World of Tanks – The Frankentank

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When a not a Chieftain? When it’s in . For reasons that completely escape me it’s part Chieftain and part prototype, luckily it’s the best parts.

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Weird old Grille 15 Jingles

  2. TwistedPlotTwistWithATwist

    wg will put a chieftain sometime in the future,

    they just haven’t figured out how to make money off of it yet

  3. “It could’ve been worse, it could’ve been chieftain hull and T95 turret” and it’s sitting in my garage, because it’s not only worse, but also nearly the worst.

    To be fair it’s main downside is commander cupola, but to be fair it’s larger than most light tanks turrets and larger than some light tanks. But with less armor.

  4. Console scrubs for the win!

  5. AKTUALLY JINGLES that’s a Wt Pz IV not a Grille.

    Oh gnome lord, never stop being so crap.

  6. Grille15 jinglism

  7. The Grille 15 has great camouflage…look like a WT tier 9?

  8. fire a shot every 10 seconds? Well my chieftain fires every 7,9 seconds. Bond equip rules <3

  9. Der Pferdehuführer

    I *really* hope that “Oh dear, oh no” and “Oh dear oh dear” are clips for getting hit in WoW

  10. Actually jingles, you use your toe to test the temperature of the water.

  11. Internet Entity

    While the ‘Grille 15’ might have been able to think and breath; they were not able to think, breath and aim…

  12. Brendan Allison

    Never change, QuickyBaby.

  13. Yeah we get some cool tanks unique to console, but unfortunately we also have a lot of ridiculous, cartoonish tanks, too.

  14. Is the chieftain in the time frame defined by world of tanks? 1969 strikes again.

    • FV4201 prototype: 1959
      Chieftain Mk. 1: 1966
      Chieftain Mk. 6
      (already in the game files): 1975
      M48A5 (current Tier 10 American medium): 1976
      Time frame isn’t an issue.

  15. Jingles, I thought you don’t like OP tanks and you don’t include them in your videos …. what happened ??? If it was a Russian tank everybody would cry like little babies …. SirFoch would have brain aneurysm by now (if one can have brain aneurysm without a brain) ! Please tell me this tank in not OP with a straight face .

  16. Prick also has nothing but gold loaded against tier 8s so….can’t really congratulate someone who can’t figure out how standard ammo works. And WG wonders why they’ve lost over 20% of their player base on the EU and NA server

  17. “Almost Chieftain” is better than no Chieftain… ?

  18. _Barto_Simpsons_

    the T95/Fv4201 is broken and op! and this replay is gold spam!! and this is why i stop playing WOT! WOT is a shit and cancer game! World of tanks is dead in 2020!

  19. UncleFestersWorld

    I call the LTG the Frankenstein tank, it just has that look.

  20. I asked this from WG few weeks ago
    “Chieftain mk.6 is too good right now, it will be in the game but we dont know when”
    With 76.2mm LFP and 85mm UFP it is too op according to WG… 😀
    After that i asked
    -How is Obj 279 balanced then?-
    “Lets talk about maps”
    So there you go The Mighty Jingles

  21. Yung Cut Throat

    We also have this tank on console… Oops

    Edit: both the chieftain and the T95 chieftain are just regular premium tanks that you can buy.

  22. Theres even a Chieftain hull in the game on another clan wars reward tank, the Chieftain/T95 (that tank that you said would be pretty bad with the turret and 90mm gun from the T95). There is actually a fuill Chieftain and full T95 Medium in the game across two separate tanks.

  23. this tank just all over in ranked battles and too overpowered

  24. you know the funny thing about this is we have a tank exactly like this called the “sharpshooter” on console WoT only it has the chieftain Mk.6 turret but with a 105mm gun from the E-50 and the T95 hull. all at tier 9. sad thing is everyone loads gold and aims for the commanders hatch, view port ontop of the turret. the hull traverse is ass and the penetration is mediocre.

  25. Suzumiya Haruhi

    The day WG releases Chieften onto the PC platform would be the day WG prepares to end WoT development. It would be the final cheap bait for WG to draw money from its player base.

