World of Tanks || THAT ONE BOUNCED!

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World of Tanks – Pudel. Today we’ll see if “That_0ne_Bounced” can live up to his name in the T6 Premium Polish medium!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  2. ermm no it isnt a polish tank, it is VERY obviously a german panther!..
    again a dumb replay, hes top tier, hes in a premium tank, ofcours he will do well…
    iam only 1 minute into this replay and already its very predictible!!…
    this is just seal clubbing in a very good mm match, in a over powerd premium tank!.

  3. -1 kill T67 :^)

  4. Fireworks in the UK today? What kind of holiday is it across the Pond?

  5. Can u do more variety of tanks

  6. That one definitely bounced.

  7. Quickybaby pls do a video about the new changes to the obj 263 line. Many are against the change they are bringing to tier9 and 10.

  8. always have a blast in my Pudel.

  9. The Poodle

  10. Robot Wars is still alive. On TV and in live shows.

  11. Pl player with PL tank:)
    Boooring,try make Steel Wall with Cromvel…

  12. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    I personaly say that the M3 lee is good (and the Grant).
    Also yeah he was still spotted by the T67 when he poke his head up, and that what made him visable still.

  13. The Pudel… Literally needs to be top tier against a tomato soup to have a fantastic game.

  14. Really liked the video quickbaby
    This is my Giveaway video for EU server guys must give it a checkout

  15. Polish? Good at World of Tanks? Nice joke Quickybaby.

  16. You have the ear of the main WOT people. Please let them know the NA server needs help. I’ve been playing for several years and it is the worst it has been. Tier 8 is completely broken every game 2 tiers higher. For that matter any tier is almost always 2 tiers higher. The MM is broken. Most games are a complete slaughter for one team or the other, there is no balance. Many times the difference in heavies from one team to the next is tier 8 heavies on one team, than 9s and 10s on the other team. They really need to do something on the NA server, which they have now only one which causes lag problems. If they done that because of the lower population in NA, maybe there is a reason the game is loosing popularity.

  17. MCBOSS12345 Productions

    Hi I’ve bin watching since 2013

  18. amigo tengo varias quejas sobre mods ilegales a los cuales los jugadores más avanzados tienen acceso, que tienes que comentar sobre esto, no es acusacion es una pregunta, mods que no dejan que les disparen, etc y que algunos de estos mods son apoyado por los creadores ..?

  19. Could not have been a fresh crew 1) this is the first Polish tank in the game and 2) he has two marks of excellence on the barrel. This must be an experienced crew.

  20. a blunicum has a good game as top tier vs tomatoes? surprise, surprise

  21. I dont mean to be “that guy” but is it really that impressive that a high skill player beat up on a team of tomatoes as his own tomatoe team fails.

  22. It says I need an invitation to join your wot clan. My user is Guilty_Crown_2017

    Could you message me in game? Maybe an invite? I have is-3 atm. XD

  23. that panzer is a traitor!Played as shield for poordle twice!

  24. nice name

  25. No i usually don’t focus themę down

  26. can u do a leo 1 game playish kinda video cuz i just got my leo 1 but whenever i play my leo 1 i dun know what to do whenever the match starts so plz do consider doing a leo 1 vid

  27. Just a lucky guy on a world of Tards. OMFG

  28. I remember playing with That_one_bounced

  29. I wonder why so many players hate poland and polish gamers. Its that becouse we are proud katolic nation and we hate islam and multikulti? People are jelous becouse we got peace and quiet on streets?

  30. I do like this tank but I question the need for a polish tank line

  31. RetardedOrange Boi

    Actually quickybaby, isnt the rudy the first polish tank?

  32. The code didn’t work when I tried signing up

  33. Least you don’t have sh*t team on every game

  34. Weird shot 24 secs after spotting him by that T-67…

  35. Jesus christ people stop crying just because hes playing against inferior or using prem. Maybe if you werent fucking jealous and snobby all the time the WOT community wouldnt be as cancerous.


  37. Are they going to add a Polish line soon or just the premium tank?

  38. I don’t seem to see to many of these on the Asian server…

  39. Mister Torgue Flexington

    Robot wars died a long time ago. Once everyone figured out that wedges were the most effective,it got old real fast and it lost enough interest to get axed off tv.

  40. Werent Rudy 102 first polish tank?

  41. 22% win ratio at 27 battles… how bad should you play to get this win ratio? I managed to get this with 1608 VN8 and 1500 efficiency. Meanwhile I see players with VN8 of 600 getting 49% win ratio at 400 battles. My question is: is the MM interfering or not in the WR of players? I think it does not matter how well you play, you will get the win ratio MM want you to have. you see proove here:

    • +Adrian Luca
      You can get 1600 wn8 by waiting for your team to die and then start playing. You just had bad teams and farmed damage..

  42. oh please… ONE good player and nothing but muppets in both teams. Of course it was going to be like that. Nothing extraordinary either…

  43. justin mari barcenas

    why cant I use your invite code??

  44. Qb I’ve been playing wot 4 over a year and Barely have over 2k games. Wot just have a massive gap between the dedication of som players

  45. Елизавета Щербакова

    Халява! Только один день, на сайте выдают бесплатно, премиум аккаунт, нужно только указать свой ник!!!
    Абсолютно бесплатно!!! Переходишь на сайт, пишеш ник, прем в ангаре!!! ПРОСТО!!!

  46. huwaw

  47. I got my highest experience with Pudel… 4200dmg… 9kills… 100decap….

  48. wheres T20?

  49. “Polish guys are good at World of Tanks and keep kicking my butt”
    A sentence I never thought I’d hear from QB LOL

  50. Robot Wars is still on.

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