World of Tanks | Teamwork Special ‘The Tale of Two T71’s | Havoc’s Games Cast Epic Gameplay

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Source: Sir Havoc

Who said dead in ? Far from it actual, here are to pro’s schooling us in this art!!

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  1. Congratulations on your new office space, keep up the good work!

  2. Just a shame that there are only a handful of maps where a light can
    utilize its strength, instead of the abundance of city/corridor maps,

  3. Sir Havoc, actually APCR doesn’t lose pen over distance, it only gets worse
    normalization. Due to higher speed it keeps most of his pen, over regular

  4. [Hi sup guys! u gotta check out this hack someone showed me
    I recommend to all this, Works amazing, I got all for 9 minutes! its on
    google here =>

    World of Tanks | Teamwork Special ‘The Tale of Two T71’s | Havoc’s Games
    Cast Epic Gameplay

  5. Hi Havoc, I like your gamecasts. Great gameplay of this two guys and well
    commentated by you, congratulations.
    I miss my T-71 also, got over 3000 games in it and took the overtrained 😉
    crew in my T110-E5, cause I don’t like the look of the remodelled T-71. Big
    mistake by me, will give this little beast a new chance.
    Go ahead Havoc.

  6. T71 vs M41 Bulldog(with 10shots auto-loader) is kinda similar to TVP 50/51
    vs BC-25t. Smaller clip potential, but way faster reload and therefore
    better flexibility.

    And this game, nice teamplay, but that “no cap kill all” mentality… if
    the got to cap circle, close to the bushes and left 1-2 tanks in middle, it
    would be tough nut to crack… Charge against 2 LTs is just a BS…. you
    will never win it… Specially when they were prioritizing tanks which
    could spot em (Hellcat, CDC).

  7. This was absolutely outstanding team play and performance and this really
    carries an “Light tank educational video” label.

  8. What person/s gave this 3 thumbs down? Thank you, Sir.

  9. You are absolutely right, that was a beautiful game. Dare say best I have
    ever seen in light tank toning.

  10. I just need platoon mates to work with. I don’t have enough ‘friends’ on my
    list awake at 5am. this morning tho I did 65%w/r with avg 4k wn8 over 30
    battles. so anyone on the na server look me up. philspamoni … I’d really
    like to get to know more good players.

  11. :-)

  12. this is fantastic gameplay

  13. Thank you.

  14. Absolutely AWESOME. I wish I could ever be this good.

  15. great synergy, looks like either they are relatives or
    understand/communicate with each other a lot & have been platooning
    together for quite some time.

  16. Nice one Pete.

  17. Awesome video Havok, just a question, I’m about to get the t5 T-34 medium
    tank and I’m grinding up the Soviet med line to the T62A, should I grind
    through the light tanks or the other med tank line?

  18. Awesome gameplay welcome back ☺ Had to leave W-UNI unfortunately, I had the
    highest wn8 in the clan plus W-UN2 & 3 I think. If you guys need any help
    feel free to ask, I’m not the best player at all my wn8 is at about 1780
    last I saw but I’m pretty good in meds and heavies. IGN is Ignis_Caelestis

  19. where i can find this mod pack?

  20. great game!

  21. How do we submit game plays? I have several on Quickybaby’s replay website

  22. Great Great replay ( Team Work ) 🙂
    Hoping your Mum is doing better

  23. I want one now, back to the grind then!

  24. Beautiful!
    Havoc get some sound absorbing material on your walls pronto. You have some
    serious reverb going on

  25. Nice intro made me wet

  26. IM FIRST

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