World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 33

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I LIVE! Foul diseases cannot kill me, but they can force me to take a few days off in bed when I should be doing videos. Feeling a bit better now, time to make up for it with another episode of the series that makes you laugh, cry AND hurl all for low price. – Play World of Free

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If you have a War Thunder replay just send the .wrpl file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Happy Birthday jingles

  2. H b dayy y general Jingles wish you all the best !

  3. Happy Birthday Jingles!! Man….. so many people’s birthdays on 10th March

  4. Happy Birthday Jingles! Get well soon and keep up the grate videos!

  5. Happy birthday Jingles!!! love ur videos lollol

  6. Merci for this replay

  7. At 3:38 martij30 has protected his commander hatch with his gun. Thats
    way it has been destroyed ;)

  8. Happy birthday 

  9. Happy birthday ya git. Also no sympathies for the man flu… I got the man
    stomach flu…. I wish I had a sore voice instead of this…

  10. Жуков Георгий Константинович
  11. I really love music You put at the end of your films lately. Oh and happy
    birthday “Grampa” Jingles. I hope making videos for us will give You only
    warm and fuzzy feelings :P

  12. Happy Birthday and get well soon!

    Best Birthday wish ever, isn’t it xD

  13. Happy Birthday Jingle, I hope you’ll be able to continue making these
    videos for a long time

  14. happy birthday master jangles!

  15. Happy Birthday, Jingles!

  16. Happy birthday Jingles :)

  17. Happy Birthday <3

    i hope you more days with the crown my dictator of the whole world!
    my birthday was only 4 months ago at the 24th of december..
    1 day before christmass

  19. Somebody needs to get this man a tog replica or something for his birthday

  20. You know what, the accuracy nerf has been the biggest pain in the ass for
    me driving my IS-3. I Have to use the D- Series of guns while i grind out
    the BL-9 And have just resigned myself to using the D-10T Due to the fact
    it’s more accurate and doesn’t cost a wallet to fire every time you pull
    the trigger.

    Happy Birthday BTW 🙂 Nice to see you’re better

  21. Happy birthday Jingles! May our oppre- I mean benevolent master live a
    long, happy, and fulfilling life! Long live the Jingles!

  22. Congratulations on your birthday Jingles, if you ever want to collect your
    gift (a free pint of your beer of your choosing), let me know 😉

    That is what you get with all those 45%’ers driving top tier tanks a part
    from a few good players. Herpa-Derp all the time. I do hope WG is looking
    at your videos and banning the offenders 🙂

    Same goes for those drowners, when that happens always report all of them
    for unfair play instantly. Accidental drowning is something that happens
    once every 1000 matches if you have any brain cells.

    That CDC driver indeed played a splendid match, well done to him and it
    shows you why this tank is one of the best T8 premium tanks if you are a
    competent player.

  23. Happy Birthday Jingles, best wishes and hope you’re feeling better!

  24. Congrats Jingles! :)

  25. Happy Birthday Jingles, I hope you enjoy your day and that you get a nice
    birthday cake.

  26. Happy Birthday! And how we say in my country- houndred years in health ;)

  27. Not today scumbags…..not today

  28. Happy Birthday Jingles !!

  29. Happy Birthday!

  30. Happy Birth day mate 😉
    keep up the great worck!

  31. Happy Birthday Paul! Get well and stay well. This world desperately needs
    intelligent and witty people of your caliber.

  32. happy birthday and fast recovery

  33. Lool tomorrow I have birthday as well! Im turning 16 and I want to thank
    you sincerely for the entertainment that you bring to my day with your
    videos! That is the best present for me! ^^

    P.S. Happy birthday Jingles and please keep doing your magic and don’t stop
    bringing laugh and positive emotions in my day and the days of all the rest
    of your viewers as well! You are awesome! ^^

  34. Happy birthday Jingles

  35. Happy Birthday Mr. Jingles! May the Tog be with you ;)

  36. Happy Birthday Jingles!

  37. Congratulations for lvl up!!!

  38. Happy Birthday Jingles!

  39. The T54E1 didn’t damage his gun whilst shooting at his commanders capular,
    he damaged it because they crossed guns the second he fire. Shell hit the
    gun, damaged it, but the E75 didn’t take any damage. Crossing guns works at
    point blank to save your hp, if you’re lucky.

