World of Tanks – Teamwork Too

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Hot on the heels of yesterdays World of Warships video showcasing exceptional teamwork, today we have the same thing in . Stop laughing, it does happen!

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If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Alex “Spartan-G257” Holt

    That was beautiful. Much like yesterday’s match a real shout out to the
    amazing players of this match. Not only well played but beautifully played
    with some amazing teamwork.

  2. thanks jingles, I miss playin WOT. at least I can watch some epic play.

  3. excellent replay and teamwork

  4. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    It’s a real shame that Wargaming seem incapable of producing backward
    compatability for replays. That’s just sloppy progamming:(

  5. Jingles, if you could have a real time voice chat on PC WoT would you want
    it? Why or why not? This whole team-thing does bring up that question I

  6. Watching people teamworking is kinda pleasing. Probably the only way to see
    it is on youtube. Fuck.

  7. Teamwork? That’s all you see in clan wars, geeee….. I wonder why :O

  8. Pikopachenik hahahaha!

  9. #ChemsisDead

  10. Great game play!

  11. Must be one of the best replays I’ve seen latley =)

  12. Hold the line! Stay with me!!


  13. oh, look. more autoloaders.

    life sure is easy when you’ve got a guaranteed 10-to-one damage ratio and
    the ability to outright obliterate any tank you like before they can reload
    their gun…

  14. Jingles, great to see you showing and promoting the ‘other’ side of the
    game—particularly on the first of these replays….. teamwork, comraderie
    and good sportsmanship. Believe it or not, I have seen this happen on the
    SEA server!

    Keep up the great work mate.

  15. Fantastic replay, thoroughly entertaining.

  16. What a stupendous display of brothers-in-arms!

  17. impressive! :-)

  18. That was amazing!

  19. Is it just me or did wargaming screw up the voice volume of your commander
    in 9.16. Even on 100% i can barely hear him.

  20. And this was better than my 6v1 Kolobanovs on Ruinberg? Jingles… me doth
    protest good sir!

  21. I am a bit confused on why the replays are not compatible. I mean some
    versions of the game might as well be different games, but like the last
    version and this new version SHOULD be compatible.

  22. I wonder if Jingles will play Battlefield 1? I think he might like the
    shovel and bayonet charge.

  23. i miss the long talks with the enemy team :/

  24. Can you do a Tiger 1 review jingles? I don’t think I’ve seen a recent one
    on youtube.

  25. what a fucking game. that is insane

  26. No more he kemp bush.

  27. Hey Jingles, open wide, cuz the NA WoWS team is gonna give it to you!

  28. ★ ww2sniper555 ★

    For some reason the E 25 in the Intro At 0:18 to 0:22 for me is Aways an
    Eye Catcher

  29. hey jingles i sent u a link to my KV2 replay its so epic.

  30. 9.16 still not out on SEA….

  31. You should post more of these!

  32. jingles making my evenings heaven. thank you based gnome lord.

  33. Hey Jingles I miss your Armored Warfare videos 🙂 please make more o7 Or
    maybe… you’ve been in contract with WG for a period?

  34. Jingles with the golden commentary!

  35. Harvester Forwarder & More

    I miss the mod that shows you the mastery badge in garage… I really liked

  36. PICKOPACENIK -the way Jingles pronounced it, was a great laugh for me on
    this rainy morning… so, thank you Jingles.

  37. Oh oh I sense click bait in the title because there is no ” team” in WoT.
    Or ?

  38. Stefan- Andrej Bilbija

    Jingles pičko paćenik means pussy sufferer or someone who will do
    everything for pussy 🙂 . How appropriate for a gamer :D

  39. PussY sufferer.. Yay

  40. I prefer Chevy’s to Fjords.

  41. I don’t play WoT anymore, I haven’t for a few months now, but I still love
    to watch your videos on them. My main channel to watch on YouTube is

  42. Lol Jingles, the T-54 proto is Russian bias! It can bounce a Maus going
    mach 5. The most annoying premium in the game. Do a review of it plz, cause
    Russian bias. ;3

  43. TheAllegiantTraitor

    Lol. the tiger called him monster

  44. GG, boy’s!

  45. Christopher Benfield

    “Hold the line……Reload isn’t always on time” !!!! Channel your inner
    80’s rock

  46. 9.15 replays are unwatchable. damn. I had a good game just before the
    upgrade. (When your dead teammates say “Nice carry”, it’s better than any

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