World of Tanks || The Black Prince

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today _Bagheera_ is going to show you exactly what is the T7 British Heavy the Black Prince and how to use it to carry a game, really hard.

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  1. Fresh cut

  2. All the Churchills are excellent, swirwing deathmachines of doom.

  3. The Tier 6 Churchil is great, iam an average player but i am nearly about
    92%.. but i play and play and cant reach the 95% to get my third star on
    the gun. Its slow but deadly and has a massive armor

  4. exactly the video I was looking for this week :)

  5. Dream match-up and dream enemy tomato team, very well played and nice

    I understand why he keeps rocking back and forth (to minimise the chance of
    them hitting the top of his turret) but it makes him miss important shots
    as well. In case of that AT25 he should have stayed still for 2 shots, he
    has the reload on that tank.

  6. Black Prince is good at whats it doing

  7. holy fuck wheres your hair lmao

  8. the negro prince

  9. Quiky baby you are the best youtuber

  10. A little bit of me died inside once again when you said that the line might
    lead to Chieftain in the light of recent news.

  11. what are the replacing the heavy tanks with?

  12. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Don’t apologize for featuring a new video QB 🙂 Let the Unicum scrubs rant
    all they want. I enjoyed this video.

  13. anyone or just me that the video turned 360p at 7:42?

  14. i think you should do a review on the caenarvon, please do a review when
    its stock, and when its top gun

  15. Used it once to destroy a Caernarvon on Severogorsk. Was hulldown, at an
    angle, and just penned it on it’s turret with AP. No damage to me.

  16. Pro tip: when the last enemy hasn’t been spotted the entire game and a red
    enemy team tells you it is afk, chances are it is afk. These guys are noobs
    and most of them need their tanks to jump into the next match, so they
    won’t lie, they will just try to speed things up. And why wouldn’t you risk
    it? You can always get a victory, but rarely you have the opportunity to
    get 12 kills. With 7 minutes on the clock, he could have risk it for the
    biscuit and he was close enough to enemy spawning points to check and get
    into cap.

  17. Is, 390 alpha, unless you’re like me and use the 100mm

  18. I thought the BP was terribad. A top-tier bully. Most of this battle he’s
    killing tier 5-6. I quit playing the Brit heavies because of it as the Asia
    server gave it tier 8-9 battles over and over PLUS everyone spams prem
    ammo.. Generally a rubbish vehicle with next to no flexibility with an
    abysmal gun for anything over tier 7. Anyone who prefers this over a T29 is
    a fool, lol, or even the Tiger I and IS.
    And what about those teams? Talk about World of Tards. Tier 7 with a load
    of tomatoes; barely anyone over 50% win rate. Just depressing.

  19. where can i get noob enemy teams like this??

  20. +QuickyBabyTV Why do you have no Crusader British Tier V Light tank games
    on your channel?

  21. Can you stop posting videos of people who win because they fire premium
    ammo endlessly when the game gets rough? It’s like saying the key to doing
    well in tight situations has little to do with actual skill. I came to
    learn about playing better, not knowing when to fire premium ammo or not.

  22. Love my Prince, first Tier 7 Heavy I got still have it. Really love the HD

  23. Syrup ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    In my career, I’ve never seen a whole team lie about an AFK player, to
    someone with 11 kills especially. There will be one or two asshats, but
    sometimes it’s just honest people who like to see others do well.
    I know, right? That doesn’t sound like world of tanks.

  24. 10k Subs No Videos?

    I once saw someone with 107k games played ;-;

  25. XleadfootX Wotblitz

    I just got the t40 because of ur previous video , now I have to get the
    black prince , I give up lol

  26. I play on the Xbone version and I’m getting ready to get the BP

  27. Question is, did really BP needed buffs? I dont think so. I was allways
    thankfull for bad players in BP, because that thing wasnt easy to pen, but
    in good hands it was huge problem. Even tier 8s had hard times to pen it if
    well angled. Now they make it even stronger…WG logic.

  28. Cristian Villanueva

    man i fucking love my BP, sidescrape any chance you can. Its an utter beast
    in city map; being able to track enemies to death, hell i’ve stood my
    ground against e75s (granted i threw ALOT of gold at their lower plates)
    but its slow so choose where you go wisely and shooting on the move is a
    dream. Alligator Tanks for lyfe

  29. Any centurion 1 vids? Can’t find anyone’s I like :(

  30. I do like tue black prince. It was my first t7 tank. Though I did enjoy the
    churchhill 7 more, the bp is strong and reliable and it gets the job done

  31. If you check QB and Jingles videos of people controlling the battle at
    their fingertips, you will see that 99.92621% of the games don’t have arty.
    Gee I wonder why its killing the game at least in NA.