  40. Happy birthday 

  41. I bet the enemy team from the t34-85 game are arty players.

  42. There was nothing weird in e75 face hugging t54e1, he was barrel blocking
    to prevent t54e1 from shooting his cupola and got his gun damaged and then
    he started aiming down to shoot and t54e1 had clear shot at his cupola.

  43. Happy Birthday Jingles!

  44. Happy birthday…sorry to hear you haven’t been well, having watched your
    “how to play” clips I managed to put it into practice , sent you a link
    after trying to put it on replays for you. Keep the videos coming, always
    fun to watch!!

  45. HBD JANGELS :)))))

  46. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Happy birthday Jingles! Now can we all have two minutes of vacation from
    the salt mines?

  48. Happy birthday!!!!!!!

  49. Happy Birthday Jingles !!! have a great day !!!

  50. IS-8 obviously a bot. 

  51. The T28 didn’t need saving the second time, I think he was mad that the E
    75 ‘stole’ his kill, remember the T 28 had his gun pointed at the Object,
    the Object was a one shot and he’d have to shoot the T 28 2 or 3 times. The
    E75 did not save the T28 that time.

  52. Happy B-day!

  53. Okay guys, you know what to do. Find that bastard Marcell11919

  54. Happy Birthday Jingles

  55. happy birthday Jingles, hope you had a good one :P

  56. Happy birth day, Mr Jingles :)

  57. Happy Birthday Jingles, remember, the people who have the most birthdays
    live the longest. The more you know :)

  58. Happy birthday,jingles!!!

  59. wait.. tis jingle birthday?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JINGLES

  60. amx cdc medium tank
    funny considering that cdc stands for chasseur-des-chars, which means tank
    hunter in french

  61. Stefan Mihajlović

    Happy Birthday Paul!

  62. Happy Birthday!!!

  63. may your birthday be filled with TOGGY goodness, Jingles :)

  64. Happy Birthday Jingles! Old fella.. :D

  65. Happeh bdey! :D

  66. Many happy returns, Good Sir!

  67. Where did you buy / download “her majesty ” from. Been googling it for ages
    and i cannot find it anywhere?

    Happy birthday as well!

  68. Damn that lagging aim circle on the CDC replay gave me motion sickness 

  69. happy birthday jingles, enjoy the 40`s because the 50`s are a pain lol

  70. Sebastian Richter

    Happy Birthday Jingles.

  71. Happy Birthday Jingles, have a nice day and enjoy your presents! I hope you
    get well soon.

  72. in the 2nd replay the kv 85 cant even shoot him with the 3° of gun

  73. Happy Birthday!!!

  74. See…thats the diferrence between a Tomato IS-8 and a good player :))) I
    lost 15 neurons when I saw that

  75. Happy Birthday Jingles/Paul, glad you’re feeling better. I swear I am
    slightly brain damaged from watching that IS-8…holy shit, how inept can
    someone be…

  76. Congratulations! “Achievement unlocked: Reach level 45”! 

  77. Great video, Love you jingles HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM AMERICA!!!! <3

  78. Happy birthday jingles! Gws 🙂 It would be a great honour if u check out my
    first youtube vid

  79. I was waiting for another episode of this. Job well done Jingles. Happy
    Birthday! :)

  80. Happy Birthday Jingles! :D

  81. Happy Birthday Jingles!… It’s only slightly weird that one of my
    favourite youtubers is older then my parents but meh you’re great hope you
    had a happy birthday even if you were sick.

  82. Happy birthday jingles ! Dont worry your voice is as sexy as it always was

  83. Closed Beta for WoWs . More videos please?

  84. happy bday jingles!

