World of Tanks || The Badger

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – FV217 Badger. Here’s the brand new T10 tank destroyer that’s causing quite a fuss!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

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  1. “Den gets penetrated..”

  2. Badger is totally op
    To pen the lower plate of an angled badger you need 270mm of pen otherwise say goodbye to your tank whatever you are playing.
    What please nerf the lower plate.

  3. Looks like a glorified British stug

  4. Hope qb knows every time he didn’t pen through the side of the other badgers he was litery aiming for there tracks

  5. Still like the 183 more than the Badger

  6. Dear Quickybaby, Did you get a chance at testing the Badger on round number#1 of testing. In that test, the Badger was a dream TD. It reminded me of the Russian Obj. 263 with that in your face style of fighting. In that test the Badger had a lot more speed and movement. It was not super fast in anyway, but a lot better then it is now. I feel they have Ruined this tank. Now tank is a one sided tank now. Needs to hide lower plate and watch it’s side. I would have preferred to have more speed and less DPM. Why? World of tanks…….Why?

  7. I got penned twice in the front from an IS3 firing AP from halfway across the map. No clue how he pinged that lower plate so easily from distance like that.

  8. this td is fuckin awesome, i have 3700 awarage dmg per battle

  9. QB – Saw lots of Badgers yesterday on the NA server. Took out a couple with my BC58 arty, haven’t met one yet in my E3 TD.

  10. Remove Arty from the game

  11. That rate of fire does not bother me but the armor does..

  12. Badger, badger, badger, badger
    Badger, badger, badger, badger
    Badger, badger, badger, badger
    Mushroom! Mushroom!

  13. There is 2 big problem in tier 10 at the moment…. The Is-7 was to weak and the Badger was to OP

  14. Love how every new tank is op according to this autistic community

  15. all us german TD players are laughing at the British now 🙂

  16. Where is the new graphics? the new tera the water the new himelsdorf? ?

  17. Lines up a perfect shot to the lower plate. Zooms all the way out and swivels the mouse before firing. Miss/bounce. Does it again, and again, and again. Did you not learn the first time to just stay zoomed until after firing?

  18. This is disgusting …. do they even test their abominations before release them in life servers!? That’s why the game will die rly soon and it is inevitable, unless they start to hard work. Meaning New map every 3 months .. HALF the XP from tier 1 – tier 10 .. and a lot of balancing stuff + better test on new releases like this shit here. Game feels boring for old players and too much of a grind for a new players. Now I’m aware there are ppl like QB here that probably representing like 1% of the players ( one of the oldest players that still play) but the game is on HUGE DECLINE cuz WG are busy polishing same old same old .. HD maps and shit instead of NEW CONTENT FRIQENTLY! And yea I’m pissed cuz I like it but the game gets worse and worse every year and the only thing they do is to polish graphics.

  19. Another Retard pubbie excelling in a TD … this thing is nowhere near balanced and causes braindead player’s to have great games in it .. also alot of players play it .. it should be rebalanced …

    the fact this player is retarded: Bad aim, shots he could’ve took and penned but didnt,

    The high armor and Rof made this idiot 10K if he tried to play a more sklil based tank like a fast cardboard autoloading medium tank he would’ve died in the first minute and yelled bad team! and pinged the map 10x…

  20. not the the favorite

  21. You mean the russian badger

  22. “Den” means “that” or that one in swedish

  23. the Honey Badger is better

  24. They should nerf dpm by a tad bit more, no one gives a shit if it has a few points over the tort or not, it has way better armor than tortoise and it has better gun overall, that’s what matters and that’s why it’s too good, you shouldn’t be able to just park yourself behind a ridge line and the enemies don’t stand a bloody chance.

