World of Tanks – That Escalated Quickly

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Source: The Mighty

In which Fiq_GR has to strap on his man pants and carry his team against six enemies, and then things take a sudden turn for the unexpected…

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Never take anything for granted. I hope the Tiger player learned that.

  2. Michael Gearhart

    Jingles pausing at the end almost gave me a heart attack….

  3. What a shitty team tho, wow kingdom of degens lol

  4. I found your channel by accident, you entertain me thoroughly.

  5. working on a name s

    fuck me side ways

  6. Same story for me jingles… Just want to play tiger 1 and be a Monster ?

  7. Anthony Monterrosa

    Does Jingles still play WoT? It seems like he doesn’t have his own replays anymore.

  8. You have to be extremly lucky in Tiger (like this vid) cause EVERYONE can pen you, and arties want you badly. Wether you’re top tier, or bottom….

  9. Christopher Mavromatis

    I’d watch jingles play Alien isolation

  10. Best Tiger vid I have seen yet.

  11. * sees vid in sub box * Ok wheres the Jingles Derp this episode

  12. world of tanks sucks. fuck wargaming and all the wallet warriors who turn wot into a you have to pay to play otherwise your rng will be shat. or you got to be a famous YouTuber to have good rng. lol fuck wot and WG.

  13. If you wanna drive a proper tiger play war thunder.

  14. lol jingles he wouldnt have been spotted regardless the “spotting” ports on the KV were behind the building while his “detection” port on the front of the tank was out. its why overextending around the corner is bad ESP after the ticks were increased on it since you can get track blown by an unseen enemy and if you dont have repair and he has high ROF be stuck infront of a gun thats permatracking you.

  15. yeah the tiger was one of the 1st tanks I worked toward

  16. I have WoT Blitz

  17. A rather boring episode….

  18. Bishop Driver, What that.

  19. Eh… Let’s be fair here, Jingles. The Tiger in WoT is a mediocre tank at best, forced to play against far later designs that were very specifically built to kill it. It just happens to carry a very good gun.

  20. Beautiful. 07

  21. Anyone realise that Fiq is the T20 player in Quickybaby’s latest RU251 video on the enemy team

  22. Yes, I started playing WOT for the Tiger!
    I should give it another try. I have to admit, the Tiger II was more enjoyable. But of course, the Tiger is still something special.

  23. looking at the enemy team results at the end of that, it looks like the hummel had a better game then the G.W. Panther who must’ve been hunting for low health targets that match, or hunting moderately damaged vehicles that were in range of 1-2 shot kills

  24. Great battle… WP

  25. This is why I hate this new arty system. I hate this stupid stun effect. Its just stupid. More of a buff than a nerf in my opinion..

  26. That Bishop though. 0_0

  27. The panther wasnt even aimed in, I appreciate you trying to give suspense to the situation but that wasn’t a close encounter at all.

  28. Great video Jingles.

  29. Darkness Nighthingale

    low damage match fora Tiger.

  30. Joshua Bruggeman

    Actually jingles, the Tiger healed his gunner before shooting the GW Panther the first time helping ensure his accuracy wasn’t going to be that bad…. Had to do it. lol

  31. As a Total War fan boy who loves even the terribly flawed Empire TW, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck the TW Warhammer series and the scummy, scummy way they’ve treated the consumers.

  32. You sad you would spread youre content more and i was thinking, why? it would be far smarter to just milk out as much video’s out of world of tanks as you can before it dies…


  34. in a tiger p, you have good frontal armor but its a brick with a tiger turret. with a fully upgraded gun, it doest provide much hope with teir 8 & 9s. and you dont want walker bulldogs killin’ ya especially when they are in a platoon.

  35. ofc the IKV did not spot him, that thing has no viewrange 😛

  36. Tigers getting pasted by russian tanks? Sounds like historical accuracy to me.

  37. the best tank in ww2 is a shit in wot (shit arrmor , slow)

  38. Pewterschmidt23 Lord

    Can’t not like a tiger replay

  39. All hands brown alert

  40. Anyone else notice he was on 4 health remaining and he had dealt 4444 damage up to that point?

    The KV-1 in the town didn’t spot him because the KV-1’s commander’s hatch was behind a building. He could have been in a M48 Patton and not spotted him in that kind of position.

  41. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    is fighting in the Tiger P the same as fighting in the tiger 1? I need to know because I’m at the point where I’m working on getting the tiger P after getting the VK30.01 and I’m wondering if I should safe keep my tiger P when I get it or throw it out when I get the tiger 1.

  42. Zyklon - Drake.

    Tank Destroyers usually have little view range, but the Dicker Max has 400m. The Nashorn does not have 400m. What is the difference between the two?

  43. Fuck arty

  44. Eazy Muthaphukkin E

    Damn jingles i was studying!!!

  45. oh c’mon Jingles feature my epic replay on the type 5 heavy 🙁

  46. Well played Jingles. You are getting a lot better at this game. Oh. It was not you playing. Just you commentating. Never mind.

  47. Wow people being nice in chat? This is not world of tanks.

  48. 7:50 MEMIEST chat ever!!

  49. Actually Jingles, he revived gunner later… 🙂

  50. Some people are just born lucky :). Easy kolobanov compared to normal ones. But I’m not the one to talk, I got one by running and resetting a karelia assault with m53/55…

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