  85. Happy BDay Migthy Gnome.

  86. Happy birthday jingles nas many more to come!!!!!!

  87. Happy Birthday Jangles

  88. Welcome back 

  89. Hackkk

  90. Happy birthday Jingles 🙂 Keep up the great work

  91. Ryan William Dixon

    Happy Birthday Jingles, maybe slavery will become legal as a gift from the
    government, to a nation grateful for a fine Youtuber, to help pick the salt
    in the salt mines

  92. Congratulations Mr. Jingles! Up to another 45 years I say!

  93. Happy Birthday you crazy old gnome!

  94. happy birthday generalissimo, get well soon or you will overthrown by your

  95. Happy B-Day Mr Jingles 🙂
    May your beer never be warm, your tanks always great side-scraped, your
    ships always under Poseidon’s protection and your planes always in the air

  96. Happy Birthday O’ salt mine overlord!

  97. Happy birthday jingles :)

  98. Jingles… if you think the AMX CDC is fast going backwards… the Tiger
    (P) in War Thunder has the historical electric drive… it’s just as fast
    forwards as backwards last I saw it…. yes you can sometimes see a Tiger
    (P) pelting it backwards across an open field faster than some light tanks
    going forward.

  99. Pétur Bjarni Sigurðarsson

    Happy birthday jingles or as we say in iceland “til hamingju með daginn”

  100. Happy bd

  101. Happy birthday Jingles!! 

  102. Eh Jingles hope you have a great day and one day we’ll beat up circon for

  103. Happy birthday Jingles. Hope to see you for another 45

  104. How many Sextons did you receive in your gift shop this time 😛 ? +The
    Mighty Jingles 

  105. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JINGLES as they say in Serbia
    may you have a hundred more

  106. Happy jingles birthday

  107. Happy birthday jingles 

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  109. happy Birthday Jingels hope you get well

  110. Anthony Villasper

    Happy Birthday Jingles 07 :)


  112. happy birhday jingles

  113. Happy birthday jingles, keep on doing the good work!!

  114. Happy birthday! Truely, March is the best month for those :)

  115. IS-8 was too good m8

  116. happy birthday jingles

  117. Marcell11919 … just in case u missed that vital info

  118. Happy birthday m8 :)

  119. All report that T28

  120. Richard Stefanits

    Tehát két magyar vérgyökér, az egyik az KMP klányból, a másik a HUNSV
    klányból. Nehogy elfelejtsem mikké lehet ezekben a klánokban fejlődni. :D

  121. Happy birthday jingles!

  122. Pretty sure the damaged gun facehugging incident was actually the E75
    putting his gun barrel right through the enemy gun barrel so it got hit
    instead of the commander hatch

  123. Rare to find a match in this series that so perfectly conveys the good, the
    bad, and the ugly all in one clip

  124. Heffy Birthday! :D

  125. Happy birthday Jingles! Glad you’re feeling better too mate.

  126. Haooy birthday, Jingles… you are the best :)

  127. Maciek Waligorski

    Happy Birthday Jingles! May The Force be with you. And RNGeesus bless
    Jingles as well. 

  128. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JINGLES AND GOD BLESS. Tank *chuckles* you for the amazing
    videos, your by far in my opinion the best YouTuber out there

  129. Happy B Day my dear Jingles, keep it up for another 45 years ;).

  130. Happy Birthday Jingles!! ^_^

  131. happy birthday jingles 🙂 .. i jsut flew home from work and im 1/2 way
    merry . all the best from australia *man hug*

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    Happy Birthday

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  136. have a good one

  137. happy gnomish birth uncle jingles

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  140. Happy Birthday Jingles!

  141. birthday sextons coming your way

  142. I lost all my faith in the humanity after that first game …

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    Happy birthday man enjoy it.

