 which was also British in origin.

    • @Riley Westfall I never said the *L11* was.

  6. I think she’s a beautiful tank.

  7. Jingles? Wanna sacrifice your soul to war thunder to have a look at the fancy new broken as all hell night vision and thermal scopes in war thunder?

    I mean…. For the queen?

  8. Duke of Petchington

    Jingles fails and says the L1A1 gun is fitted to chieftain when in fact fitted to the Conqueror, L11 is chieftain.

  9. @The Mighty Jingles:
    More Breatheage, please!!! *_:D_*

  10. Finally!! Mighty Jingles is commentating on WoT video.

  11. “They’re lining up nicely for us today, sir! One after the other, like Rourke’s Drift… but more civilised”
    “Jolly decent of them, isn’t it? Do send them our thanks. Brew time yet, Charlie? Hah! Yes yes, I suppose that was something of a stupid question”

  12. This entire video feels very familiar. I think this might’ve been uploaded before.

  13. Dammit jingles its 130 in the morning here lmao

  14. What a splendid battle. If only the enemy team had carried on with their push up the hill and gotten alonside or behind him. But there you go. Great positioning.

  15. I know which A39 I prefer.

  16. I think you should start reviewing tghe XBOX and PS4 Mercenaries tanks like the Tier X “The Machine” and “The Chisel” OP

  17. I was at the tank museum yesterday this thing is massive and it has fuel in it

  18. Is the thumbnail from MS Hood’s tea room, which replaced additional gun turret?

  19. We can tell you enjoyed making this video, our evil gnomish overlord.

  20. goes up a hill
    “it’s over,i have the high ground”

  21. FiveOneSeven: “Am I not turtley enough for the Turtle Club?”

  22. Most epic content m8!!!!! o7

  23. 10 kills
    8 500 dmg
    Most medals you can get

    Still lose credits.

  24. What medals did you get?


  25. Note how he still lost credits despite playing legendarily good. This is why i dont play this game much anymore. economy is broken. especially if you spam gold ammo like you pretty much have to do anymore to stay competitive since everyone else is doing it.

  26. This has to be the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen. Somehow, the dude’s team was full of potatoes and all but gave this game away.

    BUT THEN. SOMEHOW. The other team could not grasp the concept of “superior numbers, all go in at once and he’s helpless” and feed themselves to the guy.

    Like… this honestly beats the other day in War Thunder when I got 12 kills in a BT-7 because the entire enemy team, no joke, felt like rolling out and plopping their tanks in the middle of main street, with no cover whatsoever, practically single-file. Like… how? Just how?

  27. It says a lot for how ridiculous top tier games are when you can do THAT round… And lose money on it.

  28. We will miss you when Boris dismantles Britain and sells it to the Americans.

  29. jingles have you heard of HonestGaming getting banned for saying “oxymoron” in general chat?

  30. Gold spam and auto aim in a toptier game.. Srsly

  31. all i heard them all yelling “MINE!”

  32. Do you still play this game?

  33. ”The team has completely collapsed on the eastern flank”.Heavy German breathing

  34. 0:52 “The Tortoise of course, is not a paper tank, it did actually exist…”

    Quick guys, research it before Gaijin removes it …^^

    C’mon guys, it is funny because it might be true in the future, you never know


    yeah I know, wrong game…

  35. Yikes…666th like…

    Keep it up Jingles 🙂

  36. fantastic game! loved it! very well played by the Tort 🙂 it was always my fav tank, when I still played WoT

  37. 517: It’s over enemy team I have the high ground.
    Enemy team: You underestimate my power
    517: Don’t do it
    *enemy team proceeds to get slaughtered

  38. I hear 517 is actually the 7th guard from area 51. And he was just practicing and preparing for sept 20th.

  39. not the Chieftain gun Jingles, thats the L11, this is the L1A1

  40. Whoo! Somerset!

  41. What’s wrong with the A39? It used to go past a very good tearoom in Glastonbury where they did an amazing Sunday roast in the noughties (my wife knew the butcher), through Wells, which is just super, and Street, which is nothing special, but we still have two suitcases that we bought at an outlet there. 😛 Mind you, Bridgwater is a bit of an eyesore and anybody crossing the Tamar into Cornwall is beyond help, anyway. 😉

  42. Jingles, that’s cheating! 12m vid?! for whole day waiting? come on!

  43. Why is WoT SOOOoooo bad?
    After 10 kills, and an almost perfect tactical game.
    -5000 credits…

    Warships every time ?

  44. Come on, give me some of that AI Jingles!

  45. Finally a wot video lol I need a tortoise

  46. Actually Jingles… 😛

  47. Another brilliant replay of my favorite tank of all, beauty and grace and fat fucking shell in their face!

  48. I never liked this map and I have it on my blocked list.

  49. Those were some thoroughly incompetent enemy players, 6 of them just staring calmly at their demise instead of rushing. Amazing play nonetheless


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