World of Tanks – The Cockroach

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Officially it’s called the E-25. Unofficially the players call it The Cockroach. Let’s find out why.

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  1. 3:35 Stug IV is a PoS and the gun is even worse.

  2. Before wheel bastard was introduced, people would shoot any E25 they see first
    KV-2 is their natural predators,along with O-I

  3. I love killing these buggers in tier V, VI, VIl and VIII TDs.

  4. I got mine for free doing some kind of event a few years back and it hardly ever bounces shots. I did notice it turn side ways on him when he stopped to kill the kv and mine does that alot too.

  5. I envy his RNG at the end. Yesterday I bounced and missed 4 shots of a IS who stood still. Later during the same game I was about to destroy the last enemy with my last shell, but I had an abysmal damage roll and he lived with 14 hp.

  6. Artificial scarcity….just like the diamond industry!

  7. The 40tp was 427 meters away. It has 330 meters view range, it wouldn’t have spotted a Maus at that range. Jingles? Why do you have a shotgun?

  8. “The turk”? What does that title mean , Jingles?

  9. Ehhh all the overpowered things about the E-25 kinda makes up for any lack of skill on the players part. An E-25 even with a slightly below average player will make said player look like their actually half decent to good. I remember playing against hordes of these things when it first became a popular purchase on the premium store and my god it turned the game to absolute cancer at that tier spread for a good while.

  10. Pay to win at its worst.

  11. love my cocky mate..thx for the vid jingles

  12. why was you surprised by an e-25 being penetrated? lolhe hit his side and also it does not have that good of armor every time i use it t5s penetrate my front every single time :S

  13. I would have stolen the kill from Marcin just because he was playing in the E-25

  14. with rammer/food/brother in arms you get 2.4 sec reload.
    I’m burned out playing wot. But I bought the E-25 the morning it came out, love it. Drive right up to a IS and shoot until it’s dead, go find another, but not nose to nose….😆

  15. Hahahaha, oh my god….
    So the only two premiums I have in WoT are this Cucaracha and the TOG…..

    Hehehe, two epic machines 😋

  16. I picked one up years ago, it’s the tank I get revenge with after getting killed by a wheeled vehicle!

  17. Cabin In The Woods

    I got this tank 100% for free from the marathon event they did after removing it from sale. I’ll say, I’m a fan. Maybe I’m suffering from some kind of Stockholm syndrome, because I’ve never considered this to be unbalanced.

  18. This tank was one of the reasons i quit wot, it shows the wg isn’t out to cultivate a community with a good game, they just want your money and don’t care about their game.

  19. Mandatory youtube engagemet comment.

  20. Jingles, can you give a shoutout for “Angry Nerd Gaming” a fellow youtuber (WOWs and War Thunder) and veteran who has fallen on hard times?

  21. I remember when this came out with a 2 sec reload – was a really fun tank to play

  22. Fun fact. The e-25 is one of the reasons why I stopped playing this game. (After having to little time and best friends no longer playing)
    The salt collecting in my veins everytime I was killed by this tank was not good for my health.
    Now I just watch Jingles laughing/crying about WG and their antics.
    Much better for my heart. :L

  23. Evil little thing!

  24. Ah yes, the E-25.
    Bought one when it was still available in the regular shop. And it’s one of the few tanks I can remember in which I regularly ran out of ammo…(St. Emil still in the game?)

  25. I got a 4 minute Top gun the other day in mine.

  26. They had this thing on sale a week ago lol

  27. its pretty easy to do good in an e25

  28. Literally never saw anyone call the E-25 a cockroach, ever…

  29. the artificial demand generated by Jingles video replays

  30. if the E25 gets spotted it’s usually garage time

  31. Mine just showed up randomly in my garage. Did some missions I wasn’t paying attention to. They gave it away as well.

  32. Slippery little sucker!

  33. I would add that it’s extremely annoying and you feel disgust when you see one.

  34. You could nerf this things engine-power, lower its rate-of-fire (cramped crew compartment) and this little monster would still put an entire 2/3’rds of the opposing team to shame. Love it, hate it, we can all agree its OP and a nightmare to deal with in the right hands. Long-range/short-range spotting, sniping from close to far, this thing fits plenty of roles that anyone used to playing tank destroyers or light/scout tanks will love. If you’re a heavy tank player and see this thing, sigh and prepare to eat 75mm like its on sale.

  35. pure filth

  36. Roachtastic.

  37. I love my cancerous little cockroach although my win rate is 43% in it…. but I’m rocking 68% in tiger 131 and the tiger 1… go figure

  38. Tier-7 cancer … i hate this shit, more than elc-90 ^^

    Ps ; few months ago, i remember a game with a platoon of 3 of them (e-25) … imagine the massacre ! in good hands this shit ruin the game of the other team !

  39. we call it flat lice

  40. 4:22….. do I hear kids in the background oh gnomish overlord?

  41. It got so bad that I was blacklisting anyone who played one at the beginning of battle. Green or red didn’t matter. One of my most satisfying shots was blind splashing a hidden cockroach with my M44. Was even better than landing a direct hit very early game on a full-speed EBR and smearing its wreckage across the map.
    Unfortunately the good moments aren’t enough to make playing with E25s and EBRs fun. Remember, if you’re not spending thousands of dollars every year on their game then you’re just cannon fodder for the real players cause WG are too lazy to program compelling AI enemies.

  42. I always called it the Scarab Beetle. My brother called it a pizza box.

  43. This vehicle almost on it’s own made me quit world of tanks, at least in a dedicated way. I was a dedicated scout/light users. This vehicle made my job irrelevant. It was a better scout than a bloody scout tank. I couldn’t spot them but they could spot me. Not only that were easily more mobile than any light tank I owned, had dramatically more firepower to boot. This vehicle was all around better than any light tank that would ever encounter it, and it wasn’t even a light tank.

    Basically if you’re a scout and an E-25 is on the enemy team you might as well just have left the match, it was that much of an issue for scouts.

    The E25 should of badly been a dramatically weaker Tier 5 or Tier 6 premium tank. I imagine it as a Tier 5 or 6 Hetzer with similar mobility as a Hetzer but with a long 75 like the StuG. That is what the E25 should of been, but… well this is what we got, the most cancer vehicle in the game.

  44. “La Cucaracha”

  45. To be fair Jingles, the e25s pen is extremely weak against most t8s, and the tank is made of paper. Using the camo effectively is that same argument you can make for the swedish tds to be nerfed even though they really dont need it

  46. I once encountered an E-25 at the end of game on Sacred Valley in my Hellcat. He was the last tank alive so I went in for the ram coming downhill at full throttle but instead of a mutual slaying I ramped off his frontal armor and come to a stop parked right atop him. Before I could crush him he managed to rock back and forth causing me to slide off and then killed me before I could react.

  47. My favorite thing about the E25 i the way they explode when I hit them with a KV-2 shell, and how that tends to panic any other E25s in the match.

    Every single E25 I’ve ever landed a hit on with the KV-2 has gotten hilariously one-shotted, even after the HE nerfs. Good times.

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