World of Tanks – The Beard Rides Yet Again

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I realise I’m supposed to be taking a break for a week, but sent me a replay and he doesn’t do that unless it’s something spectacular. I watched it and was immediately reminded of why I hate him – he makes WOT look so effortless :p

If you want to hate him too, just sit back and watch, and if you want to hate him even more, check out his Twitch and YouTube channels, links below.

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  1. I dont understand why do u need to hype one of your friends? he has his own
    channel, is he short on money or wtf? You have so many subscribers, they
    send you so many replays cuz they want to watch themselfs, you should help
    the community not the individual!

  2. Jeager Zimmerman

    “So you’ve killed everyone on my team, not capping the base, and trying to
    kill me? Your funeral” What I believe Circon was thinking as this was

  3. TheFluffyHGamer

    Why the enemies is purpur instead of red?

  4. Patrick Grænge Hansen

    JInlges when you get back from your break
    will you take a look at the USS Arizona
    or take a look at the tech tree for the German BBs

  5. jingles you didn’t have to make this video but you did and i want you to
    know we are all thankful.

  6. Thanks for showcasing my favourite player!

  7. you keep saying you need to take breaks and yet you go on trips to places
    far more than posting videos just how are you not rested?

  8. 3.48 you cant injure the commander without damaging the enemy tank, jingles
    u suck

  9. Vic does gaming

    wait a sec what was that thumbnail?

  10. With match making like that you’d be better get a good game.. Of course it
    is Circon Flexes…. just makes it too easy for him. lol

  11. i have lost count of how many times i have been on a team winning the match
    just to watch the team lose cause they just had to kill all and fail at it.
    WG needs to adjust there stats so if you lose a match you lose points
    instead of gaining them they need something for losing a match not you only
    get half the points.

  12. How old are your parents Jingles? I’m just curious.

  13. Really nice game Circon 😮
    Great commenty again by yourself Jingles

  14. Someone got bored. :P

  15. been watching your vids since mid 2012 and i have just noticed
    something…. i have yet to subscribe well better late then never
    only 4 years late but you got my sub lord gnome

  16. Crazy Circon! Powercarrying hard.

  17. Instead of “spidey sense” he has “Beard sense”.

  18. Glad to have u back :)

  19. JINGLES WITH THE CONTEST…. if i send you the video file? OR du i have to
    send you link to the video on YOutube! PLEASE HELP ME.

  20. awesome play circ

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    в нашу группу
    И сделать репост данного розыгрыша
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  22. wowzers!

  23. guys i must ask something,
    the guy here pretty much alone killed an entrie team, and yet lost 99.87%
    of his income to repair and resupply.
    how is it possible to advance somewhere with this economic?

    (to be honest that the reason i quit WOT 5 years ago*

  24. I hate this game but i dont know why i still play it

  25. circons streams are definitely not for relaxing, which is why i dont watch
    him. The shouting, the excessive swearing is definitely not for relaxing

  26. Michael Moretti

    He played well. But, let’s not completely ignore the fact that he was a
    LIGHT tank using his team-mates as cannon fodder to spot the enemy tanks
    for the first half of this battle. At one point, he was behind his entire

  27. awesome job lttb.that t25 was bot lol

  28. Team are dead 1 vs 6 no problem


    Hey guys! Check out my new gaming channel, have a good day!

  30. Well done Jingles for reaching 500,000 subscribers

  31. “I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me.”

  32. Goks The giggly Goks

    so no x com?

  33. hihi he cant be without posting Videos :D

  34. I am glad fellow tankers, youtube ers, get along, and i am glad you show
    one of circ replay, he is a very pro gamer, i enjoy both his stream and
    youtube, as i do yours. Peace!

  35. well that team was a bunch of shitters lol

  36. Lol the thumbnail is epic xD

  37. I absolute love my LTTB , the best light i’ve owned and i got the lot of

  38. Well played sir, well played.

  39. How are playing this game so long i dont get it why dont you get bored of
    it ive been playing this game for 4 years and i have had already 5 or 6
    breaks from it bcs i get bored,how do you keep your interest in it can you
    tell me.

  40. RollerCoaster47

    1700 Base exp is nothing in a LTTB.

  41. You’d think people would know what to expect from Circon by now, just by
    You’d think….


  43. always good to see circon its a shame about some of the players in his

  44. FullMoon Obsession

    Luckiest mm of the history of game

  45. Enjoy the rest of your holiday

  46. is it just me of did Circon ditch at least THREE team mates that would have
    been a 2vs1 to let them die so he can mop up and seem like a hero. ROFL
    come play on NA dude, least 3/4 can play better then 95% of EU can.

  47. I loved that crusader video, firing that 3″ howitzer is like posting a
    parcel bomb it takes so long

  48. LTTB doesn’t have the worst gun depression in the game. I think SU-101 and
    French arty have the worst.

  49. Michael Wallace

    Watched this live on the livestream, was hilarious.

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