  32. Black Prince is definitely one of my favorite looking tanks.

  33. T29 has a 76mm, think that’s a bad stock gun on a T7?
    Try the Pershing stock, T8 with the 76mm, my word, you are utterly useless.

  34. seriously, could this guy have had his enemies perform any worse than they
    did against him in this game. I just wish I had potatoes so bad vs me in
    WOT. Even the E25 played like a fool against him.

  35. Thanks for bonus vid while jingle gone to egx show can you do it till sat
    day when he back that be love you are one of oldest Youtuber I watch but I
    not made channel since last month

  36. @QuickyBabyTV Can u make a preview how to deal with the Med of the Brits
    FV4202..i think. Or a how to play this “med”
    Lot’s of people compared this is not a Med, not a heavy.. so what is this
    Tank all about ?!?!

  37. “Black Prince”, “QuickyBaby”… Those britians… :)

  38. I love my BP but the speed is frusterating. Sad to hear that the turret got

  39. The Black Prince, already weak, was nerfed more.. because WG.

  40. I have the black prince I love it

  41. I have it and ever since I got it I never sold it. It is fucking great.
    Best cred maker.

  42. PLEASE show a replay on the Churchill VII! That tank was just absolutely
    horrible for me. No gun depression whatsoever (I think it’s like 3
    degrees), the hull armor says it’s good but I just couldn’t make it work,
    and the gun is the same as the Cromwell’s, not very good for a heavy tank
    that’s that slow. I rage-sold it before I could get the same 77mm as the
    Comet has.

  43. in o-ni i did 5.5k damage and blocked 6.5k :P

  44. I still have 18 000 xp to go thil next tank on Plack Prince. I use improved
    fuel it gives 5-10% more horsepower (sacrifice the repare kit for Fire
    Extinguisher and first aid) I don’t use the reparekit becouse I can get up
    to speed and – slopes faster that way. And when I get tracked I could not
    escape any way (too slow top speeds).

  45. hate meeting these things, maybe a low damage gun but so much armour make
    it tough one on one. loving the better quality videos.

  46. New drinking game! Take a shot ever time the O-I on his team

  47. I traded my BP for a T29 I just got so sick of getting to the fight so late
    in the game and then just being swarmed by meds and same tier HT’s that
    could out maneuver and out gun you, not to mention you are a slow moving
    target with large flat areas that SPG’s love to shoot at. You have to be
    top tier and you need to be able to move into cover after a short time.
    This tank needs the 20pdr from the centurion 1 to make it even worth the
    slow ass grind through 3 tanks just as painful before it. matilda,
    churchill I & churchill VII. Tough the churchill VII is better in all
    aspects i think tier for tier than the BP.

  48. I have a black prince and i absolutely love it

  49. One of the worst tanks tier for tier in the game.

  50. QB, you look different… -_-

  51. Black Prince is a beastly tank, anyone who says otherwise has no idea how
    to use it. There are too many idiots in the game that use the BP and the
    Churchills, they dont angle, they don’t aim properly and they throw
    themselves into the reds then pop up in chat and blame the tank.. Makes me

  52. WOW your new PC is a beast! 1080p60fps 😀

    But on the other hand, this replay is not worth making / commenting cause
    look at the mm and xvm this black prince can’t do worse than this, I don’t
    see why this replay is good except for good luck and good luck

  53. I really liked the BP abs the Churchills

  54. Farming red tards. Quite boring video Quickey. the BP is made for raping
    red tards. Like the Kv1s which stands only there and shoot, bounce every
    shot while Bp pens him everytime. I will never understand those red fucks.

  55. Man, that game had more tomatoes than my garden.

  56. Almost to 300k Quickybaby! We can do it!

  57. Those were the most unecessary APCR rounds I have ever seen.
    Like kicking puppies was not enough for him.

  58. I got my first kolobanovs medal this week but I didn’t have replays turned
    on because the very last moment is the most amazing part about it

  59. thejoedude thefirejoe

    most of the games QB features are games that were handed to the player… i
    mean hes top tier, no arty, and the other T7’s on the other team were
    garbage and handed him a huge game, a 48% winrate player at 2k games could
    do that…

  60. I’ve been driving my Black Prince for a long time and have one mark of
    excellence in it. I’d say the armour feels generally fairly similar, though
    I have noticed that it’s more difficult to bounce guns with 200+ pen,
    whereas previously 88mm guns would load APCR to get through when angled.

