World of Tanks – Testing IS6 MoE

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Source: Anfield


  1. Richard Komendanchik

    First losers

  2. yes!!!! this happened to me aswell i did 0 dmg game and like 1k spotting dmg which isnt much at all and ended up getting 87% moe?? i was shocked

  3. gold ammo ftw.

  4. Yeah even I managed to 3 mark this thing along with t-34-3. The new generation of premiums has really murdered the values. 😀

  5. Anfield I guess I’ll to contact WG support about your aimbot hacks… Or give me the RNG… Pls…. *Chose the second option. OR ELSE!*

  6. For some reason after 9.18 I have never been top tier with my tier 8 premium tank… (SuperPershing) I get into tier 9 battles all the time. Does it happen to you as well? I am bored of having to fight E75s all the time. And the thing is that although I have 3 marked it, my recent stats are shit… I cant farm tier 6 and 7 tanks anymore…

  7. Yep, something funky happened with the marks on IS6.. I marked it months before the patch, then played 1 game after the patch.. It went from 95.2 to 100 % lol.

  8. Bart van der Zel

    This also works for the ELC if you already have 2 marks. I had 84% and after one battle with 1,6k dmg and 1k assissting i went to 95,5%

  9. anfield sign my baby

  10. Man, WG really needs to buff old premium tanks…

  11. IS-6 3 marks when?

  12. Akuretaki Nikolay

    E-25 Dick, new heavy tank.

  13. watch a qb or anfield video..

    hmmmmm anfield

  14. Well, I just got 2% on my skoda t25 to reach 3rd mark in a one mediocore game (1.5k)
    Guess I didn’t earn it tho…

  15. “Can’t stop this rape train arty! Let’s go!” – Pure magic.  Made me spit out my drink when you said that

  16. Niccolò Scaramella

    had the same in my 62a and e5 yesterday. they both were at 81%, literally played 1 game in each.. 85.88 on e5 and 85.90 the 62a.
    K, i guess i’ll play 1 game in each every 5 days, so i can mark them Kappa

  17. Read this pls.

    IS6 marks were not bugged, the IS6 and the T34 was given to new players who had a tier 7 tank (IS or t29) for RENT for a week. New players played these premium tanks badly so the expectation values dropped dramatically. It’s a new WG tehnique to encourage new players to buy premium tanks. (imo)

    Matchmaking bug is really a bug. Play ALONE in platoon mode and you will be always top tier with any tank. This messed up the MM system, thats why you were always put in a tier higher with tier 8 tanks and so on.

  18. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    Why you are not abusing the match maker bug?

  19. Some people really really need to play premiums 😛

  20. Had a game with 2k dmg combined and my gunmark went from 87 to 97. I needed a little bit to realize i got 3rd moe for doing nothing. O.o

  21. As my 4 skill Tiger crew would say…. “accuracy values matter”.

  22. I played 2 games a couple of days ago after shelving it for a year and 3 marked it in those two games somehow. I think i was around 85% last time. Just goes to show how powercreeped these tanks have become

  23. played one average game today in my is6 after 2 months and jumped from 87% to 96%….
    i was so damned surprised of the 3.mark

  24. all gold ammo lol no skill players try doing well with standard ammo only then u would be considered a good player

  25. I played 1 game got around 2k damage and my % went from 92 to 96. I sold it immediately after. It’s hot garbage now and cant recommend it over the 112

  26. I got 100% in the is6 now lmao

  27. T 34-3 still worst prem tank

  28. IS-6 Is a shit…

  29. i am sorry man but you shoot always gold to everyone skills????

  30. Yeah something is very messed with the MOEs I got several on various Tanks with losses and mediocre games. Jumping 3or 4 % in one meh game.

  31. The fact that you posted a video to YouTube of you hacking so hard makes me sick. I used to look up to you!

  32. Andrew LaPlante

    Then you never play a m6a2e1 if you don’t think premiums aren’t fun

  33. Drummercommander

    Premium rounds only while being top tier?!?!

  34. Cool! But why does this happen? It did the same for me on AMX 50 100 and kv-5, up by about 5%. Anyone know whats going on?

  35. 7% with 4.5k combined for is6? #justNAserverthings

  36. The thing that scares me about that epic RNG on the is6 is that if you can have RNG this good you also can have the absolute oposite, the cancerus epic “you wont hit shit even at point blank” RNG

  37. i played one game with1.6k and went from 87% up to 95% xD

  38. A similar scenario occurred on my jagtiger 88 before. I had not played it for one year perhaps and then a second mark suddenly came one day even though I did four hundreds damage on the game. That once again reminds how bad is-6 and jagtiger 88 now compared to performance several patches ago.

  39. replaced an 800 dmg battle probably

  40. look at that rng you, a unicum gets

  41. I guess you sacrificed a goat to Serb and sent enough dissidents to the gulag for this game to happen

  42. gold noob

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