World of Tanks – Teamwork

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Teamwork in a World random battle? Hah! Pull the other one, it’s got bells on. No, seriously, it actually happened and we have video evidence!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Frederick Burkert

    top gun and fighter but didnt toon up

  2. Must have been Teamwork day in WoT, I had a similar game today in my kv2, ended up spotting for arty with 100 hp left, then die, but not without a Top Gun.

  3. Loves this replay. Everyone hates arty until you figure out how to work with arty.

  4. This video shouldn’t exists…

    Teamwork in random battles?!?!?

  5. Welp Hell’s froze over, everyone get ready to lose your account cause the servers are gonna implode from this shocking turn of events.

  6. This marek is pretty noob and bad player. He has the general idea and uses good positioning but what the fuck were those bush fights in the early part. Not using bushes correctly and shit shooting.

  7. Teamwork OP. Fortunately the chances of encountering more than one competent player on the same team are 187 quintillion to one, so no nerf needed.

  8. Never stop in front of arty, not even to take a better aim. I know, I play artillery myself, and there has been dozens of guys in light tanks, TDs, and sometimes mediums too, who underestimated of what an arty can do in close quarters.

  9. who…..who are these people?! I’ve never seen someone who can think, breath, and stand at the same time, without an instructor, and directions from god… where are all these competent players?

    wait a second, conspiracy theory, WG are keeping us intelligent players apart, so we don’t instantly win every match with platoons and strats and stuff, hah!

  10. That’s not teamwork, that’s basic expected gameplay. Expected perhaps being slightly optimistic.

  11. Less then 30 seconds into the game, most of the team still in the base. Jingles: “He spots the entire team exiting their base and no one is shooting at them.” THE MAP ISN’T FLAT ENOUGH TO SHOOT THEM YET JINGLES. Let the potatoes get into position first. I get the fact that the team failed after that point, but you are bitching at them for not shooting targets literally no one can hit but the arty, who miss 80% of the shots they fire and are also probably still relocating at the start of the match.

  12. 6:25 holy shit what a shot.

  13. what i love about jingles is he can make even the most potato game fantastically entertaining <3

  14. Wargaming Super Noob

    great, BUT DONT SPOIL IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. i love watching average joe players carry the team

  16. team work? what is this foreign concept

  17. Oh good God, Jingles! Tables don’t switch, they TURN! *facedesk*
    Good vid though. Have you considered playing Monopoly?

  18. This used to be the norm. (Scout + arty co-operation, that is.)

  19. Great team work yeeehhaaaw

  20. hmmm Doesn’t the Diamond mark beside their names mean that three of those players ARE in a Platoon !

  21. Lost Not Forgotten - Gaming

    The T71 CMCD has outstanding view range – why don´t these guys play the tank with optics? This would have helped him doing even better!

  22. Big up for the Czech dude! Great work.

  23. Are there people that can breathe and think at the same time?!?!????

  24. I don’t like arty

  25. 1021 base xp is unfortunately far from M for that GW Panther. Last night I had a 1135 base xp game and it still was a first class too.

  26. Just great

  27. Nice work you two !!! GG WP !!!

  28. almost as much teamwork as when you stole Squire’s Tirpitz kill.

  29. Honestly, why spoil the whole match right at the beginning? You told us enemy arty gets 10 kills, so we reach a point where we calculate they have 10 kills and we know the outcome already because u told us it at the beginning. I really don’t see why you do that… you give people a reason to not watch. Like dude I been watching you for so many years but this shit is ridiculous. Take what I have to say with a grain of salt because I am just one guy, so who gives a fuck what I have to say. I am just hoping you read this.

  30. The t71 was a top tier tank so light tank or not, he has to get his gun in the battle. Let the bottom tier tanks do the scouting. A top tier tank, light or not, needs to get it’s gun firing. This is how the match maker changed light tank game play since they can be top tier now, they are not always best used as a scout. Top tier, he needs to be doing damage. I have both t71 tanks and am running around 60% w/r solo in them so I know what I am talking about. If top tier, I prioritize doing damage and if not top tier I try to play a more scouting role, if the map allows it.

  31. One of those moments when you wish there was a “”love”” button and not just a thumbs up.

  32. i wonder how many people are thinking right now “not my team tho” 😛 i am thinking that to.

  33. tortoise in cap mauschen slowly

  34. I once got a scout medal in a kv2

  35. Thinking and Breathing at the same time, Lmao.

  36. why you heff to sound like frikkin Sargon of Akkad?

  37. Jingles finally doing justice to artillery players by showing a Gore’s Medal replay 😉

  38. Archibald Pinecone

    WoT wil stop being 29 vs 1 when it gets skill-based matchmaking. Which is never, because WG are stubborn idiots.

  39. Thinking and breathing at the same time? Easy, I ca…. pause for breath …n even type while breathing! And think at the sam… pause for breath …e time!

  40. That T71 is a small maneuverable little bugger. Its like a Tier 7 American Luchs.

  41. Is Maruk here using an auto-aim mod (which is cheating) or is jingles in manual camera mode? He clearly doesn’t aim at either the T71 or the KV1 at 2:25 and 2:36

  42. i wish i could upload my across the map not even snapshot in my m12. but thanks to youtubes bs i cant direct upload to youtube anymore from my console.

  43. still hate those fk spgs…

  44. Uhm….what are those icons with the little (1) in it? I have been away from WoT for a long time and don’t know for sure, but could this mean they were actually in a platoon together?

  45. He says no one is shooting who he lights at the beginning, but no one could possibly have shots on them at that point of the game. Heck, even arty would have a hard time landing shots on the still moving into position enemy tanks on the backside of the slope.

    Cant blame the team for that.

  46. Funny enough, before I left for work I finally got the x5 by working together with an friendly A44 and basically killing the entire enemy team between the two of us. I do not know what happened but he realized I was trying to help him by shooting whatever aimed his way until they turned around to provide him side shots on them.

  47. I salute those two players. Spectacular job.

  48. Teamwork in WOT ? Must be a full blood moon, stars aligned, Sun shining, great weather in Scotland.

  49. Cambelltown Captain survied a collision with a Tirpitz….how about that didn’t see that coming…that bloody killstealer…

  50. That last kill was nice!

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