World of Tanks – The City of Lights

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Ahh , the City of Lights. It hasn’t seen this many tanks cruising its boulevards since 1941! #triggerthefrench

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. I love the STB-1. I’m pretty sure this used to have the best ROF of the 105mm guns. You should try to find replay’s of the AMX 50 Foch B or any of the 120mm Autoloader heavy tanks. It’s been awhile sense i last saw any of them.

  2. I haven’t been anywhere else but Himmelsdorf this patch. Thanks Wargaming >:(

  3. So how much gold was used in that match?

  4. Wow in early

  5. Oh shit I throught It was a city of white flag and surrender meme

  6. Hey Jingles,

    Just thinking since only 5% of the the ammo fired is premium, why not limit all premium ammo capacity to 5% of a tanks max load. Maybe you could ask Wargaming next time they pretend to be interested.

  7. 13:17 This is why I dont play this game anymore… without premium account he would lost 17,974 coins… holy fuck, astounding game, incredible results, great gameplay… hes loosing money, how is this even possible?

    • Tier 10’s were never meant to make credits.

    • 1) HEATspam. Probably half a dozen or more unnecessary HEAT rounds at 4k+ credits per shot (like the sides of the Emil and rear of the E100) is a surefire way to rack up a big ammo bill

      2) Its WoTs monetization strategy, and helps keep the mid tiers full. A player can ether pay for premium or play tier 5 and 6 tanks to farm credits, both of which are “good” from WGs point of view

    • You rarely make profit EVEN with Premium acc and that’s how lower tiers aren’t empty

  8. While in Paris, tanks fire several different kinds of ammunition
    – You have your regular stale baguette(Access by pressing the 1 key)
    -Then there’s the cheese stuffed, explosive baguette(Access by pressing the 3 key)

    Access by pressing the 2 key

    -You also have the extra hardened and stale baguette for superior performance
    -You have the freshly baked, hot cheese stuffed baguette
    -You have the stale, cheesed stuffed, explosive baguette

    -And finally, you have the Stalin Baguette, which comes with all the necessary penetration and accuracy in one compact package(Access by sacrificing some political dissidents to the gulag)

  9. Love the new intro

  10. Could have gotten Faydin.

  11. The Mighty Jingles i like the Tog II intro keep it

  12. Actually Jingles… AMX 30 B has a 105 gun with better DPM

  13. Hey Jingles how’s that Lone Echo video coming along?

  14. The E-100 probably wasn’t banned, otherwise he would be blue….he probably deserted because of the salt in chat maybe.

  15. Only thing WoT has now is graphics, that’s it..

  16. I would like to know what happened to the enermy E100 and M103. Like I would had seen it from the enermy’s side

  17. E100 wasn’t banned just afk he didn’t turn blue

  18. You find the last enemy tank and it is obviously banned and cannot fight back. Why the hell would you keep firing gold into its rear?

  19. Cameron Alexander

    Better intro

  20. WG: we will remove team damage in 1.0. (Meanwhile 1.0 launches and the next Q&A) WG: we cannot remove team damage! (Yeah just like you say people only use 5% of there gold ammo)

  21. jklahsd32 laksd13

    Nice intro

  22. i’m french and consider myself triggered. Get ready, i’m booking 50000 tickets on the Eurostar and it’s 1066 all over again. (ADMIT IT BRITAIN, YOU’RE FRENCH, WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT). HonHonHon

  23. STB-1 is best tonk.

  24. This map is much more balanced on console.

  25. shit hold my beer i just realised that 1.0 has finally come out on the Australian server!

  26. Look and the credits income and cost. Very good game and without premium he would still loose money 🙁
    That is the reason i don’t play WoT anymore.

  27. Paul Mihai Bobonici

    So,Jingles this this does not look like Lone Echo at all.You called me a Jackass for reminding you.I too say “I’ll quit smoking tomorow.”…..It’s been a few months now.

  28. The intro is growing on me. Jingles evolved.

  29. Jingles I have followed your vids now for years and this is why I keep coming back. You tell a story and put effort into replays like most video makers wouldn’t even consider. Thanks mate! Keep it up!

  30. 40 minutes ago… Dang I’m early as heck

  31. hey guys, need some help. its the first time i am building a PC for gaming (mostly WoT), so could you tell me if these specs are good enough for Wot on Ultra settings with 60+ FPS and if i should change something.
    GPU = GTX 1050 TI 4GB (probably MINI)
    CPU = i5-7400
    Mainbord = MSI Mainboard B250M Gaming Pro
    PSU = 400W (corsair/gold rating)
    RAM = DDR4 8GB

  32. Wasted Fadin opportunity

  33. My tankcrew had lots of fun there……. 😀

  34. love how jingles just ignores the double kill from the obj 261 right after the team kill

  35. “adequate” – I wish I had this accuracy and gunhandling on my Leopard 1

  36. Jingles should do voice over work!

  37. E100 lost the Game for it’s team 😛

  38. Why no video with War Thunder 1.77 🙁

  39. 7:34″obj.261 is just hiding and almost completely useless”

    7:59 Obj.261 kills 2 tanks


  40. His name is Endevor, and he killed his ally because Endevor from My Hero Academia is a dick, so i guess he is a dick

  41. I kind of hate to be leaving these game recommendation comments on non Mingles-with-Jingles videos, but I’m fairly early here, and everyone in this comment section isn’t just endlessly suggesting games, so I think this will be more likely to be noticed here. Have you ever considered looking into the realistic Russo-Japanese/WWI-era naval strategy game Rule the Waves? It’s not a very heard-of game unfortunately, so I doubt many would be recommending it.

    The game allows you to design your own ships for your navy, with realistic technological restrictions for a given time period, and then pits you into battles with them against another nation’s ships while in war. The game has a lot of depth, a lot of replayability, and a lot of realism (the damage modelling, combat ranges, and gun accuracy are all realistically modeled).

    Unfortunately the graphics and sound aren’t that great, and it’s not available on Steam. But it might be the type of game you’d like. And they’re coming out with a sequel this year, stretching the timeline into WWII.

  42. and if he didn’t have a premium account, he would not have run a profit.

  43. are they doing auto bans now for team killing?

  44. i remember this map once before on a very similar game years ago

  45. City of light – The 100 reference? XD

  46. I love how at the end of the intro, when all the tanks are diving off the cliff, there’s one tank destroyer who says “yeah fuck that” and turns around.

  47. Paul Mihai Bobonici

    Lone Echo Jingles
    Attempt #34 Seems to be the only way this will work.

  48. and the French tanks were more than a match against the German tanks.

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