World of Tanks – Tell Me You Like My Hat!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s a very nice hat!

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If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. 11:50 “and will keep blowing his tracks off”
    He didn’t blow his tracks off a single time up to that point…

  2. Hey jingles, how would you feel about being sent a replay that wasn’t from The three main sources however still about tank gameplay? An example being squad.

  3. With less than 25 battles I understood weak points, angling, etc. because I gave enough of a crap to care about not dragging my team-mates down like an idiot. The hard part was where to position on a map with what tank and over-coming my tendency to hyper-focused tunnel-vision.

  4. of the 6 Russian heavies including 4 kV-2’s so jingles picks the french arty

  5. that “o no” made me laugh

  6. what, no Bert?

  7. It’s not an arty replay if it’s the Lefefefefe, or “Bert the Avenger”. Well, it is. But it is not.

  8. World of retards

  9. Holy shit never seen such BAD game play beeing featured on this channel… that Lefefefefe had 10% skill 60% luck and 30% Beeing in a brokenly OP Arty. Really good play on the conveneter and the enemy kolobanov winner atleast… which we could have seen it from their PoV. Horrid show Jingles … any lefefefe video needs atleast 10+kills to be worth watching… this SORELY needed one of those warnings at the start “This player aint that good but it’s not about HIM it’s about XXXX” Atleast then you’d not expect brilliant gameplay

  10. So are all the likes for the death of the lef? 😁

  11. Perfectly representing the flustration why I don’t play wot anymore.
    By the way me myself already sent you more interesting replays than this, but hey, your show, your rules! 😉

  12. I have a 137 letter swear word for artillery(Estimation of length of word. Not appropriate for general consumption.).

  13. I like your hat

  14. What about the eighty-eight? AT8 appears…

  15. I had a light tank jumping my M4A1rev. and he sat on my head for some seconds but my cuppola damaged his belly so my hat was crashed too soon.

  16. I genuinely laughed when jingles said no no! dont go! stop! HAHA

  17. there was a glitch at 6:45 🙂 old man

  18. Why do we never see Bert The Avenger replays any more?
    That’s an artillery game that *_everyone_* wants to watch.

  19. “If you look at the minimap the AT-8 is sitting right there, clearly visible under the Jingles watermark Youtube conveniently placed there”

  20. they put the Grille 15 down to Tier V? OMG!

  21. Pls sir. Bring back war thunder. It’s just had a big boy update and looks insane

  22. It’s a trap!!

  23. Who loads regular AP on the LeFh anyway?
    It’s mostly HE ammo and a few HEAT rounds anyway.

  24. Cross play has made Wot very difficult for console players. Just the HUD UI for PC players alone gives them a huge advantage. Other things including Turbo charger for PC tanks faster aims etc etc. But turning off the cross play on console makes it near impossible to play a game due looooong waiting times ie had to wait 30 mins for a game. No it’s not due to my internet connection it’s very fast.

  25. Ngl, I thought jingles was older than my dad because of the grey hair, turns out my dad’s 6 years older lmao
    Edit: I realise to a select few people this may come off as a bit mean, but fuck em, love u Jingles 🙂

  26. Poor kv-2. It was probably commanded by an entirely american crew so Stalin didn’t reach up from the depths of hell to guide his high explosive shots

  27. Fed could have finished off the at8 by firing at the rear of the superstructure instead of bouncing off the arse

  28. I though for a moment that you recorded a documentary.. The Life Of A Russian Hat

  29. watercannons collaboration

    Jingles with an arty replay:
    Viewers: we’ve been tricked, we’ve been backstabbed and we’ve been quite possibly, bamboozled

  30. T150 was firing he, but he didn’t have the top 107 mm gun. Probably was stuck with the 85 F3 from the kv 1, although I don’t get why a single apcr round from any gun that guy could possibly have did not pen the AT 8s armor

  31. Proof never rely on team mates in world of tanks. It is a solo game 1 v 29.

  32. Been playing WoT for 5 years…..A masochist I say!

  33. that lefefefefefefe did shoot so much and all he got was 28 dmg for a shot or so…
    is arty really that nerfed?

  34. The grille did better than two kv2s
    How does that work?

  35. “Tell me you like my hat”

    I’ve seen this one before…

    “Posted 2 hours ago”

    Dammit Jingles stop recycling titles!

  36. Sorry but I can’t watch this until the end, I’m out and have a nice day jingles. The intro was nice though

  37. There is no splash damage at Tier V. Everything is direct hit.

  38. The Russian Cloak of Dispersion at its finest….. .

  39. “if you can’t take a joke, then you shouldn’t be playing world of tanks” haha

    GG AT-8
    shame on you french OP arty

  41. T-150 is a fracking idiot. Thousands of them on the servers these days.

  42. That artillery found his W key just to go get his team mate unstuck.

  43. i got bamboozled

  44. FBI should have rammed earlier.

  45. Bs premium arty

  46. I didn’t look how long the video was, and I honestly expected this to just be the hat intro.

  47. Nice hat trick

  48. lol 2:21

  49. So you cannot spell arty´s name but you can spell player´s name hmmmm …..

  50. That game was just bad. The gold on that is nearly incapable of doing anything against any but lightly armored vehicles. At least HE has the possibility to do some damage.

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