World of Tanks – Teaching my Nephews

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Source: Anfield

yes, this my natural accent, you can see now why I just use what people are familiar with.

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  1. After witnessing 500 damage maus and 0 damage IS7 I decided I would spare my tier 10s and let my nephews play tier 1, well… until they got me banned ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Haha great accent! One day the lads will be a unicorn just like you xD

  3. You let them play with 75% crews? You monster!

  4. I bet your nephews will manage a higher hit rate compared to CrySpy :^)

  5. You lost your accent around them

  6. Minecraft players try WoT ?

  7. This reminds me of every pub match yesterday. Except that the games yesterday was populated with people with thousands of games. Triggered.

  8. this was very nice of you!

  9. you sound so british hahah

  10. I like this accent

  11. You having fun in the nightswatch Anfield

  12. It is breaking wargaming rules to share your account lol

  13. good vid your nephew probably play better than the bots we have in lower tiers lol

  14. Love the accent haha

  15. mission acomplished, evil well destroyed

  16. Swaggy glasses, perfect dabs, and gets anfield’s account banned. Lad lad lad lad lad.

  17. which one is the real Anfield???

  18. Well, this video is funny, cringey and painful to watch at the same time. GJ anfield

  19. Being the youngest in my family, this reminds me of my borther teaching me how to play games when I was young. I used to have so much fun learning and watching him because he was so much better than me. The sole reason I got into videogames and now he’s not here anymore and I just think about how I’d teach him to be unicum in wot.

  20. I think that UK accent is the real highlight of this video

  21. Nephews>Anfield?

  22. he kills teqam met for what that was NOT cool AT ALL >/

  23. Good stuff on teaching them how to play! I tried teaching my now 10 year old son how to play, but now he is too head strong and won’t listen to his dad! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Love the accent too BTW! Never knew you were actually from the UK, even though I knew you lived there now! LOL!

  24. This is how I end up playing when I use my friends $200 laptop for wot

  25. Why not just use your natural accent on stream, it must be a lot more effort to keep up what people are familiar with and it shouldn’t bother people either way

  26. Me after hearing you speak with your natural accent: “Everything I know is a lie”

  27. still better than 50% of WoT players :p

  28. You should really just use the British english Anfield instead of trying to speak American English. More normal I would imagine for you a screw people who don’t like you speaking like that. Be who who you are.

  29. Average WoT player

  30. Hahaha, I like your reaction to the ban 😀

  31. I always thought that with his accent on stream he was like American, sortof that kinda, Boston accent kinda thing in a way. Apparently not though and its quite odd to say the least.

  32. Still better than the average EU player…

  33. I’ve had over 30,000 battles, and your nephew average far more kills than I do. I gotta get gudder!

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