World of Tanks || THE FUN POLICE

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today I’m playing a that might as well be called the fun police!


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  1. I agree it should have a little more to do with skill. Not that some of the people who play it don’t have the skill it’s just that it does not require as much to use effectively. That and against a skilled driver even those with skills wpuld ha e some difficulty taking it out. At least it’s a little bit soft compared to otber tank destroyers.

  2. I think foch is kinda fine. The only thing wg could nerf is reload time, but then it would become too boring to wait for reload atleast for me.

  3. It’s not fun to be killed by anything in the right way – a light when you can’t see them or their support, a medium shooting you in the side when you’re already trying to fight others, arty you can’t see or shoot back. Not fun for the enemy just means your tank is working and they don’t have support where they are…

  4. Who said, autoloader are not op? both tier 10 autoloader are top of the scoreboard. All autoloader are op, if they can kill a tank with 1 clip, at least damsge one tank so much, that the battle is over. The WT E100 was not to balance? This tank are worth to balance then the WT.

  5. AMX 50 Foch B??? Isn’t it Waffentr盲ger 50 B…

  6. This thing is evil manifest 馃檨

  7. QB I totally agree with you: the game becomes less and less fun. I am not a very good player but not a tomato as well, I have a decent amount of battles (24K) so I can say that nowadays this game is made only for the ones with big and deep pockets and is very different from what was 4 years ago when fun was main reason of playing 馃檨

  8. The answer for ALL issues is plus 1 minus 1 Match Making.

  9. WOT sucks SOOOOO hard !

  10. They should lower the magazine size to 4 or a massive reload nerf.. Very frustrating to play against it..

  11. it is another broken tank..they over buffed it imo

  12. you should have assisted the other T54 (that T10 killed), instead of being selfish to use all your clip on JE100 Quickybaby. If you had done it, that T54 would have been alive for some time / alternatively Je100 might have killed him and then you could have clipped JE100.

  13. At least with the WT Auf E100 you could see it and with that huge gun shield ANY tank could damage and kill it ….. the Foch B …. gets a steel wall and is rarely spot’d …… Hmmm which one is OP ??
    If WG wants this in the game why cant we have our WT Auf E100 back ????????????
    I thought the Foch155 was fine TBH .

  14. The Foch B is just average in most stats. The only thing making it unique is it’s magazine potential. Accuracy and mobility are average, armor is average, damage is good. It is balanced as far as I can see. By the way, the statistics of 51% win rate is due to a lot of experienced players playing it since it has some carry potential.

  15. out of all the times ive died because of stupid shit that i had no control over, I honestly dont care about the RED TEAM. they can suffer my wrath.

  16. QB this tank is op as F

  17. Of course it’s not fun for the other team. As soon as you get your sights on an opponent, their game is done.

    Sure, they get one shot that’s likely to bounce… But then it’s just BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM and they’re dead before they can reload their gun once.

  18. The French WT auf. E-100 xD

  19. hi quickybaby.. i want to ask for your help regarding this video because i also have the same problem.. i hope u can make a video about this crash

  20. Tier 10 tanks jokes: Maus, Type 5 Heavy, Foch B and the next is FV4005

  21. this foch is so awesomely cool i want a tier 10 for once damit

  22. other than that its all awesome in WOT

  23. I managed to pen the front of an is-7 with HESH from 500-600m with the FV4005 stage II and did 1,870 damage

  24. I don’t know how are you having fun with an overpowered tank…. No, its fun to be in an underpowered tank and kick ass!

  25. It’s broken, but not overpowered.

  26. What happened to the T10, happened to me. Its not “FUN”

  27. THE WORLD IS NOT 50/50.. get over it

  28. Do you think your popularity on this game has an effect on the end result of the game?

  29. If we are all fine with the batchat i dont see a pb with a td that has just one more shot

  30. every time i play it al the shots hit in commander cupola. Not fun TD for me.

  31. Wait,you play WOT for fun? I tought you play WOT for daily dose of headache and train your harsh language?

  32. Foch B is a balanced tank, in anything but a top tier match at least 2-3 of your 6 shots will bounce, your armour doesn’t hold up because you still have massive weakspots and you are an artillery magnet.

    Playing this at the same time as my T110E4 and my average damage per game in the Foch B is exactly the same ~3300. And actually, my winratio in the T110E4 is far higher than the Foch B which is funny.
    T110E4 is not OP and Foch B is not OP, they are both fine . Most of other TD’s are just crap.

