World of Tanks – The Biggest Asshole

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

If it’s good enough for Kellerman, it’s good enough for me. Speaking of Claus Kellerman…

you asshole!

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  1. First!! 😂

  2. Last time I was this early I… I still was a free man not working in the salt mines…

  3. Good Evening Jingles, but haven’t we seen ‘the biggest Asshole’ before?

  4. 21 sec ago…wow… What a timing!

  5. Third 🙂

  6. The last time I was this early was the last time I was this early.

  7. 37 seconds :DD, 5th

  8. obligatory early post

  9. last time i was this early jingles correctly named a tank…

  10. Oh, you made a video about me? Than- oh, it’s not about me. Nevermind.

  11. okay, who gave him the dildo?

  12. I’m just gonna make this comment early and edit it to something funny later, yeah this is a good plan.

  13. Will you marry me?

  14. Last time I was this early my wife said, “Thank god.”

  15. I want the same video with a counter on the number of time you call for “Claus”

  16. Jong-Hwa (Jayden) Choe

    Last time I was this early, Japan still had a navy 😉

  17. Ah. Yes. 5am in America and I got my what finally wanted


  19. Lol, 15 min vid released 6 mins ago, 100 likes !!

  20. Hahaha the moment i saw the title i knew it was Claus

  21. What an asshole 👍

  22. I’m starting to think Jingles’ age has gotten to him as he began talking to pre-recorded statements by Claus…

    Never change

  23. 1min 30 sec in and i cant stop laughing =) This is making my day gg =)

  24. Fuck Claaus! hi is a useless shit talker!

  25. Kellerman – the loudest the guy on youtube. The Sam Kinison of tanks – without the cutting wit.

    Yells, stops himself, talks in circles steadily getting louder, barks, shouts, waits a moment then returns to full on yelling again.

    – rinse, repeat.

    He’s not an asshole – he tries so hard it’s kinda cute.

    It’s the sort of thing you’ll like if you like that sorta thing.

  26. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    Jingles uploaded a biggest asshole video?? I cant wait to see this

  27. Shoaf Steel Workshop

    lol I saw the title and I had to click like!

  28. if only you jingles where this sarcastic commenting a warships replay….naaa i’m not seeing that happening

  29. 11 minutes! A new record for me, hello glorious gnome!

  30. M44 is way much better than the Bert after the SPG rework

  31. WoT Wednesday it is then.

  32. Djamèl Oosterwegel

    Jingles, you’re going to make this into a thing, aren’t you?

  33. is voice over is eya cancer.. pliz stop it… is not even funny

  34. We need a techno remix of ‘it needs to be nerfed, it needs to be caged’

  35. Claus be like: Do I look like a guy with a plan?

  36. Refined arsehole? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Meanwhile in WoT Blitz the JPanther got (needlessly) buffed with 120mm of frontal armor(and 160mm on the side near tracks so you can’t even track and damage at the same time). This also means that the T7 has more armor than the T8.

  38. The issue that KV-2 had was not that he didn’t get into cover it was that he tried to aim. You don’t aim with the KV-2 you just yeet a round in a direction and it will be guided by Stalin’s Hand

  39. Great episode.
    Hey Jingles, are you still playing Heliborne?
    There was a update, new missions in PVE, and four new Helicopter.
    Would love to see a video about it from you.

  40. The last time I was this early I hadn’t lost my phone in my back pocket and got the notification!

  41. I think you might of sniffed too much paint fumes.

  42. I was hoping for Schrader round tree. 😥

  43. Totally wrong move on Claus’s part to head to the east side at the start like that.

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