World of Tanks – The China Syndrome

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

There are a lot things I like about this battle, but one of the is that moment when the enemy tryhards with gold ammo and loses when regular High Ex would have done the trick and won the game. Maybe I’m a bad person but that’s the sort of shit that makes me laugh.

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  1. A bit of advice for ‘How to Japanese Romanji’: its all short vowel sounds. 99.9% of the time. So Sasuke would be sah-soo-kay, and every sylable has the same inflection across the word in most cases as well. So its NOT sah-SOO-kay.

    • Sorry but that’s wrong. First the book is probably called “How to read Japanese Romaji”. And depedning on the level of accuracy that Ro should be long so Roo or Rō.
      There are multiple transcription systems so it’s not really straightforward. E.g. sha vs. sya. Some systems even ommit the long vocals. I hat those.
      Next the u is very often pretty silent, almost non-existant in many Japanese words. There are exceptions but more often thant not the u ist silent.
      In example where you can hear the u would be sugoi or subarashii.
      I’m not sure if there is an explicit rule but I’m at least currently not aware of it. And even if one exists there are probably exceptions.

    • @Kal Taron I wasn’t even talking about a book, thats just my own experience and comparing Romanji to Katakana and Hiragana. Of course its not always like that and there are exceptions, its just a rule of thumb.

  2. God dam jingles , its SASUKE not SUSAKI 😂😂😂

  3. You know, When he said “I’m just going to call him ‘Wacker’ from here on in”, I thought he said he was going to call him “Wanker”. Had to rewind and replay the video. Then clean my screen of because I’d just taken a drink when it happened.

  4. Who here didn’t see the first kill at 1:16 and went back to look again? 😀

  5. Nothing like sending dissidents to gulag wether you russian or chinese.

  6. I sure do miss random acts of violence!.. 🙂

  7. “Uchiha Susake”….Jeeeeebus

  8. absent-minded goldfish

    i feel my kokoro going itai everytime the gnome overlord says sasookee

  9. Nothing better than coming home from work to both Jingles and Flambass with new uploads, great way to wind down.

  10. Joachim Danielsson

    I am a man of many names on this Youtube channel it seems. Not bragging obviously 😎 But it has been a while since last. An honor as always though and as tradition calls for it.

    Mum bring the camera! I’m on YouTube

  11. Taiwan number one.

  12. Shoutout for those of us who know what the china syndrome is

  13. Isn’t the china syndrome the kung-flu?

  14. Type 4/5 Heavy were nerfed, I think, not so long ago and their HE is a lot less effective now. They are kind of forced to play/shoot as if they are a regular tank now… Which brings them in situations such as this where they soap gold.

  15. you last few videos the audio volume has been “low” and I don’t mean super low just oddly lower than it used to be and lower compared to other videos.

  16. sad part of this round was BOTH Bat Chats on his team did ZERO…

  17. Oh jingles please don’t change, butchering the name of the t-44-100 player calling him a susake…. well back to the gulag I go!!

  18. Who the hell is ”Whakiem” ?

  19. Imperial Guardsman

    Commenting on all of jingles videos until he continues assassins creed odyssey part 5

  20. “weabs are people too”
    Cute, but nobodys believing that when you use a derogatory term to refer to them.

  21. Thanks Jinges for not raping my ears anymore with the intro <3

  22. That name “joachimdnlss” is just another way of saying DAVE! Come on Jingles, you should know this 😀

  23. needs replay contest

  24. T-62A: ahah the 121 didn’t know I’m right next to him and not aim his gun at me.

    121’s Gun Aiming at the T-62A now

    T-62A: never mind

  25. Jingles, please don’t think you have to do World of Tanks videos just for old times sake. It’s over, the sun has gone down on the day of World of Tanks.

  26. 6:50
    It can’t just be me right?

  27. Syahareen Sha Rani

    The only thing I love this replay he use all AP and didn’t bother to spam HEAT (unlike other players ….) I give him full respect

  28. When the man who watches girls und panzer pronounces the name of one of the most well known antagonists in anime as “Soo soo ki” instead of “Sauce kay”.

  29. Jingles do you still play WoT and WoWS? Or do you just watch replies now? Not being mean I just haven’t seen your gameplay in so long

  30. Uchiha Sa su ke ROFL

  31. Jingles said that “Weebs are humans too.” But are they? Really?

  32. Michael Mac Donald

    Actually Jingles the STRV 103B has 50mm upper plates on the sides of the gun and can bounce up to 150mm guns.

  33. Would have been epic if they cliff dived on that Ferdi.

  34. For shame, all that gold that was flying everywhere in that battle…

  35. can u do a vid on the alpine tiger wz111

  36. Chinese tanks always fight with crippling depression

  37. It has bad gun depression because it dosen’t need gun depression

  38. There’s more weebs here than you realize hehe

  39. Communist Vanguard

    I love how he pronounces Sasuke lol

  40. Watch all the naruto weebs froth at the mouth over jingles miss pronouncing sauske🤣

  41. the china syndrome..? you meant covid-19..?

  42. Has been quite a while since they nerfed the Type 4 and Type 5 HE-guns to be completely useless (it actually does less damage than the KV2 per shot now). So I am not surprised at all that the Type was using the AP-gun.

  43. Does anybody notice how he keeps pronouncing “sasuke”

  44. How does HE spam work in WoT? Curious

  45. without the missions paying out he would have lost money on that game.

  46. I feel like you have uploaded this one before…

  47. The Mighty Giggles the occasional The Mighty Babbler with some self-deprecating humor thrown in you have another funny, engaging and entertaining video. Keep ’em coming.

  48. I swear there’s some sort of hidden statistic in WoT that’ll allow tanks who are a one shot kill to bounce the most unbounceable shots 😅

  49. Quite the topical video title, eh old man?

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