World of Tanks – Teamwork

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Teamwork – it makes the dream work. Currently a consumable in World of Tanks. Take advantage of it now before Wargaming figure out a way to charge for it!

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  1. Ah, nothing like a big stack of pancakes and some jingles in the morning.

  2. The _Machine_sniper

    The M-54 has the M-60A3 turret.

  3. This kind of gameplay should be the norm
    rather than the exception.

  4. And the award for best director in a YouTube video goes to…akizuki the cat, true lord of the salt mines.

  5. If he hadn’t random platooned at start of game then they could’ve both got a really good BIA. Still don’t know why people random platoon at the start of the battle without really knowing how someone plays?

  6. TEAM WORK???? thx to this WOT players WOWS is finish, like they did whit WOT, this game shold call WORLD OF IDIOTS

  7. A rare thing for a game where most people play like they are the spawn of sibling incest.

  8. what heresy is? this how can teamwork be effective in a multy player game jingles??? :):):)

  9. Major Disappointment

    Kudos guys nice teamwork all to lacking in gaming today. Thanks Mighty One for the replay

  10. I want to thank you for all the vids I started playing w.o.t and wows.i suck but getting better thanks to you.

  11. It’s been like 4-5 years, and i love it how i can still see my TVP jumping across ,,mighty jingles”. Oh it was fun making this intro, but i quit playing this game long time ago. Glad you still making videos old man.

  12. ivan cavicchioli

    WT Is better

  13. Video length: 13 Minutes and 37 Seconds.
    I see what you did there, Jingles^^

  14. 13:24 is it just me or he is in the first place of his team with less damage and less exp than the second one?

  15. the weakspot on the renegade is still remarkably bouncy or I am just terribly unlucky

  16. “Equal MM! UNFAIR PLANE!”

  17. The American tumor on turret.

  18. “I’ve been playing too much World of Warships”
    Hahaha somehow I doubt that’s true xD

  19. Brand new concept.

  20. Christopher Rutterford

    Hey Jingles love your stuff. It would be nice to see some replays of your own gameplay on either ships or tanks and your thoughts and feelings on both games, or maybe back to doing some tank/ship reviews like you use to do. I love your old ship reviews teamed up with a history lesson, and i still watch them to this day. Honestly when it comes to the gameplay i dont care if they are blowout games or amazing, just some gameplay from your perspective, with your ever so soothing voice is good enough for me. Ta very much, and all the best.

  21. ,Teamwork?…… in world of tanks.!? what bizarre dimension have I woken up to this morning

  22. So…..noones going to mention the video length? 13:37

  23. You really need to try out Foxhole. It seems right up your alley.

  24. Inquiring minds want to know- When was your last game in WoT? I love your vids, but I Really love the ones that You are playing in.

  25. Jingles, top of the morning greetings! Thanks for letting us out of the Salt mine for this!

  26. this guy is bad

  27. Soon you will need to pay for Air what your crew members are breathing in Game 🙂

  28. Teamwork = hacking!!

  29. Imagine all the tanks knocked out of action by having their cupola penned the crew bewildered at what just happened saying well thats it we have a hole in our roof guess we had best surrender…its only sporting

    • The story of my kv-4’s life. Then again, at least it actually was used in the real world. It was a machine gun turent, and someone sat up there

  30. Jingles: American Tanks have great big Cupolas on their turrets that are very weak.

    T110E3:…do go on.

  31. 5:43 sad WZ noises… STA-2 died one minute ago to the GSOR

  32. Erhm, I heard you, and yes, you said “division”
    “…just watch you die” -and wait taking action tilll AFTER you’ve fallen, to blame your fall on you, -yep, happened far too many times for me. Erhm, Jingles, who managed to get themselves killed again, at about 6:30 ? The FV 4202 is still alive at this point.
    – How can you tell it’s *that* she would tell us, and not that she maybe miss Kristi and Choo for example….?
    -And an add; it’s something you can do yourselves. Move WITH your allies when they go in on the enemy. Assist them, cover them, when tracked, wait with your next shot till they have fired. You’re never alone on a TEAM!

  33. 8:45 can someone explain how the SU-14-2 didn’t kill the 703?

  34. Stormfire962 #IMASTARCITIZEN

    Mighty Jingles thank you for sharing video and showing others the value of teamwork which is surely lacking current in game.

    Sadly there is so little teamwork in WoT now I no longer play the game anymore because it’s pointless, expensive and takes the fun out of the game.

  35. “Teamwork – it makes the dream work. Currently a free consumable in World of Tanks. Take advantage of it now before Wargaming figure out a way to charge for it!”

    BEST description for a video ever! EVER!! LOLOL

  36. You know, I could understand all the bad players if it was something people picked up at the start of the pandemic, and didn’t play it often. But I constantly see people who got 10k+ battles (or even worse 40k+) and always look like the most inexperienced players on the team. It’s mind blowing how awful people are

  37. *Recently in console WOT news!*
    Wargaming nerfed the effect angling had on armour and buffs all penetration values!
    Barely any tanks still have reliable armour if they relied on angled armour!
    That’s right they directly nerfed every single Russian heavy in the game!

  38. If weak hull and string turret armour can make something a medium tank, then the T32 is a medium tank 😉

  39. NathanA Garrison

    Great video! Thanks!

  40. @wargaming how much do i have 2 pay to get this teamwork perk

  41. Only 111 comments wow I’m early

  42. Roboticus Prime RC

    Is it Russian? Yes? Down tier it, and give the heavy armor and medium mobility stats!

    No? Up tier it and make it shit!

  43. This guy misses more shots than he hits lol

  44. They could monetise team work (or try) by removing the chat for everyone to use and instead having a ‘radio’ premium consumable that allows you to use the chat. For the low low price of 10,000 credits for say 3 messages?

  45. Weak spots, “IT’S NOT A TUMOR”.

  46. logically it’s already MBT not heavy/medium class

  47. Don’t worry this is just a glitch and wargaming will patch this soon

  48. STA-Who?

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