  25. Heat is worst ammo ewen if it has better penetration. Thats why i dont usually shoot heat but when i shoot it doesnt penetrate or it dont even hit

  26. Badger – taking Pay2Win in WoTs to a whole new level. I know it’s not a premium tank, but unless you spam golds like no one business at it when it’s camping in the back hiding its lower plater then just be sure that you’ll be a smoking wreck soon

  27. Shitty Badger ruining the game!!!

  28. I would rather face an enemy Badger than a Type 5 Heavy in almost every situation.

  29. Shit tank unless u shoot glod not much chance of oening much with it plus rate of fire even if you win you are still down with the credits that if you shoot normal ap if u go gold then i hope you have a fat wallet to suport the loss. Totaly hate playing it already sold it and got jgpz :))

  30. Very good reaplay

  31. The armor is just stupid. The lower plate needs to be a lot weaker to make it not OP.

  32. wow quicky is a bit slow on this one, this guy used the is7 prem round to compare this armor… the is7 has the worst tier 10 premium round in the game, what about e100 heat oris4 heat or fucking e5 heat or literally any tier 10 heavy that uses heat and 345+ pen

  33. there is a very popular movie in Serbia, directed by Emir Kusturica. Whatever the plot, the main scene is when the monkey gets into the tank and starts shooting..
    And this is exactly the same situation – someone who cant shoot anything, mediocre player at best, gets into the likely the most OP vehicle ever to appear in WoT.
    Another gamebreaking vehicle, only this time WG surpassed themselves as this is the last nail in the coffin of the game..

  34. He still enjoyed the magic of driving a new tank, when most ppl do not yet where to shoot you

  35. Well I got my Badger and well…’s………..okay. That’s about it really.

  36. ahhhh… another badger, time to load premium rounds…

  37. tier 8s can pen it from the front. though its a challanging shot… hit just under the gun mantle and the shot will bounce down in the hull. when i was on the test server it worked around 50% of the times i shot there.

  38. This guy is bad. He got lucky game.

  39. When the Europeans and Americans haven’t managed to do some crazy shit leave it to the russians


  41. The 150 mm o ho cannon can do like 400 dmg if you hit it right in the gun area because of that thin plate.

  42. “Nineteen-ninety the fourth” 😉

  43. I am really dissapointed abaut the fact that as this badger added to the game, the STRV 103B is lost its uniqueness. I mean, okay these tanks abaut the dpm, and okay okay i know they are not compairable, becouse one of kind a front line warrior, and the other is more like backline sniper. but i feel the strv is losing its uniqueness more and more as the patches comes. But i cant ignore the fact that the badger got 123mm gun which is 3 mm more than tanks with 120mm gun and simply do more then 80 alpha dmg. Or 1mm more then the russian 122mm and still the badger still does 40 alpha more…. is it just fustrating for me or anyone else too? and yeah, im u huge strv fan, and so sad that again one tank which easaly overmatch the 40mm armor of the srv 🙁 but its only my point of view!!!

    • The planned project had a 120mm gun. So the 123mm gun from WG is, as so much else, just made up for whatever reason they can come up with. Probably as a way to buff damage.

  44. QB you need to learn some Finnish. That wasn’t a good pronunciation of “Mannerheim” …..

  45. Sorry i am 1 of the pissed players i ground hard and got all the way up the line and used all my free ex to research the fv215 183b. And was only 245.000 credits short so 1 more day would have done it only to find when i opened wot it updated it . .wish they had given us a date and time … i have lost all that free ex i have been saving for the last 6 mouths ……every time they always seam to do this when you want a tank they go and remove it ….tje first one i wanted like this all the way back in time was the kv 220 2 …thanks again war gaming …..not

  46. I Have had quite a few games in mine now and I am starting to love it just as much as my Tortoise 🙂 Just as long as you keep those pesky light tanks from doing the jingles on you lol

  47. if you play enough games in the Badger.. do you get a mushroom? and then a snake? :3

  48. this tank has everything aside from mobility and turret? ok. (I played 3 games in it avg 4.5k dmg minimum of 1 arty per game)

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