  144. Happy Birthday kid.

  145. Happy birthday commissar jingles of the wargaming propaganda war 

  146. I wish you a happy Birthday and have fun on this day

  147. Happy birthday Jingles!!!

  148. congratutations JING. many more years sir. 🙂
    here have a salt cake. (all i could make down there). 🙂
    i’ll be back to my mining spot.. :(

  149. 3:50 the gun got damaged because the e75 is using his gun to defend himself
    in face to face situation.very clever

  150. Geometry Dash DarkZoneTV

    happy birthday, i think i’m am going to give you a world of warplanes
    airplane ^^

  151. MrImmortalityPrince

    What happen’s when people started reporting that T28 douche because they
    saw the replay from wotreplay? Does WG actually take notice of reports like

  152. CopyrightMan plus

    Hey 45 years. Congrats for making it so far. 

  153. Happy Birthday from Germany .

  154. Congratulations Jingles :D

  155. Happy birdday


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  158. Happy Birthday and get well soon, our great gnomish master!

  159. Happy Birthday! Jingles :D

  160. Happy Birthday: get some Whisky down ya gullet for that cold!

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    Happy Birthday Komrade kommisar 🙂 Best wishes -alphabetaomega

  163. Happy Birthday our Gnomish Lord.

  164. Happy birthday Jingles! May you live the next 45 years in peace! And watch
    your blood pressure! :D

  165. Happy birth day dear Jingles :D

  166. Happy birthday! Mines tomorrow haha

  167. Happy Birthday Jingles… long live gnome!

  168. Why was I not surprised the T28 was driven by a Russian… ffs.

  169. Many Happy Returns, Mr Jingles: you do a terrific job, I think, and show a
    variety of things which are interesting (and often educational) even though
    we might not choose to play all of the things which you show

  170. It’s worthless gob shites like that T28 in the first video who ruin any and
    all sense of team work in this game. It’s the reason I’ve uninstalled WoT
    yet again.

  171. Happy birthday Mr. Jingles!…If this is your real name ;)

  172. Happy birthday Jingles!

  173. Happy Birthday!!

  174. Happy birthday! 

  175. Michiel Groenewegen

    Gefeliciteerd Jings.

  176. The T54E1 damaged the E75’s gun on purpose – from the E75’s side. He raised
    his gun up in sniper view to block the T54E1’s shots at his cupola. A very
    strong tactic, escpecially when combined with wiggling.


  178. Happy birthday Jingles!!

  179. Happy birthday mate!Hope you have a great rest of your life and upload
    more!Oh god I love to listen to you!

  180. Foul disease or pre birthday hangover? Many happy returns! 

  181. I might be wrong here but I think that E75 driver actually blocked T54E1s
    first shot with his gun, and the second one penned the comm view-port.. at
    least I always try to block shots with the gun when I face-hug someone with
    my E75 and I see him aiming for the comm cupola..

    and ofc, Happy Birthday Jingles!!!
    Many many years to come…

  182. Karl King Of Ducks

    wow happy b-day jingles! What will you get? Pls get something for the

  183. Happy birthday jingles best wishes

  184. That moment you realize you and jingles have the same birthday

  185. Happy Birthday, sweaty pie

  186. Happy birthday Jingles

  187. so the AMX CDC is just a tier 8 Hellcat? LOL
    also, happy birthday +The Mighty Jingles !!!
    PS: what reticle mod are you using?

  188. Happy birthday Jingles!

  189. Happy birthday old chapp.

  190. Happy Birthday Jingles. 

  191. welcome back, sir. Happy b-day

  192. about the E75 clip with the damaging of his gun, maybe you’ve already taken
    notice of this after doing this vid, nevertheless the guy used his gun to
    block the T54E1’s shot on his cupola. Clever

  193. Happy birthday your gnomishness! (My birthday is the 13. Im honored to have
    it so close to yours)

  194. Happy Birthday Mr Jingles

  195. Happy Birthday Jingles! Go easy on the Sangria now :D

  196. I have no words for those retards t28 and is-8 btw happy bday Jingles

  197. Carl Pfutzenreuter

    Happy Happy!

  198. i got another 11 days till mine

  199. Hahahahah herpa derp is8

  200. Happy Birthday my Lord!!! respects from your very own Cyprus get well soon

  201. +The Mighty Jingles Happy Bday uncle jingles! keep ’em videos coming! Keep
    up the great work!