    Also, you played against massive dumb-asses this match that deserved to die. The 140 basically suicided and the E-50M just vastly outstayed his welcome on that flank to begin with.
    And that T-10, if you had AP loaded most of those shots would have bounced, so apples and oranges there.


    This tank op for sure, same as be 25t

  34. How disgusting has the game become when the fochentrager, basically a waffel e100 that is better than that tank in every single way other than pen (which is fixed by firing premium…) is just “a lttle strong”. Replacement for the deathstar (FV217 badger) currently has 3.7k base dpm…

  35. This video was a 15min long whine … Who the fuck cares how the enemy feels?! They are there to be farmed for XP and credits. I’m sad when I do only 3-K dmg in a game.

  36. When week after pts they consider 4202 op but no words about 4005.. Okay.

  37. it’s a game that is meant to have winners and losers. The enemy having “fun” should be the least of one’s concerns. with today’s community? It’s all about what YOU can do for your team and what YOU can get from playing. French tanks have been, and always be glass cannons with a HIGH skill cap for it to perform remarkably in any battle. You owned and won this battle because of your overall WoT experience and knowledge.

    In an analogy, autoloaders are like mages and warlocks in other MMO’s. Negligible survivability. But in the hands of competent player, it can dish out a stream of punishment, and survive to reliably do so again and again.

  38. I think WG are making OP tanks on purpose just to have a laugh at the games people have. They know they will nerf it the moment it’s released. And to their credit, most of the time they will, the Maus got struck down hard.

  39. The new Foch is pretty much a waffle. At least it doesn’t have a fully rotating turret this time.

  40. obj140:娓告垙浣撻獙鏋佸樊….
    Obj140: this game sucks ….

  41. I feel the reload would be alright as long as it had a 4 round magazine, less shells in total (+-40 16k potential damage is more than enough imo) and longer aiming time maybe? But hey what do I know I just play the game XD

  42. You guys remember the WT Auf. E-100?? yeah… I mean. yes this tank is very strong. But you can’t snipe with it like the old WTAuf. Also, in tier X matches.. it’s not so great. Hmm I dunno.

  43. I don’t get the point to compare this tank again with the WT auf E100. The Foch B is not overpowered, it is only good situationnaly because of the many drawbacks : huge size, no turret, horrible weakspots, mediocre penetration with standard ammo. A good/normal player will always be able to counter this tank, without even speaking about artillery. Previously this tank was an utter garbage, now he returns to be decent/good again and you complain about it ? What do you want, another massive nerf and let this tank rust in the garage because it is useless again ? If you don’t like this tank, that’s ok, it’s not your playstyle or whatever, but please do not suggest it’s an OP tank and ruin the fun for the other players who are enjoying it. Nobody wants to be clipped by an autoloader thought, as well as nobody wants to be derped by a KV-2, but it’s part of the game right ? So if it happens just move on and deal with it. Otherwise we’re waiting the same kind of videos to denounce tanks like the T57 Heavy for example.. a tank that you seems to enjoy in regards to your last tech tree showcase.

    Now don’t make me wrong, i don’t want to WarGaming adding OP tanks anymore like the WT auf E100 or the Panzer II J, but when they buff some tanks that truly needed it i’m kinda worried that suddenly everybody is yelling “What the hell it’s OP !!”. Also i would argue that if you remove every good/enjoyable tanks in the game then where is the fun anymore ? Thank you QB if you even read my comment, i’m a little disapointed by this kind of bias videos which try to influence WG nerf hammer when it’s not neccesary, at least in my opinion. Neverless i appreciate your content and i enjoy your streams. Regards.

  44. Find a less played tank line. Make a new tier 10 that is ridiculous OP (with a very strong incentive to use Prem ammo for the driver and his opponents) and then release a Premium to help with the grind… it’s a win win win (win 1 free exp sold to fast grind, win 2 sell more premium ammo , win3 sell a new prem tank) for Wargaming. Not so much for the players. But they can later nerf the non premium tier 10, once they have made their money… lol

  45. Jeez QB the tank was shit before and now its good for the moment and you whine on like WG are morons? you know mate聽make your mind up – ‘real life’聽 a super unicum playing a turret less situational TD like a Medium – how many average players will do what QB does maybe 20%聽of battles 51% win rate is average not OP聽聽–聽sensationalise for ‘ratings’ is becoming the ‘QB norm’聽at the moment .. sad.

  46. Which T10 is best from french scouts? AMX30B, BC or the new light AMX?

  47. tier x is always top tier…

  48. 110 go full retard…..

  49. If Fv4005 stage 2 comes with that buffs, i still think this tank will be more OP, becouse amx can bounce. Fv cant bounce tier 4

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