    I’m a little disappointed that it didn’t get a buff of some sort to
    compensate. I’ve always found that the gun’s penetration was a little poor.
    The high RoF counters the low alpha but when you’re battling heavy tanks of
    higher tiers, unless they give you flat shots at weak spots or you can get
    around the sides and rear, getting through their armour is very difficult.

  61. if the sole surviving enemy is lower tier, deep red, terrible WR & enemy
    players say he’s afk, you can be almost certain the piece of shit is a

  62. The Black Prince has to be my favorite heavy to play in the game. Kind of
    wish there was a tier 7 mode of strong holds or clan wars that would make
    it viable to play other than randoms. You essentially keep your tier 6’s,
    8’s and 10’s for those game modes and sell the rest. But the Black Prince
    is one I keep just because I enjoy playing it

  63. hey quickly baby. can you do a is 4 review?

  64. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    The BP is one of my least favorite tanks. Slow, and the armor it gets isn’t
    even fantastic. I mean I auto-aim then in my T29 and it pens every time
    unless it hits the gun mantle. Not to mention the gun is a medium tank gun.

    Also if there’s one afk guy left I’d rather the enemy team win then have a
    draw and we both lose. I’ve got some sportsman ship. It’s pretty rare where
    I see someone lie about afk.

  65. the facecam doesmt fit with the sound

  66. Hi Quicky, nice vid, THX

    You rightly said:”…here you can see what it takes to achieve such
    rsults..” kind of … I give you 100% acknowledgment. It takes:
    – an awful idiot TEAM that manages to die fast and deal the least possible
    damage to enemy
    – an slightly less idiot enemy TEAM that manages to kill the bigger noobs,
    but still is too dumb to cooperate, flank or even frickin move their tank
    when its being shot to peaces
    – an extraordinary matchmakin for your particular Tank…

    Right, that is all you need for such RESULT, ha ha

  67. wargaming can suck my balls

  68. I really loved the Black Prince. Its an absolut Beast when Toptier.

    This game was nearly perfect. Awesome gameplay!

  69. worst tier 7 heavy in the entire game. ok armor. garbage gun unless you
    fire gold. sure the Russian 122mm guns only have 4 more mm of pen but they
    only have to hit you once to do considerable damage. this thing you have to
    hit 3 to 4 times to do any considerable damage. only good when top tier
    against players who cant aim who dont fire gold

  70. You never did a replay of tje jagdpanter te tier 7 I wold love to see that

  71. Je pense que 180mm serait bien sur le BP

  72. I wanted this 1/2 year ago when i had it now i have the conqeror…….

    Not funny QB

  73. This is how you get a good win rate.

  74. I’m glad I finished the grind on my BP long before this HD remodel. Frontal
    armor and a rapid fire gun were the only things this tank had, and now they
    nerfed the armor. What next, another completely irrelevant IS-7 buff to

  75. Im currently using the bp. I feel the armor is better, but its the worst t7
    heavy tank besides the tiger

  76. I am liking the quality of videos

  77. what are you talking about hardly any black prince gameplay????
    its garbage of a heavy tank….the tank you have never veiwed was the
    tiger2 were on earth is an iconic tank like that gone????

  78. im about to rebuy that tank

  79. thnx QB for some british ht gameplay

  80. I want to grind for the Black Prince but the ChurchHill VII really sucks :(

  81. Pause at 1:52 lol.

    But BP is pretty good. I have never played it myself, but that armor is
    quite hard to go through as a tier 6 or 7. It’s cool to see these new

  82. i find smashing tomatoes games boring.Top tier + tomatoes zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  83. No mastery badge after playing like that in a low alpha damage
    vehicle…what an injustice. I think it matters on the person driving the
    tank even at tier VII. Not as well armored as other tier VII’s so I think
    it can get picked apart by a high alpha damage gun and the slow speed makes
    it easy to flank by good mediums and lights.