  202. Happy b-day! +The Mighty Jingles 


  204. Happy birthday Jingles! Carry on providing awesome wot materials :)

  205. Happy Birthday !

  206. Happy birthday Jingles. I love your videos, the best of youtube! Keep up
    the good work man! You are doing great. Have a wounderful day of yours!

    //Lukas signing off

  207. This is why wargamings TK dmg system fucking sucks… That T28 is a fucking
    ass, but he will never get anything but maybe a one day band.
    So he will continue being an ass. On the other hand my RL friend and
    platoon mate got 24h ban for killing me when we both for fun cliff dived on
    the last arty…..
    GJ WARGAMING!!!! 80% of the time the ppl that gets banned are idiots that
    gets trolled by assholes or accidents. The biggest Teamkilling assholes
    know how to get around
    the system and use the FV TD to oneshot teamkill without turning blue.

  208. Happy Birthday Jingles!

  209. Curses… we should have tried the silver bullet and then the stake and
    Glad to hear you’re better and happy birthday.

  210. happy birthday

  211. Happy Birthday. Congrats for not dying up til now.

  212. Дмитрий Куранов

    Happy birthday, from cold bear Russia! Waiting for you in Kubinka Museum,
    you’ll gonna like it!

  213. Happy. Birthday 

  214. Wtf jingles what happened to mingle with jingles. My Monday was not


  216. Happy birthday!!

  217. Happy Birthday Jingles, hope you’re feeling better soon! 

  218. Happy birthday Jingles

  219. Happy Birthday Master of the Salt Mines! And get well soon. My birthday was
    on sunday, btw. Feels good to be that close to the master ;-)

  220. Happy B-day (or maybe D-Day;)) Jingles! :D

  221. Happy birthday master, as a birthday present I will allow you to let me out
    of the saltmines dear commissar Jingles!

  222. Im surprised for the second video jingles did not make a life of brian

  223. Thank god Jingles isnt dead it would be bad luck to die on your own
    Now I get my dose of jingles of this week to survive until friday.

  224. Congratulations on your 45th trip around the sun Jingles!


  226. Happy birthday jingles your vids are the best

  227. The the lack of intelligence of some players is beyond stupid!!!!

  228. Martin Diego Masanga

    Happy Birthday Jingles! Ehehe more videos to come oh! What I meant is more
    birthdays to come! Good health and a pleasant life!

  229. That second replay. I guess they were that desperate to play World of

  230. Ole Kristian Skogseth

    Happy birthday! 🙂
    Forgot you had birthday today, is that why no Mingles with Jingles
    yesterday? 😛
    (Sorry if spelling is bad, I am from Norway :D)

  231. I always hate when idiots don’t want you to cap. Often you can save so much
    time by capping and you secure the win for your team.

  232. AMX, FCM, ELC, CDC, BDR, ARL… Creativity wasn’t France’s strong side I’m

  233. Happy birthday Jingles from America

  234. Happy birthday and i wish you all the best! :)

  235. happy birthday Jingles!

  236. Happy Birthday ,Paul! 

  237. Happy birthday Jingles!
    Holy shit though that CDC was a fucking joke. Luckiest player in WoT which
    is funny because that is neither good, bad, nor ugly. 

  238. Happy birthday sir!

  239. Have a good day jingles 

  240. Yah, glad you feel better, was about ready to send Eddie round to see how
    many bottles of milk and newspapers were on your front step, happy birthday
    Olden ;)

  241. Happy Birthday!

  242. Happy Birthday Jingles!!!!

  243. Jean-Sébastien Poirier

    Dat marcell11919 … “Throw enough shit on the wall and some will stick”

  244. ‘There’s your Patch 9.6 accuracy nerf for you’
    Yeah I managed to snap shot an M6’s turret in a Tiger I across the map on
    Steppes… Stalin smiles on the Tiger it seems. 

