World of Tanks – That’s My Boy

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When is a sealclubber not a sealclubber? Good question, watch and find out.

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  1. bravo kid

  2. This 9 years old kid plays better than I did when I was 16. That was really impressive.

  3. I started playing WoT (Blitz mind you) when I was 8, and only began learning certain skills after 4 years. The skill of this 9 year old is both mind boggling to me and impressive.

    Maximum props to this kid.

  4. The harm WG will see is the father surely will have bought some premium tanks and when he gives it to his son, wg wont be able to hold their hands 2 times out to collect cash.

  5. Actually jingles he was just side scraping not reverse side scraping.

  6. Glad i stopped playing this game. I can’t go up against that kid.

  7. Today was a hard day at work. My job is so bad that I am currently looking at training out of my own pocket to get skills to get a new one, Anyway, I am happy to see this video is up.

  8. If you think you can sit behind a 9 year old playing video games and have them listen to ANYTHING YOU SAY then you obviously don’t have a 9 year old.

  9. Roger Wåhlström

    i played 9 years im still noob , good luck “kid”

  10. Zero the Wanderer

    Kids can be surprisingly good at games, and have the thought process to solve things I no longer can, even if I played that game when I was a kid. If he keeps it up, he might be going places.

  11. Over 6,000 games played! And I have not had a 3000 damage game.

  12. Damn!!

  13. I really think Jingles is under estimating what a 9 year old can do in many video games, but no matter his age, it’s a very good game! Well played.

  14. this kid is going places

  15. Wargaming can just drop dead if letting your son play on your account is against their ‘Terms of Abusing our Players’

  16. A chip off the old block I bet his daa smiling away

  17. 9 year plays better than me

  18. Nice. This reminds me of playing this with my dad watching over my shoulder. He was artillery in the army, so he loved watching me play arty and get shots in. He did get annoyed with the lack of proper physics, but it was fun.

  19. Hm.. I’m honestly surprised by the lack of negativity in these comments

  20. and the proof that it is a 9yr old playing is what exactly? something a complete and utter stranger has said in an e-mail.

  21. Adam Charles Shaw

    I think Jingles is fairly gullible accepting that a 9 year old boy was playing this game. When Mitch submitted this game do you think he anticipated his game being uploaded to YouTube if he confessed to pub stomping?

  22. There is only two true seal clubber and thats the mighty KV-220-2 and pz ii j xD

  23. kedar Badri Bhaskar Vedula

    Bless the kid. I am really impressed.

  24. kedar Badri Bhaskar Vedula

    Thank you for sharing the story Jingles. This will help the WOT community more.

  25. 9 years old and plays better than the majority of t10 players.

  26. im trying to teach my youngest cousin how to play, and even with me looking and telling him everything he needs to do, he still cant do it. and he’s 14. great plays from this kid

  27. recruit the young tank killer

  28. Glorious 🙂

  29. subtlewhatssubtle

    That climb-and-dive escape is a strat I’ve only ever seen twice, let alone from a heavy tank. Mighty impressive.

  30. So in 4 years.. will we see this young lad on youtube posting his own WoT gameplay? XD

  31. Methinks dad was at the controls and the son was watching and drinking a juice box.

  32. 1:55 “We’re watching a 9 year old play world of tanks”
    And we’re shown the child is immediately better than most adults on planet earth.

  33. What a way to start the mornin! Watching a 9 year old kick the bejesus out of a bunch of adults who think they know how to play the game. Thank you Jingles for that entertaining replay.

  34. I love the narrative here, good for the kid!

  35. More kills than he is old!

  36. I get the argument about account access, zero concerns there. Here is the rub, just a year ago you were up in arms to put a higher AGE limit rating on WarGaming games due to the gambling aspect of WoT/WoWS. So its a bit odd that you choose to feature a game played by a child…

  37. jesus christ, im still coming to terms that thats a 9yo’s WoT replay, with enough finalizing and fine-tuning his playstyle, I bet top clans would want him for CW.

  38. Had lots of fun watching this one. Congrats to the kid.

  39. so one could sell a well equipped account, if one is fed up of WG?

  40. That kid is gonna love the AT-2 lol. Perfect for the fix bayonets and grind them down playstyle he employed.

  41. Beastmode 9yr old

  42. Yo this kids ducking great holy shit! Destined to be a Pro Gamer!!

  43. Wait…how old is he again?

  44. Drinking game: 1 shot every = “9 years old” (I made it to time 8:00, beat that)

  45. He hasn’t fire a single shot yet and I’m already seeing where this kid knows his WASD.

  46. NoPenguinsOnKharak

    >whats the hardm
    The harm is you DARE to play without grinding like mad and probably without paying! Thats unthinkable. Gib monnay!

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