World of Tanks – That Kellerman Asshole

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Fun fact. If I entitle my video “That Kellerman Asshole”, my tag generator pops up a number suggestions, one of which is “The Biggest Asshole”.

True story.

Okay, it’s because Claus does a video series called “The Biggest Asshole”, but it’s still funny!

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  1. 6am and I haven’t been to bed yet. But Jingles videos come first

  2. last, but first to say last :))

  3. ‘I like large posteriors and I cannot provericate’

  4. Where is Conan exiles 🙁

  5. Jingles your fucking hilarious………from just a country boy from across the pond ty for a good morning

  6. The technical BOOMSTICK

    Gotta be honest with you, UHU glue sticks do smell good…

  7. claus bomded

  8. Who’s Claus Kellerman?

  9. yeah.. already dont like him

  10. Naughtius Maximus

    Shout out to you guys!

  11. Jingles you out did yourself with this video. Awesome job.

  12. Clausss yeah!! Hes amazing! I love him?

  13. Dang someone is feeling good

  14. Is world of tanks on the EU server as dead as it is on the NA server it feels like AW on the NA server.

  15. oh jingles if only we had team mates as competent as the jt88

  16. With glue-sniffers like these, who needs enemies?

  17. Clearly I’m the only one thinking who the f@*k is Claus Kellerman?

  18. Can’t face more WoT content. Have a down vote.

  19. Claus is one of the most honest world of tanks youtubers, just says it as it is most of the time with a humerus slant. No shill advertising for WOT on Clause’s channel.

  20. Nicely done, Commander.

  21. I don’t watch him because he is such a big asshole,

  22. best replay cross over ever, love you both Klaus and Jingles 🙂

  23. i was beginning to believe jingles had forgotten about wot.

  24. Thanks Jingles. I enjoyed that one. I watch Claus too, and he’s a funny guy. Glad you did one of his videos.

  25. He certainly does sound like a tormented asshole.

  26. ps. not a asshole just trying 😉

  27. I dont like Claus Kellerman. I dont like his attitude, like he is putting himself above everyone else like he is something better than they are. Ignorant and selfish. Maybe arrogant is the better word for this. Dont judge me, i just hate him. I feel bad for Mauro to have lost the game.

  28. Jingles, it’s been too long since your last TOG vid! We need another one!

  29. A British national treasure calling a Canadian national treasure an asshole? I’m torn…I’ll quote Serb and say “How terrible”

  30. I must agree, Japanese heavys are not very hard to play… my opinion.

    Go on glue sniffers.

  31. Why does something seem off about the audio if the intro?
    It seems a tad lower quality than normal, just me?

  32. I watch the occasional Claus video, so I found this hilarious. Thanks to you both.

  33. As glue sniffing idiot, I’m greatly insulted by the implication that I could be a Japanese super heavy driver. I could write more, but my fingers are stuck together…

  34. I take offense to this Jingles. JK I understand when i see most other Super heavies.

  35. Enter Callor Banneruos Medal Time -12: 39, Thank you Mano for it.

  36. TheCommoner AKA TheKingOfScrubs

    Holy crap Jingles is almost at 600k.

  37. My two favourite tank guys in the same video… Christmas in July!

  38. whatareyoudoing

  39. claus is great

  40. love that kellerman ass and you as well

  41. Shout out to you Jingles – you’ll probably get Claus bombed now. Good video mate, thanks. Been watching your War thunder planes vids lately. ?

  42. Klosharr Klosharr

    omg it is Claus :D:D:D

  43. sorry to tell ya, but the biggest asshole isn’t on my suggested

  44. poor claus

  45. Now its time to go to Claus’s World to see his video of the day!

  46. Clickbait Kellerman. Shitter extrodinaire. Unfunny and doesnt actually understand the game.

  47. The O-Ho, best joke tank since the Pz.II J, or The O-Ho, a KV2 but a bigger target…. It has no gun depression so small mediums and lights go “nom, nom, nom”, so you have to keep a respectful distance from the brawl…

  48. claus says hi

  49. fuk klaus

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