  84. have problems with the video it is like if it was lagging :(

  85. That game was a thing of beauty.

  86. need to be top tier and in a town map , or just useless :(

  87. He read Monday’s comments he skipped “the one everyone wants”. Nicely done.

  88. by far One Of my favorite tank in the game! on paper it looks like crap,
    but on the field it’s a beast! at least when your know how to use it…
    first when you hit ennemies, they dont really care about your 150dmg…but
    i shoot every 4s, and rarelly miss or bounce.
    secondly,the armor can bounce a huuuuge amount Of shells, even T9…i
    remember a game facing an RHM and a russian médium at the end, i bounced
    3times the 15cm And killed both Of them, Of course i’ve been called
    the funny thing is that my friends are unable to play whith it, i guess
    this is an odd tank that your have to learn well…
    Anyway,i will never sell this tank, And feel more confortable with it than
    any else T7 heavy…

  89. I had to use a good amount of free exp to get out of the BP. I liked the
    armor and the gun, but I could not take the grind through yet another 20’s
    kph top speed Churchill variant. Really enjoyed the Caern and currently
    loving the Conqueror!

  90. I would totally go for the churchill at the end, a 44% player not spotted
    for the entire game? Just go to the spawn, 95% chance that he is there, afk
    or bot. Thats 700 free dmg to add to the total, probably 50-100 more points
    of base XP.
    Nicely played anyway, rare to see such good scores in such a shitty tank!

  91. Fact is, if WG added the chieftain, it would probably become the most
    stupidly OP tank in the game and they’d have to nerf it hard. should be a
    tier 11 tank judging off the real life stats

  92. a very lucky game for the Black Prince

  93. WG armour diagrams are inaccurate. Turret roof remained unchanged in HD
    model. It’s the same 50 mm as it was before and it has the same, autobounce
    angle when you are on flat with your enemy. It’s not really a weakspot,
    unless you are facing taller tanks at close range.
    However, turret cheeks are now weaker (152mm + angle).

    You talk about rate of fire but it’s not really that great… TOG actually
    has the same! BP has one of the lowest DPM among all tier 7 heavies and
    that is coupled with low penetration and alpha dmg (AMX M4 has less DPM but
    the best penetration on its tier). And this is what cripples this tank. No
    alpha, meh penetration and very underwhelming rate of fire.

    You make this tank look better than it actually is. But it has one of the
    worst statistics on its tier despite the fact that it’s not really popular
    (compared to IS or TIger) which means that there is higher percentage of
    good players playing it. It’s a serious candidate for buffs but nobody
    really talks about Black Prince so WG will never buff it.

  94. Both teams pretty tomato colored, end result not a surprise. Really did not
    like the BP that much, oh so slow and the top gun a bit lacking.

  95. Well this Tank is not bad for T7 but when this thing is facing T8 or even
    T9 it got basicly no chance rly no

  96. 6 Acpr dear lord i have seen people shootingme aroud 10 + acpr in my kv-1
    this is so bullshit and this is the thing that breaks the game i dont have
    many tanks im just fp2 i dont play alot and when i see on the damage recive
    panel how much acpr are been shot at just give up its to stupid some people
    spend many many real money just to penetrate tanks in a game and yet i have
    see idiots who keeps spaning acpr or heat against my kv-1 when im
    sidescraping they can pen and they keep doing it over and over again but
    when i see tier 6/7 spaning acpr this is just cruel and stupid most of the
    biger tanks have more pen and can easy pen kv-1 110 turrnet or 75 hull with
    no problems…..

  97. Was this video made with your new Monster Rig? I think a lot of us would
    like to know when you start using that awesome Rig. Awesome videos BTW

  98. Only when top tier and vs newbies, everything else is rather frustrating
    when driving BP….

  99. Loving the recent focus on lower-tier tanks. I hope it continues!

  100. i took 4k dmg in my at8 in a tier 8 game


  102. i love you <3

  103. BP At teir 7 game it’s good at teir 9 it’s fun because no one cares to
    shoot u, you are their last option ….

  104. I think it’s like the tog but faster and the black prince is armored.

  105. This tank is one of the worst tank in game, you can only have good games
    being top tier. It is not worth it.

  106. and weird eneugh my sherman jumbo block more damage than whit the black

  107. Black Prince is king of side scraping at tier 7 I find.

  108. i realy liked the black prince but it was so slow iam so lucky that the
    ceanervon is faster

  109. I would like to see some chaffee game play please, if its possible.

  110. The BP is decent. Certainly better than it looks on paper.

  111. Quickybaby could you do a fury video??? i havent seen a vid about it on
    your channel – bt great work regardless :)

  112. how long does the offer on the black prince?

