World of Tanks || Tension

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. Today I’m playing the T9 the T-54 Lightweight in a tense round!

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World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Here’s the “Load the Gold” gold foil t-shirt available for 1 week only!

  2. can some ples help can you port ford world of tanks as im of aus an we have shit net at best of times but its just ben relly bad

  3. Great video as always! 🙂 You forgot to mention a few changes this tank got when it was moved up a tier. The ltwt has an HD model now and the turret front got buffed from 160 to 180. That might not sound like much but it’s definitely a significant buff. You just feel much more confident when you’re hull down. Also, prior to patch 9.18 this tank had a 700 HP engine, giving this tank a specific power of just under 23 which meant that it was fairly mobile, although it felt kind of sluggish compared to other light tanks. But now this tank gets a massive 1000 HP engine, giving it a specific power of 32.6 making it one of the most mobile tanks. It’s such a blast to play the ltwt and I’m really glad with the changes they made in 9.18 =)

  4. Clash Royale Marcell

    há mivan veled tee tegnap goodbad majdnem kilőtt téged teee

  5. 9thRoyalPirateAssassin (Mystic Stirling)

    Throw the cheese!!!

    Ohh wait, wrong meme.

    Load the Gold!!!

    Why not both though? Load the cheese!!! (Because gold can be cheesy; a little unbalanced. There will probably people saying it is in the game so emphasis on “a little”.

  6. Jeebus. Looking at that nation line up in the start. East vs West, and ofcoz QB is on the eastern team 😀

  7. What now? Told you dumb fuck!!! I told you it was dying… And you sold out! xD

    I also told you, that you could have been the guy to save our game. You had their (wargaming’s) attention, they always liked you. But instead you did just like I said you would. Kept that sheepish grin on your face, promoting a bad (dying) game with a bad future (a.k.a. your job security) all for $! I literally predicted this shit a few months ago quickybaby.

    You gonna answer me again, like you did last time, you fucking smart-ass? I came back just to tell you, I have not, nor will I ever forget, you trying to tell me I was wrong and to apologize to you, Mr.QB!

    Literally ROFL now mu’fucker!!! You should have listened to me. **Claps**

    Now, are you, going to apologize to me, Quicky? Go ahead, take a look at your partners in crime now… They shit the bed this time, didn’t they? LUL
    #FreeFoch #MakeTanksGreatAgain

  8. Why they retire the aufklarung from the game ?

  9. Heatbreaking game.
    With 5k damage, and a freaking top gun.

    Yeh, right.
    And here I sit with my average as average 49% WR, thinking that my 57% WR in my E-100 is good…

  10. enjoyable game

  11. If the shirt said, “Load the Skill” and it was gold foil I would totally buy two of ’em.

  12. Nerf apCR alpha damage, make #armor relevant again

  13. 2:19 thats what you get when noobs get to higher tier

  14. This tank seems really interesting.

  15. Sebastian Del Rio Camargo

    Dude, since you know a lot about this game. I have a question for you. Why WoT doesn’t show all the tanks available on the console version (Xbox One in my case)? The other day I was watching one of your videos and you were reviewing the Emil. After the video I wanted to check the tank and noticed this issue. Why console players can’t have some tanks that the PC players can have?

  16. QB, whenever I am at work, and whenever I feel bored, I check if there is a new video from you. Very often there is, and at that moment i feel much better. I really enjoy watching your content, I enjoy the way you speak and the way you bring us the best out of this game. I’ve followed you for years now, from multiple accounts and you’ve never failed to make an interesting video (imho). When the workday is hard, and when I have a little bit of free time at work, your videos really help me get my spirit up, seeing how you are always energetic and happy xD. Thank you man. Keep up the awesome work!

  17. could anyone help me get gold on ps4

  18. Storrmzzy Queploder 95

    Does the invite code work?I tried many times but it doesn’t work

  19. Atempt 2.- Mr.Quickybaby please make a Tiger 2 review. Every video 1 atempt more.

  20. Reroll your account again? This is why QB is one of my favorite channels.

  21. Hey QB can you spell clickbait?

  22. Hey QB. That “load the gold” design is outstanding but the short sleeve tee isn’t. If you can offer a long sleeve tee or a hoodie with that on it, I’d buy in an instant. As always, thanks for the great vids.

  23. The T-shirt should read: “Press 2!” 😛

  24. I was watching it live! lol

  25. GG QB. Excellent battle and a great cliffhanger ending. So enjoyed this video.

  26. for my biggest fans hahaha

  27. good game unlucky

  28. T-shirt joke… as big as his height.

  29. I really want to buy the tee to support QB, but my wife says I wont be able to wash it because of the “gold foil” will disintegrate after couple of washes, does anyone have any experience of these Tees?

  30. Soooooo, you did the “biggest fans” again. Awesome. 😀

  31. How is your XVM called?

  32. Leader Of KaRu 420

    FUCK! I had viewed.this in hi streams

  33. hey boss what does reroll account mean??

  34. community is stronger than people think.
    keep up the good work

  35. Load the Gold, nice idea!

  36. I missing WTF100 so much…

  37. Nhựt Lê Minh

    thing they done right :reusable kits…arty work stil need somework but less 1 shot so it nice, thing that wrong :selling to much credits and new Overpower pre tank that give gold spammer more credit to shoot premium shot ?one way to solve it is to limit the amount of premium shell on a tank can buy may be like 10 round max

  38. Thanks for the free LTTB, and STILL the same road to T-54 WG! 🙂

  39. “looks like your gonna have to reroll your account again” –SAVAGE hahahaha

  40. QB that UDES was something like 50hp, why did you not load your HE shell and finish him off? 😀

  41. Quicky your conclusion regarding the overmatch mechanic isn’t correct. The 3 times overmatch rule just saying that no Autobounce/riccochet will happen. But this doesnt mean that you go in automaticaly. We discussed that a few days ago in the german WoT Forum and also tested it with 152mm AP KV-2 Gun vs. 50mm 50B Armor.
    Here is the link, maybe M4 could read it and translate the important parts.

  42. stabilisedchaos

    Click bait title


  44. Nice match! But who balanced the t54 lt with more pen than the t54 medium. All random numbers without any leading idea.
    A nice machine looking forward to drive in future.

  45. I would have lost my shit

  46. ivan if we take t-54 , put less metal and more engine we make gud tenk? yes

  47. bring back wt auf e100 just make sure every nation has one aha!

  48. Phùng Trung Kiên

    Can you make an SEA account so that we can see you playing alongside us?

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