World of Tanks – Team Killing Like a Boss by Exploding Tree

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wot tk
wot team killing

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  1. The 3 dislikes are the idiots we see in the vid xD

  2. 10/10 would lmfao again

  3. once i played with 2tanks platoon in the same team. after i was the last
    survivor against 5 tanks the idiot platoon told my position. I met them
    after 5 batlles in the same team again but this time i was with G.W E100.
    guess the continue!!!

  4. I’m fucking dying lmao

  5. Glad to see that your still streaming Svatekl

  6. hi,any news on The modpack?? apologies for asking but how are things
    going,liked the video lol and btw,why doesn’t he get on well with you? why
    did he leave?

  7. I feel like this is gonna get dislike spammed from this guys clan lol

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