World of Tanks || The Conqueror

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – Conqueror. Today JuSt_EsQ_Sh4d0w is going to demonstrate what the T9 Heavy is all about!

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  1. FV215b Tech Tree Showcase – live now

  2. I left the British heavy line as I got to the conqueror. (I’m an inferior Console player) You have to grind like 100K xp with the 20pndr. I got lots of premium tanks and stuff. But it’s just not fun to play at all

  3. Oh man that game was epic

  4. That feeling when you see player using premium shells and missing/bouncing every one of them 🙂

  5. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    This is QB and WG trying to show you why you must free xp to tier 9 in this line . Fuck WG and fuck this stupid ass game

  6. Spamming premium, and when uses premium, the shots miss. And anyways, I have no broken tanks, and less games then this noob, I dont spam skill, and my stats are better. Give me a break.

  7. Even if you hit an ally and do no damage what so ever (including module damage), you can not get a high caliber. Learned that one the hard way when i ricochet a shot off of an ally in a pretty good game :/

  8. Ammo loadout : 15/15/3
    Bitch please. Drop the apcr, git gud. I can’t fathom why you are advocating goldspam by publishing replays of people playing so lame.

  9. i need the link to download the common test server client plz give me the link

  10. Nah, extremely lucky scenario. No skill involved.

  11. Do you want to hear a joke?

    Everyone will report last tank alive and he get banned at the before weekly reset day

  12. I just finished grinding the Conqueror, unlocked the tier 10 FV. I don’t understand why you think this tank is any good. The only positive aspects of this tank are the reload and aiming time of the gun and even this gun misses fully aimed shots more than it should. The rest of the tank is crap:
    * It has super-heavy mobility but no armor. Sure it turns alright but 34 km/h is a joke when compared to the Russian STI which has a 40 km/h speed limit, -8 or -9 degrees of gun depression, great frontal+side armor and an impenetrable turret.
    * It’s big as a house and hard to hide – artillery is having a field day whenever there is a Conqueror in the enemy team.
    * The gun depression (-7) is atrocious for a tank this tall (also considering it’s British and gun depression should be their specialty). Even the M103 has -8 degrees of gun depression.
    * The turret is not as strong as one would believe, it gets penetrated by gold rounds even if the enemy does not hit the cupola.
    * And, to top it all, it has a limited amount of ammunition which means you can’t even use your gun to its full potential because you’ll be running out of ammo most of the games if you survive for more than 8-9 minutes.

  13. Quickly baby,review the tier 8 French light tank BC 12t

  14. Hey guys, it’s Quickybaby and welcome back to World of Tanks and this time we got the “pleasure” of watching just another gold-spamming-monkey in this game which gets constantly worse from patch to patch… gg

  15. the player is a gold noob … he uses gold to shoot at the side of T10. QB dont show players like this in your videos.

  16. how to send gameplay ? I mean where to send ?

  17. Shitter playing overpowered(post-buff) t9 heavy.

  18. So, if the Conqueror is a M103 but better in every way according to your comment… what’s good about the M103?

    (M103 is actually one of my favorite tanks ever. I always figured it was the superior of the pair.)

  19. When that guy got smacked by the arty I was actually happy, fools that literally spam premium ammo All. The. Time. deserve that.

  20. syed muhammed arifain

    How much of you are facing VERY HIGH png rates!!

  21. they need to keep the fv215b and replace the Conqueror with the Super Conqueror makes more sense to me.

  22. That start was little nooby an the end was lucky? btw I got 9K dmg in this monster, one of the best tanks in game

  23. Definitely World of Tards. Going one by one to die, instead of capping or going together. Very bad publicity for the game.
    Spam gold, and wait for tards to feed sharks.

  24. I wonder if there is a single tier 10 that QB hasn’t made a video on yet.

  25. Any chance you can convince wot to not remove the British td tier 10? Please I want it so bad. But I got college exams and full time work. So I can’t really play wot more then an 1 hour per day. I beg you mate. Or to convince them to make it second td for that line or fv4005 line

  26. Such a good ending for the video!

  27. This is one of the best Conqeror replays? Lemme show you my 9k damage one

  28. Awesome! No I’m awake!:)

  29. I love how the idiot commenter’s below think they can play better, I bet not a single one of them has ever had a game even close. Usually the biggest talkers are the worts players.

  30. Still waiting for a Pershing replay/review :3

  31. If they nerf the mobility it’s gonna be a shit tank

  32. Thanks nice.

  33. I absolutly loved it on my way to tierX

  34. Team damage prevents a player from getting High Caliber.

  35. Cool video man keep it up!! Could you do the tiger 1 agian? Because I only just started playing wot and I’m working for the tiger 1!! I’m two tiers away!

  36. just another gold spammer

  37. Quickybaby T110e3 and T30 they have a 152mm right I myself have a T110e3 but now I doubt it. 😀

  38. This was a weird replay. Hard to argue with the results but i cant help but feel every single decision he made was bad or wrong.

  39. La Araña Coja nose nose

    wtf game ? this game suck, warthunder power

  40. Tone down the mobility? It goes slower than an E-75 for fucks sake


  42. Great ending!

  43. For me the Conqueror was always the tank I enjoyed playing the most, along with the t32. They both give a beautiful feel when playing them. Also imo the Conqueror is the prettiest tank.

  44. M103 and T30 are better

  45. That was lots of fun to watch. Great game. If I was fighting 5-6 same tier hull down heavies, I’d be all over my apcr too. Well done JuSt..

  46. ULTRA LUCK game… srsly

  47. am i the only one who hates the fact that premium ammo exists?

  48. Can you do IS?

  49. This guy should have lost this game, for all that ammo he wasted, and it will be a lesson to him. It would be a much easier at the end if he used his ammo correctly, nevertheless he has skills on his own.

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