World of Tanks – Team Rita

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After a long absence from Livestreaming, Portugals’ finest export back in . And she’s still got it.

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. 5:00 my fav moment

  2. can someone tell or link to me the mingles with jingles that he announced he was engaged to rita

  3. i’ve been wondering if the end of the new intro is a girls und panzer refference.

  4. Hey congratulations jingles! happy for you and Rita you’ve been my favorite YouTuber for a long time now hopefully for many more years to come!

  5. Thomas WankEngine

    Hi Bert!

  6. Fiance-Hubby platoon vidz????????????

  7. Although it was profusely denied, they were engaged at first sight.

  8. Ok now that I know they are engaged I can’t help but snicker like a juvenile when he talks about Rita shooting from her bush.

  9. This video just reminds me how polished Jingle’s is at commentating now.

  10. Please stop saying “joe average” it’s average joe. I love you videos, but it gets annoying.

  11. but damn…..

    she look fineeeee

  12. Illuminati IS REAL

    COMMENCE THE JINGLES BREEDING PROGRAM! also congrats on your engagement, i had to pause the video and have a good think about if i heard you correctly or not, but yea, good luck mate!

  13. She might actually be Portugal’s finest export. Here in Brazil we like to talk a lot of shit about Portugal (we love the portuguese, but they are such an easy target), and we like to say things like “if you look at Germany, they have Volkswagen, Porsche, Maybach… Britain has Rolls-Royce, BAE… France has Citröen, Renault… Portugal has pastel de belém, quindim, bacalhau…” . By the way, Jingles, next year come to the Carnaval in Brazil, I can be your host and guide here in Recife (forget Rio, it absolutely sucks), the city with the best carnival in Brazil, the street carnival, the one you actually get to play in, not just watch

  14. Oh Jingles you dirty old man!(lucky bastard too) 😀

  15. I guess you could say she’s in your saddle too, Jingles. 😉

  16. I recall a time when he mentioned he was having Rita move in as just a friend. I said to myself “uh huh, okay, suuuure. :)” and I stand by that statement. xD

  17. Fiancé?! Paul, thats the smartest thing you’ve done since I’ve been following you. Congrats to you both… more to you since she could have done better 😉

  18. I’ll say it time and time again:
    Jingles, you lucky bastard 😛

  19. ????

  20. You’re a lucky bastard, jingles!

  21. jingles! can we get more of that bloody boat game?

  22. actually jingles its 12 kills for crucial contribution

  23. Russian accuracy, the less you aim the more you hit!

  24. God the kv 2 would be nice to have but I wanna grind for the IS or JS tanks. but at least I have the m4a1 105. good enough right? or an OI superheavy.

  25. Congrats to you both!!! May your marriage be long & full of love!!!

  26. vdsaa vta uoppronai grushy baa poly tomaneynotrequoi vee hajee elibictkaytusha naanbiso kibedidinacritoi~ supposed to be katyusha but I can’t read Russian but if I hear it enough I can speak whatever it says XD. but only that.

  27. Oh, crap! What’d I miss? I pretty much only watch Mingles with Jingles, so I miss most everything you don’t cover there. Did you not cover it there, or did I just miss it?

  28. Congrats mate !

  29. KV 2 is stupid


  31. Congrats u salty dog!

  32. Typical Sailor “selective hearing” get accused of this all the time. Lol

  33. Im kinda wondering now, has Jingles ever uploaded a game with him and Rita?

  34. What a gal!

    Lucky man Jingles 😉

  35. Only now you tell your viewers jingles? Wow how long has it been since you told sidestrafes twitch chat you got engaged that day?

  36. These videos are unwatchable lately or maybe its me

  37. Jingles, you old son of a birch gun, you. Boosting family view rates are you? How very Jingles of you.

  38. ur a lucky man Jingles

  39. congratulations to you and Rita, many happy days to the both of you!

  40. 3:00 the shot drops low and we see a nuclear explosion

  41. Zerobladetion Wot

    You did well Jingles Rita is hot well done lad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Not just a pretty face. Ten bloody kills!
    What happens when you and Rita team up? Does the enemy just bail out of their tanks and run?

  43. Jingles, I do understand WHY you are promoting your girlfriend, but you really should tell her to get her head out of her ass. There are only two reasons why she is noticable. First – her WOT themed blog, which took place of the FTR. Sadly to say, that blog became shit long, long ago. The second one is her relationship with you. That’s all. Seriously, tell her to focus on the blog more, because you are going to lose viewers with that shameless promotion. Don’t you remember what happened when you included totally ordinary Rita’s replay last time? Love is blind, but I am sure you are not.

  44. jingles re you commnist or cant you get that stalin is a moron

  45. WOW!

  46. PickelJars ForHillary

    Jingles really needed his dick sucked so he posted this.

  47. More Vodka for loader!!!! 😀

  48. This has to be the best kv2 replay I have ever seen.

  49. Congratulations on your engagement. Zevash zdorovye!

  50. You are a lucky man Mr Jingles. She’s hot and a great gamer. What more can a man ask for ?

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