World of Tanks – Teamwork

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Remember kids, teamwork is currently a free consumable. Use it now before Wargaming figures out a way to monetise it!

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  2. Andrew Hvarregaard

    What mods are you running during the replays?

  3. 6:20 the engine bay

  4. Ah jingles giving us our lesson on lies, damned lies statistics

  5. For the last 30-odd years I’ve cherished my ‘How to Lie with Statistics’ – a Penguin Book from the 60s or 70s.

    We asked 300 members of the public if they liked football – 100% said yes. Data collected at a football match.
    What the numbers say is rarely as important as who made up the numbers.

  6. Lies, damned lies, and statistics😀

  7. Jingles needs to play lower teirs on the NA server. Gold spam down there is real.

  8. I don’t think any American born after 1980 still calls condoms “rubbers”, but I’m willing to be proven wrong.

  9. when you see people hitting turf while pulling back it’s the whole reason WOT sucks, it’s a game of exploiting mechanics. Dude was obviously trying to exploit it by firing while backing up, because it works plenty often.

  10. well, technically, a rubber as understood in America is sort of a pencil eraser as well… ><

  11. “Only 5% of all shells fired are gold.” Of course want you want to know is the % gold fired by tier. You kind of rhetorically wandered around describing WG’s evasive statements. What you want to call it is Bullshit, and I mean it in the technical sense. I refer you to a foundational essay on the subject of Bullshit written in 1988 (I think) by the now retired moral philosopher from Princeton, Harry Frankfurt. It was published as a small book in 2005. It is available on the Internet as a pdf. It’s very short but truely illuminating.

    Frankfurt points out that the difference between a liar and a bullshitter is that the liar does not want you to know the truth whereas the bullshitter doesn’t care one way or the other and for whom the goal is merely to manipulate the person to their desired position.

    It is a concise, insightful, and useful read and should be required reading for all players of Wargaming’s products and followers of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson (or who ever is next).

    Sadly, Frankfurt got a lot of internet related responses to the effect of “well, why should I care about ‘truth?'” so he followed up with an equally short essay and book entitled “On Truth.” Also a good read.


  12. 0:45 – Wow Jingles, you think that explanation was *really* needed? 🙂 still a funny name

  13. Jingles surely you know there are 3 kinds of lie. Lies, Damn lies and statistics.

  14. Supersonicf111f 19740186

    The enemy EBR may have been busy trying to breaking their rubber!

  15. Holy Shit!!!! I been using Rubbers all this time? And they never worked. Now I know why/

  16. He was aiming at the engine deck, of the E100.

  17. Why does Jingles not upload any War Thunder videos anymore ?

  18. There’s lies, damn lies, statistics, and then there’s WG’s statistics

  19. 11 of the 15 kills scored by 3 players… not a very balanced outcome!

  20. In just a few days, we have gone from World of logistics all the way to world of statistics. What a journey!

  21. Lots of bad shots in the first half of the battle and still went above 10k.

  22. I have one for your anecdote. We had an English girl as an exchange student in college who explained to us how nice it was that her one Professor came around every morning to knock her up!

  23. Comment for the algorithm

  24. Gotta love Mitchigan, it’s a lovely state!

  25. “if you dont like gold ammo you shouldnt be playing world of tanks” a big part of why i havent played in 3 years

  26. Ahh yes, the wonderful state of Mitchigan, founded in memory of that famous Viking explorer, Mitch Mitchson, when he was gone.

  27. When did they add teamwork to the game it was never available when I used to play. (Perhaps it was a tick box hidden in the settings?)

  28. Idk, a lot more gold ammo being fired at low tiers these days

  29. 5% gold ammo. Right. Thank you for mentioning all the 20 mike-mike and 50 BMG’s at Tier 1-3.

    BTW – Did you know that 50% of all Lotus F127’s manufactured since 12-OCT-1805 are still in good working order? Two out of three Formula 1 fans agree. 😀

  30. “5% all ammunition fired was gold ammo”
    Just like “5% of Twitter users are bots”
    Didn’t know WG has twitter executives.

  31. You know, I don’t think I’ve heard someone ever actually pronounce the ch in Michigan like that before. Maybe us folks in the MidWest just don’t speak good.

  32. Ahh- the USA and the UK- separated by a common language, still!

  33. Me in my pz 1c contributing to that 5% gold ammo. (Only fire standard just for clarification)

  34. Hey, I’m from Michigan too. (Though, it’s pronounced Mishigian here rather than Mitchigan). Good chuckle though 🙂

  35. Love this stuff, age and I juries makes me less as a Victimizer, more often I’m the victim. 😂 🇨🇦 Army Veteran.

  36. LoL can i borrow UR Rubber thas a knee slapper if ur American and one girl asking another if she can borrow her rubber, and why not just say Eraser🤔 cuz that what it does it erases lead, now a rubber thas funny if that’s the meaning of an eraser, oh ou darn UK’ers so funny but cool😎 but thas a cool tank only if one could use the secndire Guns just look x4 – 50. cal or 20mm they would do damage wish they had it in War Thunder only reason I am here watching WoT video I am a fan of Mr. Jingles One of the Coolest Chap’s I come across, I really like his commentary videos

  37. Team work? In a WG title? No way.

  38. should have used HE on the WT but that’s hindsight, not that I’m anywhere near this standard

  39. I had a friend in high school go to England as a foreign exchange student. His name is Randy. He was a hit with the English school girls.

  40. Yadi yadi yada… For the 100th time jingles explains how the 5% of gold ammo fired etc… AND another game with a guy playing against clueless Muppets… Consistency is key!

  41. Enemy EBR was afk though 😂

  42. A condom? Don’t you mean a jimmy hat?

  43. Un Voyageur de L'univers

    can you play wt e 100 rn ????

  44. Is it bad that my first thoughts about that Type 4 HE were that it was sailing broadside on in front of 2 tanks?

  45. 296mm of pen will not punch right through an E100 turret. You now need 340mm pen to do that. since the turret of the E100 was buffed a while back.

  46. 1:35 Dont tell Yanks about the E/A-18 Growler either

  47. Loved the story about language confusing :)) Just shows you have to be prepared for anything when you go abroad.

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