World of Tanks || That One Went Right Through!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T57 Heavy. Sometimes it’s not a good thing when you hear “That one went right through” in World of Tanks!

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  1. I easily get 2 ghost rounds almost per game running 20ms of ping. So ghost rounds are plenty.

  2. leopard 1 isnt featured enough on your channel too qb!! please leopard 1 :/

  3. batchat hacker warpack armor hack

  4. I feel like having overpen mechanics like in Warships would be cool.

  5. 2:13 Quicky looks so happy when realizes he’s a genius.

  6. I play an obscene amount of games a day when I have nothing else to do. And this ghost shell bullshit has been happening the last 2 patches or so much more often than in the past. This needs to be fixed

  7. Please make another bat chat video

  8. that tank was obito

  9. Rate this gameplay and get a chance to win 7 days premium on Eu server
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  10. why are you not making a vid on how bad game is since all updates this week ??? the game is unplayable it was for 3 days then another update and personal missions dont work. you send tickets in you get ignored asking for premium time back.. its fucking disgusting

  11. Best tank I have ever owned. 51% overall wins, 61% in this tank.

  12. Ghost rounds happen all the time. I have a ton of videos that show rounds going right through tanks. I have a video in my T-57 Heavy where I shoot at an AX that is only a few meters away and three rounds hit the side and don’t do any damage. He falls off a wall trying to run away and I put one in the rear only to have it miss again.

    I was in an Object 268 and shot point blank into the side of a Leopard 1, went right through with no damage.

  13. What a good video QB. Keep up the terrible content!

  14. 7:30 Oh, really ?

  15. I have more ghost shells than I would like to have on the xbox console. It sucks, but I guess it is what it is

  16. why does this video looks different? is this because of the hd maps?

  17. I had 3 games in the T57 today of 5500+ damage each but I know QB wouldnt display them.. :/

  18. fail( usles) armor, one of 4 shells always miss or fail to pen, that a T57 in my case

  19. Very nice replay, however it always happens to me 🙁
    This and having “ghost shells” which just disappear.

  20. Well golly gee QB these words make me talking like this could wear on anyone’s nerves

  21. I’ve seen a t30 facehugging a is3. The t30 was aiming for the rooftop, aiming circle completely on target…RELOADED… FIRE!!! BOOM! and… Nothing. Even the crew had nothing to say.
    I have days I feel like I’m not able to hit anything.

  22. I feel QB is waaaaay to trigger happy in this thing

  23. Dhaniele Joseph Demontaño

    Ghost shells still exists and it’s a game breaker for me. Had so many battles where my shots went through or nowhere at all.

  24. Hey QB. Will you show us the video of your new house like you did back in the days, please ?


  26. wow you did 1k more damage in a tier 10 heavy than i did in a tier 8 medium the t44-100 thats impressive .

  27. I’ve had several do that with my death star and JPE100. Very annoying.

  28. 113 replays please….

  29. Overpen mechanics when?

  30. This shell that went through needs to be addressed to WG

  31. Obvious op tank is op

  32. I’m so close to my t57 and my e100 and congrats on the moving house

  33. I swear i only get ghost shells at the worst possible times like when im in a 1v1 to win/lose the game.

  34. QuickyBabby been doing any Heliborne, or SlowToes it is again? ;3

  35. Good luck with the Move QB and take your time we will all be here once you are both settled in , and please do a new house tour like you did with the flat 🙂 that would be really nice 🙂 mind you moving a few weeks before Christmas is hell ( been there, done that ) Best wishes to you both

  36. More logical is B-C was on reload, no?

    So quick to assume it’s because he was a coward or panicked, such logic…..

  37. Thanks for thuis video Quickybaby, I just get my t57 heavy and i struggle in it. Thuis really hilps me. Keep up the good work

  38. Funny thing that theese “ghost rounds” only happen againts batchat like mediums and light tanks :/

  39. Hei QB do you know if defender will be avaible again ? I really want that tank 🙂

  40. I find the T57 super easy to pen in the turret…just shoot the cheek weak point ans you can pen with any tier VIII tank standart ammo

  41. Man I though you were gonna talk about premium ammo like AgingJedi… (you know “that one went right through”-premium ammo pen…)

  42. Game is so stagnant. Maps being redone to look like they’re from 2013 and not 2008 isn’t going to change this. They need a new thing. And hopefully a new, actually relevant game engine. I’m not saying beating Frostbite, because that’s a tall order, and most certainly not possible by these guys who are barely getting by coding.

  43. Actually ammunition going through tanks in games is quite often!!

  44. Of course it went through,!!! Why, how?? BEcause Wargaming sucks , of course !!!! On of milion proves is here.

  45. I like, how QB plays surprised with that ghost shell even though he investigated it completely on stream 😀

  46. RNG took a giant dog shit on you there. How can the game record a miss even though the trace goes through the centre mass of the vehicle???

  47. All hands to battle stations in the quickybaby household.
    That got me laughing so bad.

  48. Zsombor Györfi-Tóth

    Hey QB wil you make a house tour video in your new house?

  49. Now that i ve seen that rng is not having a mercy with very good players i am not angry anymore ?

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