  245. Happy Birthday Jingles

  246. Frederik Heiselberg

    Happy birthday you old gnome! thanks for not dying!

  247. happy birthday old chap!

  248. Congratulations for adding another growth ring Jingles.

  249. Lord Gaben wishes you happy birthday.

  250. Happy Birthday Jingles! I didn’t know you were younger than my parents!

  251. Happy birthday Mr. Jingles!

  252. With how quickly that T28 apologised for the friendly-fire, I expect he’s
    got it set up as an automatic macro.

  253. DutchGamingChannel DGC

    Happy birthday

  254. Happy Birthday Jingles !!!!!!! :D

  255. doxizar the first

    happy birthday jingles, you are a idol of mine so lets hope you dont die
    until you have 1000 years ( yes, i ment that)
    we will follow you and be with you everywhere and forever, for my jingles,
    happy birthday

  256. Christ that first game though, holy Buddha’s fucking balls. Also Happy
    Birthday our Gnomish overlord, hope you are well soon. 

  257. PeckerFace FacePecker

    I Actually couldnt finish watching that IS8 moron

  258. Isten éltessen te albioni fakír! ☺

  259. Happy Birthday Jingles! I am off to report that T28 :)

  260. Happy birthday jingles :D.

  261. Happy birthday to jingles and all his copies in the fanbase 🙂
    Any one wants some cake?

  262. jingles the t54e1 knocked out the e75’s gun even though he was aiming at
    the cupola because if you look closely the e75 was aiming directly into his
    barrel thus parrying the shot with his own barrel. it’s part of the facehug
    meta if you have a good repair crew and or armorer it can really swing the
    game in your favor. 

  263. WTF!? it’s my birthday too!

  264. I got a replay of my friend who is one of the worst players I know on WoT.
    He managed to kill 5 arties in a match. When I asked him about it he had no
    idea that it was that special of a medal ;)

  265. Happy birthday jingles keep up the good work because i love your video’s.

  266. Happy Brithday Jingles many you have many more 🙂


  267. Happy birthday

  268. I would have raged so hard after getting teamkilled like that and I am not
    usually the one to rage in chat. 

  269. oh also happy birthday! 

  270. happy birthday!!

  271. 45 Years of Jingles’ Dictatorshi- err i mean beautiful Democracy in the
    salt mines!

  272. What day is this day?
    It´s Jingles Birthday!
    Lets all us shout: Hooray!
    In saltmines free day!

  273. Happy Birthday Jingles :D

  274. He damaged the gun because Marty was barrel blocking him, as in he shoved
    his barrel down “inside” the T54E1’s barrel.

    And yes, gay innuendos. Gay innuendos for everybody :D

  275. Happy Birthday Jingles! :)

  276. Happy Birthday you magnificent bastard! :)

  277. My god I’m dumber after watching that first game.

  278. Happy birthday Jingles, it’s nice to hear your voice again (: and greetings
    from germany ~

  279. Happy Birthday Commander Jingles!

  280. Happy birthday Jingles have a nice day!

  281. Happy Birtday Jingles

  282. Of course the T-28 is Hungarian. I’m ashemed of my country’s community in
    WoT and in any other online games! :(

  283. congrats!

  284. Still not dead? Damn what does it take to kill him Kappa

  285. Happy bday sry i didnt know XD

  286. Worthless knobjockeys like that T28 and IS-8 are much of the reason why I,
    and most of the people I used to know who played WoT, no longer really do.
    Nice to see that EU is full of them, because ASIA is utterly awash with
    large turds that floated to tier 10 in WoT’s septic tank reward system (be
    as shit as you like, you’ll float to tier 10 eventually).

  287. Happy birthday jingles

  288. Happy birthday Jingles, hope you get to feeling better

  289. happy b. day

  290. I prefer WT ground forces, personally. For me it has better graphics and i
    also like how little grinding i have to do to get cool tanks.

  291. Hope u have a great b-day =)

  292. This T28 driver the reason why Hungary sucks, so much of theese people live

  293. Happy b-day oldie :)

  294. happy birthday

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