  113. i gave up at tier 6

  114. ☑ Top Tier
    ☑ No Arty
    ☑ Handful of skilled players on enemy team

  115. Change intro

  116. I liked the BP, got the tier 10 now, but maby i should get me back the
    BP??? just for the fun for it 😉 and the BP is pretty week if you do not
    know hovr to drive it, or you go unsuportet by your team, Good video :-)

  117. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    I remember my good old days in the BP, maybe I should play it again, its in
    my garage rusting away since I have the fv215b already

  118. Quickybaby Why are you not doing tank reviews anymore?

  119. Nice game. During my time with the Black Prince, I really learned how
    important it was to angle the armor. The bounces you can get on that thing
    from angling a bit is hilarious. It wasn’t really good in tier 9 games, but
    man it’s funny when you get bounces from T34 heavies shooting at you.

  120. Wargaming copyed that diagram from gajin. Gajin was the first to use this
    (between wot and wt).

  121. Bagheera used to play WoW or still does.

  122. Well… in my opinion his armor is still like a paper. – ISU152 driver

  123. rad!

  124. Seeing as the 17pounder gun is/was so good at penetrating armour the shells
    move very slowly in game… Very very slowly.

  125. I have it and I got on it Ace Tanker for 1550XP and 3800DMG ( my best
    battle :-)) and now I need 8 000XP to Caernarvon. BP is best Tier 7 tank I
    think. (I have only this T7 tank :-))

  126. Димитър Калъчев

    very very good at the top and kinda bad at the bottom

  127. Didnt have much luck with it myself, in all my really good games my teams
    failed so hard I had no way to win it :/
    The armour seldom seemed to live up to its tickness and the gold spam didnt
    help either…

  128. Matthew “Donutdude” Halsey

    I do not own a Black Prince. I do, however, own an IS, an IS-2 and a T29
    and I very much enjoy buttering these vehicles in-game, though admittedly
    that is due to a vast number of players not knowing how to angle
    effectively. That and the fact that I play like an lunatic in my IS tanks –
    I effectively play them as medium tanks!

    A good video. Great to see some more coverage of the mostly unnoticed
    british HTs.

  129. Blackprince one of the worst tanks in the game.

  130. The Black Prince is ok when Top Tier, but the other T7 heavys are mostly
    waaaay better. A good IS2, T29 or Tiger (P or not) driver would have
    slaughtered him ^^

  131. After finally finished the black prince and getting my caernarvon, I can
    safely say I am glad to have moved on. The Black prince was nowhere near as
    bad as the churchill 7, but it’s not a good tank. It fires weak shots and
    not particularly fast, moves slower than a snail and generally has terrible
    matchmaking. The armour is fantastic, especially when angled, but
    ultimately you get raped by gold ammo and higher tier tanks that just push
    straight through your armour thickness. It’s not a completely unplayable
    tank, but there are so many better tanks that you have no real reason to
    play this unless you really want to go down the british tree. I must admit,
    after so long playing churchill-based tanks, they have grown on me quite a
    lot, but don’t expect an amazing tank when you go through this tree;
    they’re average at best.

  132. top tier? no arty? this is not world of tanks to use QBs own line

  133. He got the short straw when God was handing out guns LOL

  134. 블랙프린스 장갑 하향 ㅠ

  135. The enemy team might say the truth sometimes…

  136. The enemy team might say the truth sometimes…

  137. I think he was afk and it would be 12 frags ;)

  138. Well played, but sucks that he didn’t hunt the Churchill. If he truly was
    AFK then all the BP would just have to peak over that ridge line and look
    into the enemy base to find out. If the Churchill was down there he could
    farm him, if not then he had plenty of time to back up and cap, but don’t
    cap without even trying to kill them all. To be honest even if the
    Churchill wasn’t afk and the BP bumped into him the Churchill would likely
    fire ineffectively into the BP’s hull and would get torn apart considering
    it’s a 44% wr 41 WN8 (or efficiency, idk which QB uses) “player”

  139. nubs gg

  140. Yey I’m early!

  141. Being good in the BP –> step 1: be toptier, if not: go search for the next
    deep water to drown yourself.

  142. Love the Black Prince, but think a slight penetration buff on the 17 pdr.
    would be nice.

  143. the cupola on the t110e5 is no longer a weak point aswel. I love it even
    more now, it’s like a tier 10 t29 when you go hull down :D

  144. 306 th biatcheees

  145. Not quite 301 club…

  146. this has been here 4minutes!

  147. I don’t like the bp to slow?

  148. Never played it before

  149. wooohoooo

  150. early!

  151. Im early

  152. lukas kriščiūnas

    number 5 :D

  153. First!!!

  154. Nice just thought i might look if there is a new video =D

  155. What do you think of the Black Prince?


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