World of Tanks || The Best Positions – Sand River (Assault)

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World of Tanks – Today I’m looking at one of in the game, dominating the mid ridge on in the the .

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World of Tanks a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I really agree that a new series with all the juicy locations is a great
    idea. I am a deacent WoT player, but i am struggling with map knowledge.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. can you tell me do kv-4 is good

  3. I think this map will be the next removed map

  4. well I got my highest damage from that position, 5k in Comet


  6. Benjamin Swearingen

    Please make this a series. Would be nice if both spawns were included as
    well :)

  7. QB, I hate your skills ;).

  8. i started to playthis game 5 years ago and i didnt know anything about it.
    i was like playing need for speed and cod at the same time. and now with
    the same account(yeah a red tomato account) i play acceptable for like 3
    months. but my wn8 is not rising that it shows in the match list how can i
    fix or rise it ?

  9. Dr. QuickBaby can you do the same video for Fisherman’s Bay with Medium
    tanks. I find it so hard to play . Thanks

  10. Thanks for the Videos QuickyBaby! I´m lately very frustrated in playing
    this game but you manage to motivate me to keep playing and give some
    AWESOME tipps that give a almost cruel advantage! Thanks a lot and keep up
    the good work!! :-)

  11. Replay analysis of qsf vs fame? We wait!

  12. The most UNDER powered location on any map is we’re ever I am

  13. i think the most OP position is the Majical Bush on fiery
    salient/prokorofka, anyone else think of any?

  14. Congrats on 400,000 subs!!!!!!!!

  15. curtis richards TheTogMan24 WoT

    @quickybaby i love the cdc finally brought it 2 days ago and love it also
    when can you send me a friend request on wot its me curtis and thanks for

  16. გიო ღლონტი

    which mod shows wm8 earned in batlle after finishing it its not in xvm

  17. what mod are you using for replays ?

  18. 8:08 wait…what?

  19. To your question: prokhorovka scout bush if your team doesn’t suck!

  20. To your question: prokhorovka scout bush if your team doesn’t suck!

  21. That position sucks for me in the CDC because the whole round the enemy
    artillery would be all over my ass

  22. And now my favourite position has become useless because everyone will
    start to camp around there…

  23. +QuickyBaby wait if you are playing as the french wouldnt it be more
    realistic if you were running away from the battle??

  24. 40 maps in WoT…how come I get the same four or five all the time then….

  25. did you copy DezGamez?

  26. pingouin astral kilian

    Hi from France QB I love all your vids man

  27. also remember to include TD spots :)

  28. amx chasseur de char in french means tank destroyer.
    but it’s a medium!!

  29. best video i have seen in these three years of this channel pls do this
    series as this has improved my gameplay dramatically

  30. when will the 9.15.1 update?

  31. also, can you do it from the other team’s tactics

  32. I always go to that spot with my SU-122-44, most of the matches I do
    2000-3000 damage because of that spoy

  33. Did 7k dmg using this position with my T-54. I love this map 🙂

  34. clickbait

  35. hope this is a series. good job QB.

  36. Be honest, QB. You couldn´t stand all the “noobs” anymore that “destroy”
    your gaming results on this map? ^^ Thanks for the video, I learned a lot
    from it.

  37. does that position also work in normal randoms?

  38. The STA-2 tier 8 premium tank also makes alot of credits and XP, maybe the
    same amount as the CDC

  39. Hey quickybaby can U make this a new series?

  40. Great video Quicky! It would make a really good and educational serie.
    Maybe you could add some kind of a heat map in the beginning showing all
    the important corridors for heavies and support sniping spots for TDs.

  41. PLEASE QB DO NOT MAKE THIS TOPIC A SET OF SERIES! The best positions are
    not best positions much longer if 10 tanks in your team rushes towards them
    from now on. Good positions in the map usually requires also that your
    teammates are located elsewhere. These kinds of “unicorn´s tips for noobs
    where to go” can be useful to some extent, but pls do not pin point every
    map because map tactics ARE NOT THAT SIMPLE nor are they black n white. Wot
    map tactics are not absolute, u have to learn to exploit the whole map, not
    just 1-2 sweetspots which might work the first 3-5min. into the game. Thank

  42. please do a series it will be very useful especially from a player and
    youtuber of your caliber….

  43. And what if attacking?

  44. please make a series. I think that it will help the game play and make it
    more dynamic as lots of tanks will race for a location and we’ll have made

  45. PANKi watched this just now :)

  46. Only a 40 degree traverse :(

  47. i just played my first WOT game. I was in a panzer III. My “allies” were
    from UK, USA, USSR. WTF????!!!!

  48. QUICKYBABY I just uploaded a replay onto your website about how artillery
    in world of tanks is horrendously unbalanced Please watch it its called
    Artillery so balanced, discourages camping
    the spg’s in the game need a complete over haul bc it’s clicking the fun
    out of the game for me

  49. I had mixed feelings about this video.

    First of all, I think the whole idea of video guides to strong map
    locations is a great idea, and I would be more than happy to see more from
    That being said…I think this video did the whole idea wrong. This did not
    display a map and powerful positions on the map, this video was simply an
    excuse to get hot and bothered over the AMX CDC. All that was showcased was
    a single position that only specific tanks could make use of – mediums (and
    maybe some lights or TDs) with good view range and gun depression.

    Now, I’m not trying to have a go at QB, I certainly couldn’t make a video
    of better quality, nor could I have a game of better quality, I am simply
    stating my opinion that the title of this video was misleading. I was
    expecting a guide video displaying strong positions on Sand River
    (Assault). What I instead got was a guide of what you should do if you’re
    in a medium tank defending Sand River (Assault).

    Keep up the good work QB, I look forward to more content, but I would like
    to request that the next video of this type show a little more…variety in
    terms of tank-types and positions.

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