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World of Tanks – . 2016 has come and gone and I want to mark the end in the best way possible; with a great , thrilling teamwork and an awesome result playing in the brand new Swedish the Emil I.

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  1. This one kept me on my toes! Happy New Years qb!!!

  2. well why are you thanking us we have to thank you you’re the one who edits
    makes the videos we are the ones who just sit down watch the videos for
    free so thank you

  3. Happy New Year you scrub lords!

  4. Happy new year, Mr Quickybaby! I’ve been watching yours and Jingles’
    content for some years now, and I can honestly say that the two of you have
    undoubtedly made the last 4 years what they have been, I don’t know what
    they would have been without you! Continue the awesome work you’re doing,
    and I’m betting at some point you’ll hit 1mil subs :)

  5. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 〖ƝƁƘ〗 Monstrous

    Happy New Year! QB!

  7. Γιωργος Σταματοπουλός

    happy new year from Greece !!!!!

  8. Thank you QB for showing a more pleasant side of WoT than WoT exposes to us
    the player community. If my account of 2 yrs. with over 40 premium tanks
    is ever unsuspended for being billed twice for a T44-100 which I refused to
    pay twice for but since have paid just to my account unsuspended and yet
    after paying twice for the same tank they still refuse to unsuspend my
    account. I will start playing again. Until then, if ever, I will satisfy
    myself with your video’s. My year in WoT is ending with a suspended
    account I have spent over 1k$ U.S. and no response from WoT in over 3 days
    now about what if any they are going to do about it. My Visa says they
    have the money they say they don’t. So my Visa is charging me even though
    WoT says they haven’t been paid yet for a double billing. I used to love
    WoT, now, not so much. Guess I can still love the game AND hate the
    company at the same time. Quickybaby I certainly hope you never have this
    experience with WoT to cause you to change your mind about the way you feel
    about them. Your video’s of there platform is there shining light.
    Without your continuing unwavering support, well, far less people would
    give 2 craps about WoT and WG. Job continually well done mate. Keep up
    the great work unto 2017 and thanks for sticking around and putting up with
    this company after all these years.

  9. Churchill I or Churchill VII review?

  10. Happy new year QB, love your content as always and it’s fantastic to see
    you discovering some fresh motivation and joy while playing tanks and
    creating videos for all of your fans. Wishing you a productive and happy

  11. Is this wot console or pc

  12. Happy New Year everyone!!

  13. hey Quickybaby, Can we have a link to you live video communication with
    your team-mates..!

  14. Radovan Danilovac

    In a style of WoT…. gl and hf… to all of you.

  15. happy new year quickybaby and happy new year for everyone else.
    quickybaby are you planning to upload a video every day this year. or are
    you taking it a little bit easier.

  16. I love ur videos and just telling that never stop making these videos

  17. Moja Marowak Šolja

    16k xp!? “FOK”!

  18. Hey QB.
    I can’t remember how long I’ve been subscribed to you, but you’ve been
    amazing. I’m really loving the content. Thank you for making 2016 a
    wonderful year. Best of luck next year.

  19. Anyone else notice that the Emil I is basically a replacement for the T32?
    Both have awesome turrets, but the T32 has a weak cupola, unlike the Emil
    I. Both have awesome gun depression, but the T32 has 2 degrees less than
    the Emil I. Both tanks deal 320 alpha damage, but the T32 has 19mm less
    penetration, .04 less accuracy, and less aim time than the Emil I. Both
    have decent mobility, but the T32 has less specific power than the Emil I.
    The Emil I is basically a WAY better T32 that has an autoloader.

  20. Happy n healthy 2017 QB and all!

  21. HE with 420 alpha… I guess the GW Panther was blazing after that HE shell
    hit him.

  22. Hans Solo Zimmler

    >One hand
    >Plays arty

    Username checks out.

  23. So because December is over, we are stuck with 2 #tankbetter episodes?

  24. Lol i had a 1875 xp game in my emil 1 and didnt get ace tanker on US
    server(9 kills 5,227 dmg)

  25. Gus Davis (Major G)

    QuickyBaiter lol

  26. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! :)

  27. ahh good old swedish machinery, we are always good at makin stronk tenks

  28. That aim time seems a bit long too!

  29. Foch155 review plsssss

  30. what teir is your new year tree and your snowitzer

  31. Kriss G&T Gaming&Tutorials

    Hi QB happy new year from SLOVAKIA

  32. but that side turret is terrible, ive penned it a lot with with T49

  33. I found when fighting the tier 8 Emil and you cant flank it and only see
    its turret you can pen it. Just to have to hit right under the gun. The
    tier 9 and 10 correct the weekness, but tier 8 one I tend to get thru it
    with 215mm+ right under the gun.

  34. So a perfect camper tank?

  35. Man I love your channel and apparently 454,188 other people do too thanks
    for a great year filled with a great vids on wot

    Thanks man

  36. Christian Daniels

    my add was a white girl having trouble dancing

  37. Happy new year to QB and all of u guys

  38. Happy 2017 QB

  39. “OneHand” holding a “Begl” in its “Quickfingers” – kind of makes sense, no
    wonder it worked.

  40. Happy New Year all

  41. but what you DID miss is to platoon up with those 2 guys to give them a
    reward for a cruicual contribution medal for their hard work … shame on
    you quicks , shame on you …

  42. just make a weakpoint on the turret so it isn’t so op

  43. Ur rich m8#youtubemoney

  44. This game is all about getting one shot by arty and getting clipped by
    autoloaders these days.

  45. overpowered dirt bag autoloaders. I hope wg nerfs everything about them.

  46. boy this was uploaded last year feel old yet?

  47. I just want to add information, T34 has 248 penetration, 246 is for 12.8cm
    caliber of German tier 8 TDs and tier 9-10 HTs.

  48. happy new year!

  49. Is the invite code for NA ? I’m so sad 🙁 doesn’t work today at 11am (Paris

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