  26. Yea, WoT Blitz has the Chieftain too. And we have the T95E6.

  27. Sees tier 9 WT
    Jingles: ‘Grille 15’
    Everybody: *facepalms*

  28. Just a shame Jingles that it’s OP so the rest of us mere mortals can’t get it. Do that in a standard tech tree tank and it’s top draw stuff. This is great but let down by the tank being played by a skilled player being OP. Just saying.

  29. They will bring the Chieftain when the game really dies in hopes to win back their player base

  30. KV2R fires… the emperor guides shell onto unseen traitorous kv-85

  31. Grille 15? Oh Jingles, please, never change.

  32. 1:50 Thank you Jingles

  33. xTheAlphaBeast x

    So far as I know and I’m not sure you have already talk about it but as far as my knowledge goes, the only reason cheiften doesn’t exist and probably never will on PC is because the cheiften is a console exclusive

  34. Nightmare151188

    Sad thing was that he had only gold ammo. He didnt even had ONE normal rounds besides the HE…

  35. To answer your question why WoT PC lacks the Chieftain:

    Because WoT PC and WoT Console are 2 very different developers, and WoT PC is made of russian biased, cock eating Anti Chieftain mines specificly born, raised and indoctrinated to fuck all ettempts to implement a propper Chieftain up. I mean, c’mon! The Chieftain is one of the most iconic after war MBT from Britain! It doesn’t fucking care if it’s called a heavy or a medium! And it didn’t need the mask of shame welded upon it’s face like the Super Conqueror did in order to be a threat if placed hull down. It even was balanced out for WoT PC long ago, as it was still considered to replace the FV215B. But: the took the Super Conqueror -,-

    But yeah….. Normal peasants will never see a true Chieftain as long as they play the PC version. Since the SC came in, the introduction of the Chieftain fell silent. Neither on Rita’s Status report, The Daily Boumce or other plattforms of leaks i’ve seen any signs of WG working on the Chieftain. So yeah…. We have to live with that on PC. Or switch to Console audience if we want to own a Chieftain. Or be the finest of the finest an get the clan hands on the hybrid. Which most of us…. Won’t be.

  36. oh jingles dont u ever change lol!1+2+4=6

  37. moonmoonbirdcpt

    so they can sell it

  38. “A tank I’ll never have, because I don’t play Clan Wars.” Oh, Jingles, who are you kidding, you don’t play World of Tanks.

  39. It’s not a clan wars ‘reward’ tank… it’s a grind grind grind scream at clannies grind grind grind get those bonds, anywhere, scream at clannies not to overtake on rankings *AUCTION* tank 4 unicunts only – like all of the others.

  40. hmmm wonder if the mbt70 is in the cards? it would be the new word in derp

  41. They do have the chieftain with the T95 turret in the game.. its a tier 8 premium.. 😛

  42. Jingles… Consistently giving us reasons why WoT is bad, from the tanks to the devs to the updates to the community, always complaining about it, and with good reason. – This is why I play WarThunder (and WoWS)

  43. 1. because they don’t like the British
    2. because it might be a fun tank but it’s not Russian, so GTFO
    3. eventually they can charge an exorbitant amount of real money if they start to lose profits
    4. because they don’t like the British

  44. just as i was wondering why jingles hadn’t made a video on this tank.

  45. Jingle you do know if they gave you a real chieftain in this game it be crap due to its engine

  46. Yes, lets reward the top players with a tank that craps on everyone that is an average player, that is fair and balanced. Well done WG, punish the largest part of player base.

  47. Nicholas Margery

    Hate how he fired all gold though, he switched the location of the standard and gold shells. Also, what are you supposed to do to one of those when there isn’t any competent arty and it’s dug in hull down… I don’t understand how they can make some tanks just so massively powerful and yet because it’s a chieftain and everyone wants one, very few complain at the balance of the thing. Compare it to a centurion ax (because it basically has the same mobility and stuff like that) and it’s not even close to being on the same power level. I just don’t get it ?

  48. Big Daddy Boom Boom

    I mean…he’s a great player, but jeez, that enemy team was something else, especially those two tanks that were trying to cap.

  49. Uhh grille 15

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