World of Tanks – The Dance of the Raging Arseholes

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Given the title of todaysÙ video there’s a good chance YouTube might disable monetisation but meh… the title was too good to pass up.

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  1. Cant wait for the next patch: begone nasty chatbox reveiling teammate
    position and demotivating alive team members.

  2. Quentdu59 and xXXCervantinoXXx has been reported plz feel free to report
    these 2 morons.

  3. Thank you for a marvellous instructional video on how not to play a top
    tier medium. As top tier you have a responsibility to be more aggressive,
    being an example to your team and filling them with fire. Here we have a
    bush camper farming kills (very badly), watching his team disintegrate.
    “Top tier med won’t push and kemp bush? Screw this battle”, would be the
    thought of many players.

  4. Players like the Type 64 are the exact reason I quit playing WoT: too much
    negative energy going around. I still love to watch the youtube clips
    though :-)

  5. hmm where could the arti be….

    14:06 random tree falling down xD

  6. roemer schoenmakers

    wtf this guy is so incredible lucky….

  7. Though there is no turning back after telling the enemies the remaining
    tanks’ location, I kinda feel what the type meant about 0 support. Being
    one of the 3 remaining tanks alive, top tier, full health, there’s exactly
    ZERO reason why Grr0mM should stay where he was. At such a point in the
    game, camping in the back in your full health top tier tank is fucking
    infuriating for the remaining players on your team, and that is part of the
    reason NOBODY teamworks in world of tanks. So he IS a part of the problem.

  8. et moi don ….Silverio7

  9. Auto aiming = no skill involved in final results.

  10. And that,ladies and gentlemen is why I look forward to the 9.16 patch.

  11. wtf, the comet sux.. though most t7 suck

  12. Thanks! This is exactly the kind of treatment these shitheads have earned
    themselfes 😀
    If only developers would watch these videos and lifetime-ban every single
    one of these antimates.. at least that would be something that I would do
    as a developer :D

  13. New Mic Jingles ?

  14. Wehrkreisersatzkomma

    *Quentdu59* is a big asshole

  15. Keep up the public shaming! Only deterrent available. They are ruining the
    game. It’s a game people! Yes there are kids playing like my 10 year old
    who is pretty good but obviously only up to a point. I have to have disable
    his chat cause it’s so toxic. He loves this game however so lets all
    remember it’s all for fun. NO ONE REALLY DIES !! Stop the rage. Just hit
    escape and start a new game after u die, you may find out your team wins in
    the end!

  16. Raging Arseholes? I really don’t want to enter the bathroom after they’ve
    been in there then….christ…be like a Nazi Gas Chamber…

  17. I hope they ban the t67 player

  18. t64 needs to be banned as well

  19. unicorn level arseholes

  20. 32k games .. 1130 wn8 = Bot

  21. And this is the kind of behavior that makes WG take away the all-chat
    option next patch. The single best decision from them so far.

  22. awwww. the amount of massive butts in wot. i just love when im the last
    tank alive, kicking the enemys butt than a team m8 telling them my position
    then getting surprise buttsecks. memories

  23. reason why i dont play pc… fucking cry babies, and global chat equals
    shit game

  24. why is this game so cartoony?

  25. 14:02 right as jingles says he thinks he is in the bushes a tree is knocked
    down in the bushes :)

  26. 그레 모리메이크업

    really that Type-64 that fking idiot a real stupid A$$hole god looks like
    he is 7 years old.

  27. he has gun handling skil like a cheap bot program

  28. Don know what ur talkin bout that comet is a bot.

  29. The credits earned with and without a premium account for the amount of
    effort made by the Comet were too low. Has WG nerfed credit income? Or have
    they increased ammo and repair costs? Is it a mixture of both? Either way
    why put in any effort to win when you have so many leaches and arseholes on
    your team? This video reminds me why I’m not playing WoT anymore.

  30. Sorry. but this comet player is shit anyway. I could care less about the
    chat. Watching this moron miss 99% of his shots is just far too annoying.

  31. It’s absolute arseholes like the Type 64 player (and to a degree the T67
    player) that infuriate me when playing WOT. The chat is toxic enough as it
    is from enemy players, but I hate it when dickheads like that give allied
    positions away to the enemy after they have died i.e. failed miserably. I’m
    so glad that communication with the enemy will no longer be possible in
    patch 9.16…I never saw much point in it anyway. Well done to the Comet
    player for not reacting to these two plebs! Great result for him.

  32. Here’s the stats of the retard in the t64. Not that impressive.

  33. well played comet, please tell me both these tools got banned for this,
    especially as i got a 4 day chatban and name change for this account name

  34. Thet are entertaning assholes. The ones you like to face.

  35. Someone please explain why he was trying to shoot through an indestructible

  36. GrrOmM
    I like crackers and snacks.

  37. I really hope The T-67 and T-64 players watched this :P

  38. 0:44 “people crying like little bitches…” lol jingles you make my days

  39. FYI ever since the Comet was reworked to HD, the mantlet absolutely sucks.

  40. Jingles?
    Is it me or do you sound a little different…like your voice sound a bit
    deeper than usual?
    Did something happen? I hear the difference in the beginning of the video,
    0:26, when you do your introduction.

  41. Ah. The amount of people who don’t get it that this map is won or lost on
    the other side of the map that Comet was; its frustrating.

  42. This guys aiming gave me ebola. :-/
    horrible to watch, but this replay just shows if u suck hard and long
    enough u will have good results in a single battle.

  43. I will report anyone who shouts out positions to enemy team

  44. I’d swear this Comet is playing with a trackball.

  45. OMG, so true to all WOT battles, some asshat calling out players for
    nothing, other than they feel slighted they got killed. IDK how someone
    that has played WOT since day one and over 20-30k battles gets called a
    noob/bot? Every game almost, I see this. Seems to me they have no clue what
    they are saying. Ok, be hull down, or even in cover and if the enemy decide
    to not care and five of them rush you throwing all care to the wind, your a
    dead tank! Even doing everything right, your dead. But not in the eyes of
    the “Asshat” your only a NOOB/Bot! Oh ok I see now, your just a asshat.

  46. comet is an awful player

  47. I’m not saying the T67 and the type 64 aren’t total d*ckbags. But sitting
    far back sniping in a highly mobile top tier medium when the majority of
    the enemy team is spotted on the opposite flank (where your team happens to
    be outnumbered) isn’t exactly teamplaying…

  48. seriously,think before you say something and think again before you make a
    move and always check the map

    why is it soo hard for a lot of player doin this

  49. Hi. I like to know WT Ground Forces is better or WoT?
    And please tell me why?

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