World of Tanks – The Bucket List

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drivers don’t ask for a lot. All they want to just for once maybe not be the last one left alive on their team, see what an enemy cap circle looks like, and maybe, just to see how it feels, kill something by ramming…

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. You really do need new glasses dude or at least review the submitted videos more thuroughly.

    Two points so far and I’m only 3 minutes into the video:

    1. Jackomu’s first round (HE at the SU-152) didn’t bounce, it exploded on contact with the shed he was tying to fire through to get to the SU-152; and

    2. that _”T29 up north”_ you spoke of early in the match (you did note there are two T29’s on this team right? One driven by *_Bluntshooter,_* the other by *_tmak_* ), he ( I’m guessing it was _tmak_ ) didn’t survive, he was killed by the *T-34-1* ( _Hardstyle_ ) at 13:00 match time, 02:55 video time.

    As a retired Canadian infantry WO (RN CPO), one would have thought the RN at least would have taught you to be more observant… 😛

    Cheers from the colonies!

  2. the best I’ve had was 13 kills in the t1 heavy by the way good game

  3. As a tier 6 scrub, I find senseless overkill of t8 artys highly therapeutic. Thankyou gnomish one and jacomu for this.

  4. I have 118,000 free exp what should I get the KV-4? Or the T28 prototype ? Plz idk what’s better, I love tank destroyers but I also love heavy tanks

  5. You gotta give the WZ132 credit because he did try and track him

  6. ACKSHULLY Jingles, kills are only one metric for assessing gameplay. Most of such games reward Lone Ranger me, myself, and I behaviour, and you can even earn Unicum by utter selfishness. Spotting, baiting, support, letting someone else take the kill, self-sacrifices and the like? Lower scores, kills, rewards/ medals. “Loserdom”, in winwinwin mindsets. Same in that dem’d ship game, as Notser recently pointed out. So ease up on the rest of us in the middle, will ya, Yellow Admiral Jingles, sir?

  7. Holy fucking hell! how is that even possible, the email was no lie!

  8. What do you think is better !!!! war thunder ?? Or world of tanks????

  9. Absolutely, congrats on that ram kill.  Great video!

  10. something like that happened earlier today and I was in artillery

  11. All we nee now in world of tanks is nowdays tanks

  12. See, I think 12k credits earned for a job like that is broken.
    Credit making in this game is so bad ATM It’s almost not worth playing anything but tier 6 or premium vehicles
    And since arty changes, I have been using 10 times as many med kits to boot.
    WG could F up a 2 car funeral procession…

  13. Peter Georgijevic

    M103 with over 2000 damage is useless? ok then

  14. This reminds me of why I play the game. It’s frustrating, it’s unbalanced, it’s unfair, and it’s costing me my sanity at times. But when it comes out the way you want it to, you’ll never forget it.

  15. that last t29 wasn’t even the same one that was up north…/facepalm

  16. I just want to make a point if u look at the damage and kills done here he still needed to pay for a premium account to make money here so can any1 else say that this game has not become a pay to advance game or wat

  17. TheCardboardJedi

    I love my Zoom Turtle!!

  18. Jingles video, like then watch. That’s how I do it

  19. Frostburn Phoenix

    T95 driver UNITE! It is time that we serve our grace in the best way possible by using the 155mm gun and blowing large chunks of salt off the mine to then increase the production of salt by our loving overlord!

  20. Finally not a single word about “Ships” and the return of the Jingles we all love yo listen to..

  21. Right before he kills that first arty he drives down a small slope and for the shortest moment he does 27 KPH so he can scratch that one of the list as well.

  22. Um actually Jingles, it’s an SU-152 up north, not an ISU.

  23. Actually Jingles the T95 got a speed buff quite a few patches ago, although it still isn’t super fast it is a bit of a faster doom turtle now.

  24. LOL! “Unbelievable” indeed.

  25. No camouflage paint protection. Incredible.

  26. hey jingles have you heard of the new world of warships blitz?

  27. I’m surprised my head didn’t fall of while I was laughing.

  28. very true about the doom turtle

  29. President Camacho

    That was exciting to watch. But the Detailed Report always makes me take a break or not return to this game. With that kind of performance this player should have earned at least 40k credits in profit and not just 12,662. Little to no incentive for player’s to play their best which aggravates other players wondering why other’s are so bad at WoT. The answer is WG needs to improve credit earning for outstanding games to get players coming back for a chance at earning a lot of credits and encourage other’s to do their best. Until then I’ll continue to play other games that want return customer’s.

  30. Wow, Youtube removed you from my Subscription list again Jingles.

  31. Game's Laboratory

    Waht a play

  32. Welcome to WORLD OF TANKS!

  33. Jingles you need to apologise to the M103 Player… Kills mean nothing you have proven that with your kill stealing like a boss vids many times.

  34. The SU-152 didn’t bounce the shot. The shot exploded the shack in front of him.

    Come on Jingles, get a new prescription buddy. 🙂

  35. Jingles goofing around again, didn’t notice T95 was shooting HE few times and assumed it was AP

  36. I don’t think that commander’s hatch (Or whatever it was) from that T-34-1 still hasn’t come down yet. That thing got launched when the tank went up.

  37. The Archaic Scroll

    Everyone requesting videos, give up because there’s a Circon game just sent to Jingles that is absolutely amazing.

  38. the bucket list for the t95 for me has ben completed ive done all of them

  39. I get tired of playing World of tanks but after watching your video you make me play it again….

  40. Jacke e-is-silent

    “155mm gun with 276mm of penetration just got defeated by 75mm of armour. Well, of course it did. :)”

    Actually, Jingles, it’s 75mm of RUSSIAN armour…. 🙂

    (I know all about the overmatching mechanics and why the round would ricochet. But I think my explanation is funnier. 🙂 )

  41. Doom Gazelle. Oh Jingles, I love you

  42. More power to them all.
    I personally can not take the slowness.

  43. Vaping Saves Lives

    But isn’t the Kolobanov’s medal the one that everyone wants? Seems I’ve heard that once before… unsure where….

  44. Nice Driver reference 🙂

  45. Poor S1. Tier 8s have a tough ride at the moment, and ones that depend on not being overmatched… Been in the 122-44 in that position too. LOVE that thing… except when I run into something that my shells may as well be spitballs. lol

  46. Kostya Slobodyanyuk

    @The Mighty Jingles hey there Jingles, wargaming just released a new game World of Warships Blitz. You should give it a go and give your own opinion of it. Currently available. Good luck.

  47. Don’t remamber when i laughed so loud last time on Your replay :D:D:D:D:D

  48. Ventsislav Yordanov

    Why aren’t you playing Armored Warfare anymore? I used to really enjoy your aw videos. Would love to see it again

  49. Thomas Wilkinson

    The Commentary turned into football mode at 6:42, hahahaha, wonderful.

  50. So people are complaining he didn’t get enough credits, but consider this; he killed tier 8s. He only did 5k damage, and those shells are expensive as balls. So idk why you thought he was going to earn more credits

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