World of Tanks – The Fastest Lawnmower in the West

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Source: The Mighty

The Spähpanzer 1.C. When you absolutely, definitely need to get the Kursk Salient trimmed as quickly as possible. Accept no substitutes.

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. bOrf

  2. Didn’t highlight he also survived on 1 hp in the opening clip


  4. Ozero Productions (OumbreonO)

    Just out of curiosity how does one record the game so it can be sent to ya?

  5. why play the anthem of europe for an is3?
    shoulda played the soviet anthem

  6. “or, the SPIC”


  7. Wait… the first battle on derpenburg where the team didn’t go full retard

  8. What happened to jingles using the ISU 152? The Trollcannon hungers…

  9. love the vids

  10. This is my favorite type of jingles

  11. loved that intro Jingles

  12. When I first heard the engine of the SP 1 C, I couldn’t believe my ears. XD

  13. jingles sometimes I world of tanks people are dumbarsholes

  14. Why did they get rid of the Awful Panther?

  15. The Marder 2 sounds even more line a lawnmower.

  16. Love you, Jingles!

  17. Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who hears a lawnmower…I wonder if
    they used the engine sound from one of the low-tier tanks.

    I quite like my SP1C, but I have to admit that I only started feeling that
    way after unlocking the autoloader. Said gun is pretty terrible on paper
    compared to the single-shot, but I feel like the ability to stack 720
    damage in a fairly short amount of time helps to make the tank. It also
    helps deter other lights when they realize that they just lost most of
    their health for half or less of yours; it seems most people don’t think to
    jump in and take advantage of the magazine reload.

    Hrm, maybe I should dig up some of my better replays and send them in…

  18. Actually Jingles the BC 155 55 has pershing hull armor and its better
    angled, AND It was angled. So The SP I C’s 170 could not go through,

  19. Rita is a cross eyed whore

  20. MongooseJake: WorldofTanks & Fallout

    Have no idea if any of the older comments have already clarified this: The
    T-34-3 was a free rental recently, and that’s why there was a ton of them
    running around tier 8/9 battles. So many were so poorly played… Easy
    kills on them like crazy.

  21. I always thought the SP-1C sounded more like one of those old

    Also gives you reason to spam the fuck out of “They tried to kill me with a

  22. If they had Jingles’ laugh for any WoWs or WoT mod, I would totally pay for
    it. I could imagine Jingles’ laugh whenever you hit a citadel or bounce a
    shot. :)

  23. The Spic? Really bro, lol?

  24. Chuka chuka chuka pat pat pat!! hahahah

  25. I did that exact same thing at the beginning, in my maus a long time ago

  26. PolskieArmyBestArmy

    I love the SP IC with its autoloader, but it speed is killing me, 58 kph

  27. Placing memes in your video doesn’t make it funny.

  28. jingles please please do a man cave update

  29. The SPIC? Really? As a HiSPanIC that’s fucking hilarious.

  30. Fuck quickbaby

  31. so youre telling me it has a honda motor?

  32. I have the SP 1 C, I currently run the 90mm without the auto loader, should
    I get it?

  33. That WZ131 didn’t get hit by arty, he was missed by that big ass American
    turreted artillery. I still prefer my T92, even on rainy days.

  34. T-34-3s are awesome!!!!! and I’ve played *i_i_Like_i_i*

  35. So duke Nukem has a good game in this tank and that makes him an awesome
    vehicle ? Is no better than american line and I do prefer 54 lwt because is
    much versatile .

  36. SP IC, powered by a Briggs and Stratton!

  37. Jonathan Bubley (VOLTEX)

    I haven’t had daily dose of tog!! can someone point me to the latest
    jingles tog video?

  38. I loved my AufkPanther and, just after I got used to playing it, they stole
    it from me.

    Nothing says “WTF?” like a flying AufkPanther landing on your T34/85.

  39. ive actually been having good games pretty consistently in the t 34-3

  40. Nuked24…What a nice name..!

  41. Why does this game just seem worse than world of warships? I guess the
    graphics are deceiving me?

  42. it just isnt the Aufklarungspanther… WG choice to add the sp 1c made me
    stop grinding german light tanks

  43. The “Briggs and Stratton” special!

  44. Lolmower?

  45. i hated the sp1c i really wish they would bring back the a.panther :(

  46. Damn it Jingles!!!! All I hear is a lawnmower now! LOL!

  47. Curiously, with 2k average damage done and several games with more than 6k
    assists damage… I don’t like the SP I C.
    And I’m not a unicum, 2k damage with a tiers VII scout is great for me.
    But, still… Meh. Don’t understand why, but I don’t like it.

  48. Deutsches Afrika Korps

    jingles…. you know Spic is a derogatory term for mexicans, yea?

  49. Dat opening doh!

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