World of Tanks – The Bulldog Bully

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I recently received the M41 90 GF as a gift in and thought I’d take it for a quick spin!

Live streaming with standards!


  1. If it was a Ravel 3L You would have gotten 4 of them, minimum. Lights are
    your thing, ‘Strafe. We all know it, too.

  2. Tanks go Boom, the sequel.

  3. Nice video SideStrafe, I know what you mean with getting impatient in a
    light tanks, its usually the moment I f*** it up when that happens.

    Q: will you do more video’s on the Division? Loved to watch you play with
    your friend!

  4. Glad you’re back to this game Strafe! I’ve been watching since the “daily”
    WoT days!

  5. At 6:20 when you took that big hit, I think you may have saved that
    low-health T54 from taking it instead.

  6. Something you should consider with the 90 on this beast of a machine is
    carrying more HE rounds. The 90 gets High Explosive Plastic rounds with
    102mm of pen for 320 damage. It’s excellent for taking out other (lightly
    armored) lights and also it does great work to the back end of some

  7. Great gameplay! And what a nice tank! Love the video, thanks for the

  8. Hey have you tried out Squad yet? I would love to see some videos on it

  9. This Video should have been called: SideStrafe Presents “Tanks Go Boom”.

  10. Awesome vid

  11. Without teaching grandma to suck eggs you might want to check out the
    special HE ammo this tank carries, It’s a lot more effective than normal HE
    and does a shit ton of damage. Great for those arties and lights.

  12. It’s nice to see you playing some Wot again, I really enjoy watching you.

  13. Richard Gustafsson

    Right click for autoaim SS haha

  14. Most excellent sir, most excellent ^^

  15. Another wot replay?? What is this magic? Side strafe is back!

  16. I actually got the regular tier 7 Bulldog last week. Really enjoying it. I
    played the GF as a rental and didn’t prefer it really. I mean if you want
    crew training and credits it’s probably okay, but that 90mm is not really
    that much better a gun than the top gun in the tier 7.

  17. Keep up the good work, you handle that m41 a lot better then I ever could!

  18. great vid as always

  19. DevilishlyHandsomeLettuce _

    You’re going to want to check out the game Crossout by Gaigin ;)

  20. I just unlocked the tier VII Bulldog on the PS4, can’t wait for that

  21. Awesome vid as always. Keep up the good work!

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