World of Tanks – That’s all Phauks!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Quick, watch the video before Warner Bros sues me and claims the rights to every video I uploaded, every movie I ever watched and any future children I may have!

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution

If you have a World of replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. oi oi (actual first).

  2. Deniz ismail Kula

    First 🙂

  3. Never hit a notif so fast

  4. First! Lol

  5. Am I early?

  6. Phauks??? Like Guy Phauks???

  7. SIXTH!!! (meh, what do I care… its a JINGLES VID!!!)

  8. Jingles uploads when i am at work Lol gotta love him ??

  9. Woah first time seein a jingles video so early

  10. Ps4 arrived, played through HZD and am now in New Game+ on ultra hard difficulty. Really awesome game, thanks for convincing me, Jingles. Also started playing a bit of RDR2

  11. Good to see the uploads are still 2 am

  12. Ehh who need’s sleep?

  13. 304th, close enough XD

  14. tank you jingull

  15. This is the stuff I come back for 🙂 ?

  16. Chester Cheong Yu Xuan

    I’ve never clicked on a video so fast before. Cheers Jingles!

  17. Oh the joys of being up at 3am

  18. “He doesn’t have a shot at the SU-130PM anymore…”

    That’s because that thing got wrecked by him.


  19. Armando Rodrigues

    well and soon they will add yet another T95, pretty much the copy of the T95E2 but with a much smaller cupola, it will be called TL-1 LPC which means they missed their chance to instead add a TL-1 Design Study/Plan O/T95 Design Study/Plan O which is pretty much the same thing but with a different gun thus making it different from the already ingame T95E2, but since they didn’t it will be a second T95E2 with 1 less weakspot

  20. Hey Jingles, looking at the chat, I’m guessing all those people who were “afk” actually lagged out, which would explain the position of some of them. (Friendly Ferdi says he lagged out and came back dead, also saw someone else complaining about being dropped)

  21. If that match was in the last 4 weeks it was most likely the massive amount of server disconnects that happened to me as well. And from chat i was not the only one.

  22. another balanced reward tank

  23. Plays a chieftain in a 3 5 7 mm, half of the enemy afk or shit. Not impressed

  24. What do you mean, “an FURTHER children”? Just how many “ports” have you been to?

  25. There already is a name for the T95/FV4201, it’s called the Donqueror

  26. What jingles seems to have missed is that a good number of both teams lagged/crashed out of the game and had to reload. Just look at chat, one of his team even states it. I see this happening every few days, something Jingles would know of if he still actually played anymore. Its a bug that got introduced sometime in the last few of weeks that just isn’t getting fixed. Now don’t get me wrong, Pahuks played well, but its not all that special when a decent percent of both teams aren’t actually playing and are just xp pinatas.

  27. Possibly a ghost game, mate. Looks like many of both teams disconnected, some got back, some didn’t. Dez did a video on one of these a while back, happening a bit since the last patch, apparently.

  28. It’s pretty obvious that several people on the enemy team were lagging out of the game.

  29. And there it is again an epic match did almost all the damage & kills but still would have lost credits without premium, you should not be able to loose credits in a match like that well unless it’s all gold ammo in a deathstar or the type 5 heavy.

  30. He showed those “Phauks” whats what.

    ? ???? ??? ??? ?????? ???

  31. Fedaykin Fletcher

    Nice Game perfect use of his ammo loadout i like

  32. nothing new here:Wgs bots Disconected,OR you ppl still believe that we are playing 100% vs real players??Oh silly you …. 😉

  33. i propose a new name for this not-a-chieftain: behold, the thieftan

  34. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    Phauks has the high ground call Obi-Wan! 7:37

  35. Thought about listing all the mistakes Jingles made in this vid but a) it Jingles what do you expect b) You come here for entertainment c) I do want to take on a project that big 🙂

  36. This weeks episode in AFK with jingles!!

  37. Must sleep……NOPE

  38. Player: kills almost a third of the enemy team in three minutes.
    Jingles: “And this is where the carnage really begins.”
    Me: Oh sweet Jesus, have some mercy dude!

  39. Doesn’t have a shot on the 130PM… Yeah, he killed it with the previous shot XD

  40. part of what drove me away from this game is the fact a chieftain is considered a highly mobile tank.

  41. 60 million pound cost

    when you are early but has no jokes to make

  42. might point out that you referred phalk’s gun depression as gun elevation. never change jingles

  43. What the Phauk?!

  44. Hi Jingles, I watched tour videos for several years already and this is my first video I’m giving a dislike. Nothing about tour content, but this is my way of saying that I simply don want to watch replays of broken reward tanks anymore. No matter the resultado, I think playing on this tank is just cheating.

  45. What to do. Oh what’s this ? *sees Jingles has uploaded a new video*
    I humbly thank Thee, Oh Evil Gnome Overlord for uploading another great video. PS : Today’s also my birthday. Thank You for this video sir! May You and also everybody other than me watching the video have a wonderful day!
    *happy salt-mining intensifies*

  46. I managed to google the pronounciation of “Maüschen”, and as I recall it, it was more like *[Moi’sjen]*. That’s all I can say

  47. Freakazoid aka Ben

    What a AFK damage Pinata Gameplay

  48. OP reward tank in 3 5 7 matchmaking. I’m neither surprised or impressed by the result. Honestly this is like watching a pz 2j battle.

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