World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 45

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Source: The Mighty

It’s been a busy week, what with the USS Texas in World of Warships, tier 10 tanks in Armored Warfare, Overwatch and Battleborn both going into Early Access and Tiger Day at the tank museum. Almost forgot to do a World of Tanks video! Almost.

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  1. actually jingles, the Archer is a slower tank, top speed of 12 kmh 😛

  2. ArtificialImPulse

    2:05 meme

  3. again jingles, it is pronounced “blackdog” not m41 walker bulldog grand finals edition

  4. “Her Majesty´s”?
    Didn´t know George 6th was a she… 😀

  5. Hilman Sudirman

    Lol i think I know the intro song that Jingles use. it’s this
    Victor Ohlsson – Psychedelic Dirt 2 – Alternative , 1990s Rock
    I hope it’ll help to cure your curiosity guys ..

  6. TOG probably doesn’t get enough respect. With it’s rate of fire and huge health pool a good player can probably win a lot of one on ones. I wouldn’t go as far to say its a good tank though

  7. ooooh i bounced of an togII with my ISU152 before -.- (BL10 ofc)

  8. The world needs more TOG

  9. This one time I took a TOG platoon into a tier 7 match on old Malinovka attacking the church side. Took about 7-8 minutes to get to the church and by then our entire team was dead except for our TOGs and a Hummel behind us. Was 4 vs 15. We charged our TOGs up that hill and wiped out the entire enemy team. It was glorious!

  10. Amazingly, I guessed correctly how many the TOG’s would get. Of course, I said what would be an incredibly silly result. And poof, I guessed right.

  11. I bounced a KV2 shell in my tog once lol

  12. TOG turret has 114mm of turret armor

  13. Falcon Two Four

    Every time i decide to quit Wot due to its horrendous matchmaking, i watch one of these and decide to give it another try like the great recovering WoT addict i am.

  14. Totaly off the topics , but do u think i can get this kind of visuals on an i3 6100/gtx 960 build ? at the moment i use very low settings in wot cuz of my old and lazy system but im building a new pc and this is one of the games i play the most.

  15. Marildo Kustura

    why didnt they just come from behind the wb

  16. Marildo Kustura

    ya gimp!

  17. oregonducksrule8

    Jingles where can i get some cool model tanks?

  18. well, haha…

  19. At 9:10 I suspected a benny hill theme XD

  20. One common theme is the failed rush to finish off the weakened enemy team [mine mine mine, etc] [form an orderly queue please gentlemen we’ll get round to you in a moment when we’re reloaded, thank you!]
    To state the obvious, whenever a team does the above they, hand the other side local superiority although there is stilll good work to be done by the weak team.
    Not that I’m complaining there are some solo geniuses out there with the videos to prove it and what would we do without this kind of material for Jingles to provide entertainment . Thanks jingles & thanks to the players who regularly provide us with laughs

  21. Fishcookie Plays

    On the Battchat clip, if the Conq. GC… I mean orbital death beam, would of moved up to the tracks… This that wouldnt of happened.

  22. Erik Bergström

    **Warhammer 40k Orc accent** TOG IS BEZT

  23. Jingles, buy a Ps4 and come run with my pack. We’re all Super Unicums and we need you to help average us out.

  24. OMG Jingles, Newcastle, Paul, whatever you want to be called, make up your mind!

    Anyway, the advert before this video was from Mars, and they were using the same into music you use on Mingles with Jingles.

  25. They played their tanks very well, however, they fought a stupidly bad team who didn’t know how to deal with them. xD

  26. Thanks Jingles, without the Tog platoon at the end this would have been a very sad video.

  27. 19:41
    That “ping!” sound was so sad…
    It was such a helpless, miserable and sad bounce.

  28. The TOG battle was glorious, it made me cry :D. Also I LMAO when I saw the “deal with it” TOG :D. Thank you for that Jingles :).

  29. Surprised Chicken

    nice meme

  30. Lol the tog is the same thing as the wall of china

  31. 16:20 someone needs to put this clip into the ingame tutorial and label it “Angle your armour, dummy!”
    Doesn’t matter what thickness your armor is, if you are up against someone that knows how to properly angle their armor.
    Suddenly 60mm armor becomes 160mm, due to the angle, meanwhile your enemy who doesnt know how to play is displaying their entire side at 90 degrees to you.

    This is why i love this game. It aint just about the stats.
    Jingles, if they just shot straight at his turret, they’d have a higher chance of dealing damage, right?

  32. i was with u when u where bohemian eagle.

  33. I fucking hate tog replays

    • Did your mum teach you manners? Clean that rotten mouth of yours. Never say that about the all mighty TOG.

      However you can talk shit about every arty replay.

  34. 19:20 He’s obviously going for plunging fire into the citadel!

  35. Wow .. I need to get a better computer the graphics r awesome

  36. Oh jingles you so silly

  37. 5.15: mission failed, we’ll get ’em next time

  38. There’s no comic relief in WoT like a TOG disturbed from its nap 🙂

  39. Nothing gets me going more than our maniacal gnome overlord laughing his ass off at stupid tenks who think they can take the TOG

  40. row row row ya tank
    slowly down the street
    merrily merrily merrily merrily
    being destroyed by TOGS

  41. I set a tog on fire with a bathtub

  42. 8:20 That spot on Fisherman’s Bay is OP for arty.

  43. At 11:27 in the video, how do you get there lol

  44. Deathstar, doom turtle, what else is there?! lmao!

  45. TOG players are the same people who have iguanas or snakes a s pets and watch indie Belgian movies, wear speedos in a public pool and drive a Citroen. You know…. strange yet fascinating people.

  46. *reballanced* #lol

  47. 1:40
    Actually the score is 8:9

  48. “Just shoot the turret, you gimp! It only has 76 millimeters of oh my God.”

  49. When the video started and he didn’t say “Howdy folks” I thought Jingles was kidnapped.

  50. Inawana Industries

    Loved the TOG II* replay. By the way, the reload on an O-I is roughly twenty seconds.

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