World of Tanks || The Emil II

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today TheLordOfThe69 is going to demonstrate what the autoloading , the , is all about!

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  1. i really wish quickybaby didnt watch the replays before uploading

  2. u wrong qb, the mobility of the emil doesnt turn ppl off. the absolute shit
    gun does

  3. Skandranon Banefire

    batchat 155 58? actually jingl–oh wait, wrong channel.

  4. So sick to death of autoloaders.

  5. Emil II vs ST-I?

  6. Dang with that guys name I was thinking there was gonna be some tank on top
    of tank action… disappointing

  7. Emil II The speed dude shit WG should know that If the Sweden tanks Are
    competitive to French Autoloaders then They should buff Reload speed and
    Engine of the tank , the reason y In test Server on first of 9.17 test the
    tanks look better but now it is totally ridiculous ?

  8. Thanks for your videos QB. I hated playing this game until I learned the
    basics from your videos and now this is my favorite game. I very much enjoy
    your content and hope to see a lot more of your videos. Just wanted to say
    thank you for your time and I wish you good will and good games!

  9. Deep Meaning In Everything

    Big deal! I did 5K+ damage on a T32 in a tier 10 game ?..

  10. so its a better armoured, tier 9 t57 heavy. nice. why did i get my t57??

  11. And we thought the Emil was OP.

  12. i block with O-NI 6000+ dmg

  13. Great username from this replay haha!

  14. i had one nice ace tankker battle with 7 on my sav m/43 kills….. but of
    cource the battle replays were off

  15. you are 1 kp/h slower with broken tracks

  16. Stupid name…

  17. 13.20 “Broken module lowers it’s functionality”

  18. The WoT wiki states that a damaged and being repaired (red state) track
    will get repaired by the crew to damaged but operational (yellow state)
    with no “negative effect” on its use. So it would appear if it were just
    tracks that were damaged the use of the repair kit in this video was
    superfluous. However if he got tracked again by the arty without using the
    repairing kit, he would probably suffer the loss in time to get back to
    reset the cap and may have lost the match on that basis. So it could be
    seen as an insurance against time factors.

  19. Yup, it even slows you down a bit

  20. Outplayed by arty means rng Jesus doest love you.

  21. I would guess the Panther II has the long barrel 75mm which has great pen
    but very low dmg so he needed at least 2 shots to kill the B Chat 155 55.
    That gave the arty a chance to shotgun him

  22. QB didnt know that damaged track reduces traverse speed, wow!

  23. what happened to tank better?

  24. The lord of 69
    What a kinky IGN

  25. my guess…the 88 crested the arty hill got only 1 shot in because his lack
    of depression he had to crest high,got 1 into the bc then the bc rammed him
    for the 35 hp he had left and survived.

  26. Can you do a video About the kv1 pleas

  27. He should get a Double-Defender medal!

  28. It will get nerfed eventually……

  29. no, broken yellow tracks dont do anything, other than show you that you
    have half health on the track module, which basically means it would be
    easier for enemies to destry them if they are shooting at you. The guy just
    wasted 20k credits.

  30. Please send message to wargaming about i have 2 swedish female crew at my
    barracks. But i need 1 ussr female crew. Please give me advice how can i
    change nation of female crews?

  31. That name though :P

  32. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    qb you said it wrong, its the emil i and emil double i, just like its the
    subaru wrx sti impreza and not st-1, even though all the soviet tanks are a
    letters then a dash and the a number. kv-5, is-6, t-34, t-10 etc. but j/k
    though, but you do say lowe wrong and grille. its loof ey aka lowe and its
    grill ey, not grill ah.

  33. Internetowy PulpeT

    Nice Quicky ))) More episodes like this ))

  34. wot think this tank is not OP, like tvp and škoda. About replay – nice
    work, Lord.
    But i wait moment when nerf this tanks. :)

  35. Dat name!!! lololol

    OP bs

  36. Tier 8 9 and 10 EMIL IS “OP” “OP” “OP”” “OP” “OP” “OP” and are invizibile
    from 15 metters.
    WTF ????
    I wait next patch maybe they fix this

  37. welp this is why the new swedish tanks tier 8 and above are way to OP even
    the TD’s they just cant get spotted and the Heavies just to much armor and
    a over powered gun……

  38. #quickybaby help us get more maps

  39. Quickybaby, I just want to point out that “Emil” in swedish has an
    emphasize on the E, rather than the I. So it would be pronounced more like
    Émìl. =)

  40. how is this balanced with a tank like the E75?

  41. TomatoForever

  42. funny my emil 2 couldnt snapshot for shit…

  43. Lol I saw this guy in game the other day and I thought “I wonder how would
    QB react if he decided to commentate a replay sent in by this dude”

  44. Lange InI why? D:

  45. Arty was facing the wrong way… ;)

  46. Are you kidding me Quicky? you are partnered with G2A *AFTER* they were
    outed for selling stolen game keys? Please tell me this is a hack or

  47. TBH that Panther II shouldve just suicide. He was useless

  48. Totally balanced impenetrable turret and an autoloader with epic gun
    depression. Balance much Comrade?
    This tank is basically a bigger problem in hull down situations (of which
    there are a massive amount in key locations on the maps) than the OP110E5.

    WG never ceases to amaze in their terrible balance decisions :D

  49. Lol, that clicker-head just threw the battle off…

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